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2019 China Chemical Industry Park Sustainable Development Conference

November 13-15, Nanjing, China

时间: 2019 年11月13日至15日(13日代表报到) Meeting time: November 13th to 15th, 2019 (delegates report on the 13th)

江苏·南京 Venue: Nanjing, Jiangsu

800-1000 Conference size: 800-1000

中国石油和化学工业联合会、中国化工经济技术发展中心、南京江北新区 Organizers: China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Chemical Economic and Technological Development Center, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing

南京市人民政府、AICM、国际化工协会联合会(ICCA) Supporting units: Nanjing Municipal Government, AICM, International Federation of Chemical Industry Associations (ICCA)

中国石油和化学工业联合会化工园区工作委员会、南京江北新材料科技园 Organizers : Working Committee of Chemical Industry Park of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Nanjing Jiangbei New Material Technology Park

南京金陵饭店 Conference Hotel: Nanjing Jinling Hotel

鼓楼区汉中路2号 Conference address: No. 2 Hanzhong Road, Gulou District

Main forum

11月14日(上午,同声传译) November 14 (morning, simultaneous interpretation)

Guest speech

Green, safe, intelligent and efficient, creating a sustainable chemical industry park ——Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Industrial layout and green development requirements of large petrochemical bases ——A statement from the Industrial Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission

Introduction to the formulation and evaluation system of China Green Chemical Industry Park Standards ——Yang Ting, Secretary General of the Chemical Industry Park Working Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Value chain drives sustainable development ——Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd. President Kang Zhijie

Insist on green sustainable development, make every effort to build a world-class new material industrial park -Nanjing Jiangbei New Material Science and Technology Park speaks


Session 1

Sustainable development of chemical parks

(Simultaneous interpretation on the afternoon of the 14th)

11月14日下午 Afternoon on November 14

Moderator: Yu Jiang, Chairman of AICM Government and Industrial Affairs & Henkel Senior Director, Government Relations and Public Affairs

嘉宾致辞 13: 30-13: 50 guest speeches

Fu Xiangsheng, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

AICM Senior Representative

13: 50-14: 20 Contents of AICM Sustainability Report: Dai Renwei, Member of AICM Board of Directors, Arkema Vice President, Asia Pacific, Greater China President

14: 20-15: 10 Interview 1: Cooperation between foreign-funded chemical companies and the park promotes the circular economy -the production processes of each company in the traditional industrial system are independent of each other, which is one of the causes of serious pollution and excessive resource consumption. As an important carrier of circular economy, the industrial park can solve this problem. Through excellent strategic planning, coordinate the symbiotic relationship between enterprises, to minimize the investment in the park and maximize the economic and environmental benefits.

15: 10-16: 00 Interview 2: Opportunities and Challenges for the Integration of the Yangtze River Delta-The Yangtze River Delta is one of the most dynamic, open, and innovative regions in China, with petrochemicals as the key industry direction Regions account for more than half of the 16 cities. We found that although the petroleum and chemical industries in the Yangtze River Delta are at the leading level in the country, effective coordination and division of labor in the construction of the industrial chain system still need to be improved. After the integration of the Yangtze River Delta develops into a national strategy, the petroleum and chemical industries will definitely play a more important role, and the Yangtze River Delta chemical park will also usher in new opportunities.

16: 00-16: 50 Interview 3: Analysis of the sustainable development strategy of the chemical industry parks in the Yangtze River Economic Belt -the Yangtze River Protection has become a national strategy. With the introduction of a series of policies, how will chemical companies and parks along the river actively adapt to the new situation Development requirements? How to scientifically improve the construction and management level of the park? Injecting new momentum into the high-quality development of the chemical industry while considering both ecological protection and a rational industrial layout.


Session 2

Water environment and hazardous waste management in chemical parks

11月14日下 午、15日上午 Afternoon of November 14th, morning of 15th

Introduction to the Comprehensive Evaluation System and Environmental Evaluation System of Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park ——It is planned to invite the Jiangsu Academy of Environmental Sciences to speak

● The main categories and monitoring methods of characteristic pollutants of wastewater in chemical parks ——It is planned to invite chemical parks to speak

Integrated Wastewater Treatment Scheme of Chemical Industry Park ——Breed Environment Group Co., Ltd. made a speech

Key Technologies and Demonstration of Enhanced Wastewater Treatment and Emission Reduction in Chemical Industry Parks ——Nanjing University of Technology Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Highly Difficult Pretreatment of Poisonous and Harmful Organic Chemical Wastewater ——Speech from Nanjing University

Assessment of the safety and environmental risks faced by hazardous waste resource utilization and disposal companies—— Zhou Yue, Secretary-General of the Special Committee of Recycling Hazardous Waste Resource Utilization and Disposal

Innovation and Practice of Solid Waste Whole Process Management ——Cao Minghua, Deputy Investigator, Nanjing Jiangbei New Materials Industrial Park

Recycling of waste salt in the chemical industry ——Invite technical units to speak

Key issues that should be paid attention to during the co-processing of hazardous waste by rotary kiln incineration ——Invite technical units to speak

Nalco Helps Chemical Park Enterprises Optimize Comprehensive Operating Costs ——Speaking from Ecolab Greater China Nalco Heavy Industry Department

Sharing of high-salt, high-organic, and high-chroma wastewater in chemical industry parks——Suzhou Yeye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.


Session 3

Atmospheric monitoring and VOC management in chemical parks

  The afternoon of November 14th-the morning of November 15th

China's VOCs emission standards and management and control requirements -It is planned to invite the Institute of Standards of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences to speak

Applicability Selection and Control Requirements of VOC Control Technology in Chemical Industry Park——Speech by Jiangsu Binhai Polymer New Material Industry Park

Establish early warning system for poisonous and harmful / odorous gases to help the green development of chemical parks ——Guangdong Zhonglianxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. speaks

● The construction of a smart environmental management center based on the toxic and harmful gas environmental risk early warning platform of the chemical industry park -Craftsman Wisdom (Jiangsu) Technology Co., Ltd.

Technical characteristics of the fourth-generation single- cylinder multi-valve RTO ——Speech from Hebei Moran Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

● The main points of the intelligent early warning system construction of the industrial park ——Shenhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. made a speech

How to build a data bridge between D and R in LDAR technology ——Shanghai Shouan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

● A comprehensive solution for the online monitoring of atmospheric VOCs and odorous and odorous gases, navigation monitoring, pollution detection, and measuring tube linkage ——Guangzhou Hexin spoke

Analysis of application characteristics of multi-type VOCs incinerator technology ——invite technical units to speak

● The application of the world's leading GRTO regenerative incineration technology and CO technology in the fine chemical industry ——Shanghai Anjule Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. made a speech

Safety design and risk control of VOCs treatment equipment in chemical industry ——Dur Coating System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Session 4

Innovation and development of hydrogen energy industry

Guest speech: Leader of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Nanjing leaders

Mr. Long Dawei, Chairman of Chengzhi Co., Ltd.

Mr. Su Junxiong, President of Air Products China

• Keynote speech by professors from Tsinghua University

• Green and Clean Energy ——Speaking by Chengzhi Co., Ltd.

• SmartFuel Technology Introduction -Speech by Air Products

• Application of fuel cells in sanitation and logistics vehicles -SAIC Datong Nanjing Branch speaks

Introduction of Nanjing Kaiwo Hydrogen Energy Bus ——Nanjing Kaiwo Company spoke

• signing ceremony


Session 5

Responsible Care in Chemical Industry Park

11月15日上午 Morning of November 15

• Ceremony for signing the Global Charter for Responsible Care in Chemical Parks

• Foreign chemical industry parks promote sharing of SMEs' responsible care experience -Bao Dewan, Chairman of ICCA RCLG Responsible Care Leadership Group (ICCA RCLG)

• The course of AICM's Responsible Care in China's Chemical Industry Park—— Xiao Li, Chairman of AICM Responsible Care Committee and Director of Responsible Care

• The preparation experience of the Park Responsible Care Committee and the practice of “reciprocal learning, mutual assistance, and sharing” in responsible care —Changshu New Materials Industrial Park is invited

• Continuously improve safety and environmental protection through the construction of HSE management system ——Selanis speaks

• Create prevention and control barriers to production safety liability insurance, and innovate the safety management model of chemical parks —Invite insurance institutions to speak

• Guest interviews:

Topic 1: How to effectively connect HSE management between the park and the enterprise?

Topic 2: How to achieve "win-win" for parks, enterprises and individuals through performance management?

Session 6

Safety development of chemical parks

13日下午,代表报到当天: On the afternoon of the 13th, the representative's registration day:

Speech at the conference: Fu Xiangsheng, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

• The Safe and Healthy Development of Chemical Industry Parks——Ting Yang, Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Parks Committee

• Graded management and control of chemical safety management ——Wang Sanming, Chairman of Anyuan Technology

• Digital transformation of petrochemical storage and logistics enterprises ——Tang Bingwen, general manager of Sinochem Energy Logistics Division

• China's Security Rise and Opportunity ——Pan Xuehai, Dean, School of Safety Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology

• Smart chemical park joint solution scenario application ——Yu Shupeng, Marketing Director of Huawei EBG Smart Chemical Park


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