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June Implementation of the Standard for Determination of Sulfur Compounds issued by the Ministry of the Environment

A few days ago, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a formal draft of airbag sampling-preconcentration / gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of eight sulfur-containing organic compounds including methyl mercaptan, a fixed pollution source, which will be implemented on June 30, 2020. See the text for details.

2020.01.10 13:17:18 Desulfurization and denitrification, volatile organic compounds, gas chromatography 2020.01.10 13:17:18

Local standards in Liaoning: determination of exhaust gas from stationary sources-beta ray method

For the prevention and control of environmental pollution caused by particulate matter from stationary sources of pollution, a few days ago, Liaoning Province issued a letter seeking opinions on the Liaoning provincial standard "Determination of Low-Concentration Particles from Fixed Sources of Pollutants by β-Ray Method" (Consultation Draft).

2020.01.06 13:53:41 Stationary pollution source exhaust, industrial exhaust, volatile organic compounds 2020.01.06 13:53:41

Clarify 7 control indicators 2020 Sichuan rural sewage discharge like this

In order to further strengthen the governance of rural water environment and improve the living environment of rural people, the mandatory local environmental standard "Water Pollutant Discharge Standards for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities" has been officially implemented this year. Since then, Sichuan will usher in a new round of rural sewage

2020.01.06 09:41:31 Rural domestic sewage, sewage treatment, domestic sewage treatment 2020.01.06 09:41:31

These 15 national environmental protection standards will be implemented from June 30

In order to implement the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", protect the ecological environment, protect human health, and standardize the monitoring of ecological environment, 15 standards such as the "Zebrafish Egg Law for the Determination of Acute Toxicity of Water Quality" are now approved as national environmental protection standards and

2020.01.03 13:15:53 Water treatment, waste gas treatment 2020.01.03 13:15:53

Simple calculations of the three types of carbon sources added dry goods are in this article

The carbon source constitutes the nutrient of the carbon frame in the carbohydrates of the microbial cells, and supplies the energy required for the growth and development of the microorganisms. A type of nutrient that contains carbon and can be used by microbial growth and reproduction is collectively called a carbon source. This article is aimed at the ordinary activated sludge process.

2020.01.06 14:16:59 Activated sludge, sewage treatment, aeration tank 2020.01.06 14:16:59

Get rid of carbon source dependence! Chinese Academy of Sciences

Researcher Wang Aijie's technical team of the Eco-Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reached a cooperation with Zhongchi Water Affairs Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongchi Bizer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., relying on their respective technical backbones and R & D advantages, independently researched and developed with high

2020.01.02 13:28:28 Denitrification technology, China Holdings, sewage treatment 2020.01.02 13:28:28

How to miss the feast of environmental protection

On December 17, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment released the list of "2019 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award Winning Projects." 4 first prizes, 33 second prizes, and 2 science prizes. "2018 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award Winning Projects", 6 first prizes, 2

2019.12.23 14:19:23 Solid waste treatment, kitchen waste treatment 2019.12.23 14:19:23

39 projects won 2019 environmental protection science and technology award

According to the "Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards Measures", 39 projects approved by the Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards Committee have been awarded the 2019 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards after being nominated by relevant experts, units and reviewed by experts.

2019.12.23 11:33:11 Environmental Protection Equipment, Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award 2019.12.23 11:33:11

The water purification plant is just like how powerful the MBR technology is

The inherent impression left by the sewage treatment plant to the public in the past is the cross-flow of sewage and the noise is raging. However, as a fully buried underground sewage treatment plant, Linping Water Treatment Plant uses a membrane bioreactor independently developed by the high-tech environmental protection company Bishuiyuan. (MBR) sewage

2020.01.02 08:41:19 Underground sewage treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, sewage treatment 2020.01.02 08:41:19

In order not to "cold" a 24 billion environmental protection action is continuing

Located at the birthplace of the Yangtze River, Yellow River, and Lancang River, Sanjiangyuan enjoys the reputation of the Chinese Water Tower. From the Qinghai Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, public information recently announced that the ecological protection and construction project of the Three River Source in Qinghai has achieved preliminary results, adding about 48 West Lake surfaces.

2019.12.23 14:12:09 Water quality monitoring, Sanjiangyuan environmental protection, water environment governance 2019.12.23 14:12:09

Overhead of TA sewage sludge disposal in Asia

There are many acceptance indicators, strict standards, and high requirements. The sludge separate incineration project of Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant, which was undertaken by the Shanghai Municipal General Administration of Shanghai Construction Engineering, successfully ignited and entered the sludge. As an important part of the second phase of Shanghai sewage treatment project

2019.12.19 11:42:22 Sewage treatment, sludge treatment, sewage treatment plant2019.12.19 11:42:22

Rural biomass heating needs three accounts. The model is clear.

Clean heating is a major measure for the treatment of air pollution in China, but for many rural areas, biomass energy such as crop straws is more abundant. At present, the utilization rate of biomass energy in China is not enough. At present, the more successful is the rural area of Yangxin County.

2019.12.19 08:54:45 Clean heating, biomass energy, natural gas2019.12.19 08:54:45

Industrial water-saving technology equipment and application case one: common general technology

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the Ministry of Water Resources, released the "Catalogue of Industrial Water-Saving Processes, Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State (2019)", covering 13 categories of 128 categories of industrial water-saving technologies that need to be promoted and applied. This article shares industrial water-saving technology equipment and typical cases

2020.01.07 09:21:37 Industrial water saving, high salinity wastewater, circulating water 2020.01.07 09:21:37

How long is the "acceptance period" for environmental protection facilities? Be clear about these matters!

How long is the "acceptance period" of environmental protection facilities? These matters regarding environmental protection acceptance should be clear, that is, the acceptance deadline, the main body responsible for the acceptance, the acceptance commissioning and monitoring, the reference requirements for the filing of the acceptance data, and the key content of the on-site inspection.

2019.12.28 09:26:15 Solid waste, noise pollution, sewage permit 2019.12.28 09:26:15

Demonstration companies share: practical experience in green design of automotive products

Automobile is an important pillar industry of the national economy, with a long industrial chain, a high degree of correlation, and a large consumption drive. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy and society. In 2018, China's auto production and sales were 27.809 million and 28.081 million vehicles, respectively. Industry and Information

2019.12.27 10:35:22 Exhaust gas treatment, ultra-low emissions, carbon reduction 2019.12.27 10:35:22

One of the typical cases of industrial energy-saving technology and application: energy-saving transformation technology for process industry

In 2019, 20 technologies were selected in the field of energy conservation in the process industry, and the related technologies have a good prospect for promotion in petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. The technology has a wide range of applications, such as integrated energy-saving technologies for anti-gravity industrial cooling water systems, with staged combustion Efficient

2019.12.15 13:47:28 Industrial energy saving technology, industrial cooling water system 2019.12.15 13:47:28

The principle and structure of the hydrogenation reactor, once clear!

The hydrogenation reactor is the core equipment of the hydrogenation unit and the key to the hydrogenation process. Do you know how it works, its structure?

2018.12.12 10:48:47 Hydrogenation reactor2018.12.12 10:48:47

Does filtering speed matter? Actual measurement of 200MW electric bag composite dust collector

The internal air velocity of the electric bag composite dust collector has obvious divisions, and a significant high-speed area appears in the lower space of the bag dust removal area adjacent to the electric dust removal. The area of the high-speed area is small when the filtering speed is 1.6m / min.

2018.12.11 10:34:00 Electric bag composite dust collector, exhaust gas treatment equipment 2018.12.11 10:34:00

The diversification of mini centrifuge development is becoming increasingly apparent

Now, the government's various policy support has become the support point for the charge of machinery and equipment. The equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic emerging industry vigorously developed by China. Therefore, the mini centrifuge industry should also vigorously develop chemical products.

2016.05.12 16:22:47 Manufacturing of mini centrifuges, centrifuges, equipment 2016.05.12 16:22:47

Upgrade of new-generation intelligent centrifuge high-speed and large-capacity centrifuge rotation system

The high-speed and large-capacity centrifuge is a product of molecular biology, cell culture separation, and clinical medicine. It has an international advanced level and has set a new standard for the adaptability and processing capacity of the centrifuge.

2016.05.11 14:29:24 High-speed large-capacity centrifuge, centrifuge tube, cap 2016.05.11 14:29:24

China Mobile is here again! Successful bid for Shandong Kenli Rural Toilet Intelligent Management Project

The intelligent management platform for harmless sanitary toilets in the rural area of Kenli District issued a tender announcement. The successful supplier was: Dongying Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Shandong Co., Ltd.

2020.01.10 15:08:54 Air quality monitoring, smart toilets 2020.01.10 15:08:54

Everbright Green wins bid for Jiangsu Wujiang Domestic Waste Landfill Outsourcing Project

China Everbright Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company has recently won the bid for an outsourcing service project of Wujiang Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Site in Jiangsu Province. The project involved a contract amount of approximately RMB 37.69 million.

2020.01.10 14:48:44 Domestic garbage, landfills 2020.01.10 14:48:44

Guizhou Water Affairs Jointly Wins Construction Project of Meitan County Xieyu Sewage Treatment Plant

Guizhou Water Affairs Co., Ltd. (Leader) (Community members: Guizhou Water Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Guizhou Zhengye Engineering Technology Investment Co., Ltd.) won the bid for the social capital procurement of the PPP project of the construction of the Meizhou County Xieyu Sewage Treatment Plant in Guizhou (secondary)

2020.01.10 14:42:03 Sewage treatment plant, pumping station 2020.01.10 14:42:03

530 Million Guizhou Zhijin County Urban and Rural Sewage Treatment (Phase I) Construction Project Capital Announcement

Guizhou Zhijin County Urban and Rural Sewage Treatment (Phase I) PPP construction project issued a pre-qualification announcement. According to the project's Feasibility Study Report, the total investment is estimated to be 53.03773 million yuan.

2020.01.10 14:27:30 Sewage treatment, sewage pipe network 2020.01.10 14:27:30
  • Introduction to the basic principles and treatment methods of paint exhaust gas treatment

    Photo-oxidation is a method to degrade and remove VOCs through the oxidation of hydroxyl radicals generated by ultraviolet light irradiation or direct photolysis under ultraviolet photolysis radiation.

    2020-01-13 11:18:09 27 2020-01-13 11:18:09
  • Analysis of integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment

    Analysis of integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment

    The integrated domestic sewage treatment device is a kind of independent and integrated domestic sewage that is not suitable for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in a local area that is far away from urban sewage pipe networks. Processing device. Its water output index is higher than the national secondary emission standard. Suitable for tourist areas, landscapes

    2020-01-13 10:50:38 52 2020-01-13 10:50:38
  • Slaughtering wastewater treatment system

    Slaughtering wastewater treatment system

    Slaughter sewage water quality characteristics: It has the characteristics of large water volume, concentrated drainage, high COD concentration, many impurities and suspended matter, and good biodegradability. In addition, it is very different from other high-concentration organic sewage in that its NH3-N concentration is higher (About 120mg / l), so the impact of NH3-N on wastewater treatment should be fully considered in the process design.

    2020-01-13 10:18:21 46 2020-01-13 10:18:21
  • Briefly introduce the characteristics and functions of biological deodorization equipment

    Biological deodorization equipment is a device that uses currently mature biological contact oxidation to treat domestic sewage and similar industrial wastewater. The design parameters of wastewater water quality are calculated based on the water quality of domestic sewage. Ammonia and other pollutants have significant processing effects.

    2020-01-12 13:20:27 45 2020-01-12 13:20:27
  • Teach you how to disassemble and assemble industrial centrifugal fans

    Industrial centrifugal fan is mainly composed of air inlet, damper, impeller, motor and air outlet. The effect is different under different conditions. Therefore, the operating conditions of different parts are not consistent, and the effect of the fan will be affected. How to debug the fan to a better state, the machine manufacturer can teach you to start from many aspects!

    2020-01-12 16:41:08 64 2020-01-12 16:41:08
  • Daily maintenance of biomass gasifier can reduce failure rate

    Biomass gasification furnace is a common large-scale coating equipment. This product is the relevant carrier for treating the emitted gas when we use biomass fuel for combustion. The fuel itself is related to coal and fuel oil Substance particles.

    2020-01-11 17:45:29 54 2020-01-11 17:45:29
  • Use method and installation steps of flat grill decontamination machine

    Use method and installation steps of flat grill decontamination machine

    Use a wire rope to pass through the lifting ears of the grille, make sure that the grille is perpendicular to the ground during lifting, and then insert the grille into the guide slot to check whether the twitch is flexible; and pay attention to the direction of the water flow from the grille to the seawater absorption pump.

    2020-01-11 16:13:58 36 2020-01-11 16:13:58
  • Instructions for use, operation and maintenance of sodium hypochlorite generator

    Instructions for use, operation and maintenance of sodium hypochlorite generator

    The sodium hypochlorite generator can also decompose trace medicines remaining on agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables and fruits. Most medicines are made of organic matter, and the new state of oxygen released by the sodium hypochlorite generator can oxidize and decompose these substances. Sodium hypochlorite generator will undoubtedly play a significant role in promoting the development of modern agriculture and fruit and vegetable packaging industry.

    2020-01-10 13:45:48 293 2020-01-10 13:45:48
  • How to dry the geared motor in the rainy season?

    In the rainy season, when the air humidity is high, it is often found that some geared motors have not been used for a period of time. When the geared motors are turned on again, it is found that the insulation resistance of the windings of the geared motor is reduced. Insulation resistance and absorption ratio reach the specified values. If it is put into operation rashly, it is possible to make the geared motor

    2020-01-13 08:49:27 30 2020-01-13 08:49:27
  • Urban and rural sewage treatment equipment inventory of urban domestic sewage treatment process optimization measures

    In the process of urban domestic sewage treatment, as the city is in the process of continuous development and change, the amount of sewage and the treatment environment are also constantly changing, which requires the sewage treatment to be continuously updated to better meet the requirements of urban sewage demand.

    2020-01-12 11:13:59 33 2020-01-12 11:13:59
  • What regulations should be followed in the treatment of wastewater from stone production?

    If the wastewater from stone production is not properly treated, it will not only cause environmental pollution, but also affect actual production. Therefore, the sewage must be treated before it can be discharged and recycled. Stone processing is currently a non-metallic mineral industry with a large output value, which generates stone wastewater.

    2020-01-10 16:53:01 145 2020-01-10 16:53:01
  • How do you know the 4 common troubleshooting of high and low temperature test box?

    There will be other phenomena in the use of other environmental test equipment of the high and low temperature test box, then specific phenomena should be analyzed and eliminated. The environmental test equipment should also be maintained regularly, the condenser of the refrigeration system should be cleaned regularly, the moving parts should be lubricated according to the instructions, the electrical control system should be regularly maintained and inspected, etc.

    2020-01-10 13:46:57 75 2020-01-10 13:46:57
  • Do you know how to choose the exhaust absorption tower

    Reasonably selecting the tower type of the exhaust gas absorption tower is the first step in the design of the tower equipment. The main factors that should be considered when selecting are: material properties, operating conditions, performance of tower equipment, and manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of tower equipment.

    2020-01-13 10:42:54 31 2020-01-13 10:42:54
  • Knock on the blackboard for buyers! Buy underground integrated sewage treatment equipment

    Purchasing equipment is just as cautious as finding an object. The following points summarize the precautions for purchasing underground integrated sewage treatment equipment, which I summarize for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

    2020-01-12 10:50:29 27 2020-01-12 10:50:29
  • How to choose the fully automatic scraper filter in beverages

    How to choose the fully automatic scraper filter in beverages

    The fully automatic scraper filter adopts PLC control, and the whole process can realize automatic filtering and automatic slag discharge. The customer only needs to set some brief parameters. The customer can also perform manual operations during operation, which can be done on the control box panel.

    2020-01-10 13:05:49 61 2020-01-10 13:05:49
  • Selection of sewage pump

    When selecting, you should know the average trouble-free working time, mechanical seal life, bearing rating life, motor design life, motor insulation level, motor should be able to withstand the number of start-stops per hour under normal use conditions.

    2020-01-10 08:59:59 94 2020-01-10 08:59:59
  • Characteristics and related treatment processes of organic pollutants in electroplating wastewater

    Characteristics and related treatment processes of organic pollutants in electroplating wastewater

    Sources of organic pollutants in electroplating wastewater There are three main sources of organic pollutants in electroplating wastewater: the electroplating pretreatment process part, the electroplating process part, and the electroplating posttreatment process part.

    2020-01-13 10:36:58 38 2020-01-13 10:36:58
  • Maintenance of fully automatic chlorine dioxide generator

    Maintenance of fully automatic chlorine dioxide generator

    Chlorine dioxide generator is a commonly used disinfection equipment in water treatment. If you want to exert the high performance of chlorine dioxide generator while using it, and extend the service life of chlorine dioxide generator, you cannot do without proper maintenance. method

    2020-01-13 10:12:32 24 2020-01-13 10:12:32
  • PAC dosing equipment / sewage treatment dosing device manufacturers

    PAC dosing equipment / sewage treatment dosing device manufacturers

    The PAC dosing device is prepared in a stirring box according to the required concentration of the medicine. After being stirred evenly by the agitator, it is put into the solution box, and the metered pump (dosing pump) is used to deliver the prepared solution to the dosing point or the designated system. The complete dosing device has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and simplicity, and easy operation.

    2020-01-13 09:16:56 18 2020-01-13 09:16:56
  • Urban sewage treatment equipment

    The urban sewage treatment system for the purpose of the utility model comprises a grid well, a regulating tank, an anaerobic hydrolysis tank, an aerobic tank, a sedimentation tank and a sludge tank connected in sequence. The clear water outlet of the sedimentation tank is directly discharged for treatment. The sludge outlet of the sedimentation tank is connected to the sludge tank, and the mud water outlet of the sedimentation tank is connected to the anaerobic hydrolysis tank.

    2020-01-12 11:27:09 34 2020-01-12 11:27:09
  • What are the advantages of MBR membrane in wastewater treatment?

    What are the advantages of MBR membrane in wastewater treatment?

    MBR membranes are classified into ultrafiltration membranes and microfiltration membranes according to their pore sizes, and are divided into hollow fiber membranes, tubular membranes, and flat membranes according to their physical forms. Hollow fiber membranes are divided into curtain membranes and column membranes, and lined membranes. Hollow fiber membrane and hollow fiber membrane without lining

    2020-01-13 11:05:25 12 2020-01-13 11:05:25
  • The main treatment technology of catering wastewater

    The main treatment technology of catering wastewater

    Due to the particularity of its water quality, catering wastewater treatment methods are generally divided into two stages: pretreatment and treatment. In practical applications, multiple technologies are often used in combination. The main goal of treatment is to remove COD and suspension from catering wastewater. And animal and vegetable oils. Preprocessing is the basis of the processing process, and processing is the depth of the preprocessing process.

    2020-01-13 11:00:23 10 2020-01-13 11:00:23
  • Briefly describe the main methods of treating phosphorus-containing wastewater

    Briefly describe the main methods of treating phosphorus-containing wastewater

    Excessive phosphorus, nitrogen and other elements in the water will accelerate the eutrophication of the water body. This phenomenon is more serious in China and has brought great harm to industry, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism. The increase of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients is the reason for the large number of algae reproduction. Among them, phosphorus is the key factor. Therefore, how to effectively reduce the concentration of phosphorus in sewage

    2020-01-13 10:56:51 13 2020-01-13 10:56:51
  • Several common sewage treatment methods

    Several common sewage treatment methods

    According to the classification of sewage sources, sewage treatment can be divided into two categories: domestic sewage treatment and wastewater treatment. Sewage treatment is wastewater generated from daily life of sewage treatment. It mainly refers to the suspension and floating of various organic and inorganic compounds and mixtures, including solid particles in pure solutions, and various gels and gel diffusion.

    2020-01-10 10:17:10 43 2020-01-10 10:17:10
  • Pretreatment method for synthetic pharmaceutical wastewater before biochemical

    Pretreatment method for synthetic pharmaceutical wastewater before biochemical

    Chemical pharmaceutical wastewater has high COD and BOD values, some as high as tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but the B / C value is low. Once the wastewater is discharged into the water body, it will consume a large amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, causing the water body to lack oxygen. At the same time, the composition of wastewater is complex and changes widely, with a wide variety of organics, high concentrations, and imbalanced nutritional elements.

    2020-01-10 10:05:29 40 2020-01-10 10:05:29
  • Air flotation filter integrated machine for catering sewage

    Air flotation filter integrated machine for catering wastewater

    Air floatation filter integrated machine is a system specially designed to remove grease, glue and solid suspended solids in catering sewage. Air floatation filter integrated machine integrates air floatation, filtration and adsorption, and separates oil and water, suspended matter, The removal of COD and BOD has a good effect to make the sewage treatment reach the discharge standard, thereby reducing the sewage costs.

    2020-01-10 09:58:49 38 2020-01-10 09:58:49
  • Selection of process technology for sugarcane sugar production wastewater treatment

    Selection of process technology for sugarcane sugar production wastewater treatment

    In terms of technology selection for sugarcane sugar production wastewater treatment, most tend to use biological contact method and oxidation ditch process. Biological contact oxidation method and oxidation ditch process belong to the same type of aerobic biological treatment technology.

    2020-01-09 10:42:12 45 2020-01-09 10:42:12
  • Briefly describe the specific treatment process of catering wastewater

    Briefly describe the specific treatment process of catering wastewater

    First, mechanically remove impurities from restaurants and restaurants' directly recovered catering wastewater to remove large impurities such as bones, vegetables, and even cloth strips for washing, as well as impurities such as starch, protein, sugars, detergents and colloidal substances. The liquid portion is then subjected to oil-water separation.

    2020-01-09 10:35:34 46 2020-01-09 10:35:34
  • Leather wastewater treatment equipment operation process description

    Leather wastewater treatment equipment operation process description

    The COD of tannery wastewater is generally in the range of 3000 ~ 4000 mg / L, which has good biochemical properties. After the wastewater treatment process, the general effluent requirements meet the national standard of secondary standards (COD <300 mg / L), but there are also some sewage treatment stations. Operation needs to meet stricter emission standards.

    2020-01-08 11:16:08 52 2020-01-08 11:16:08
  • IC anaerobic reactor equipment improvement measures

    IC anaerobic reactor equipment improvement measures

    The anaerobic internal circulation reactor, referred to as IC reactor, is a new type of reactor based on the concepts of UASB reactor granulation and three-phase separator. The IC anaerobic reactor divides the biogas separation into two stages in a high reactor. The bottom one is under extreme high load, on the

    2020-01-08 11:09:28 52 2020-01-08 11:09:28

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