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Main products: submersible mixer. Aerator. Hyperboloid mixer, mechanical grille. Screw conveyor, sand-water separator
Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design and development, production, sales and integration of sewage treatment equipment. The company is located in the northern suburb of Nanjing, next to the Ningtong Expressway, the scenic Liucang District Qiancang Industrial Park No. 2 Da Cao Road. The company's leading products are: mixing and mixing series: QJB submersible mixer, FQJB pontoon mixer. Submersible thruster. Vertical circulation mixer. Hyperboloid mixer. Slurry (frame) mixer. Submersible aeration series: jet aerator, centrifugal aerator, QFB type float aerator. Float agitator, deep water aerator. Containment conveying series: mechanical grille, shaftless screw conveyor, screw press, sand settler, sand-water separator. Scraper suction machine series: peripheral drive, center drive, driving type, siphon type scraper suction suction machine, decanter, gate, buried special sewage treatment equipment. Submersible pump series: AS, WQ, AF submersible sewage pump, QJB-W sludge return pump, ZQB, HQB submersible shaft, mixed flow pump, RJC long shaft deep well pump, QRJ well submersible pump and other sewage treatment equipment. Has rich production experience in fluid processing systems ... More >>

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Installation site of submersible thruster sewage plant

18 1/14/2020 18
Installation site of submersible thruster sewage plant

Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. always implements the business ideas of technological innovation, winning by quality, serving the society and returning to nature; the marketing concept of seeking the market with integrity, and striving to achieve customer satisfaction. In September 2019, Jiangxi's manager Jiang came to the company for a site inspection. Manager Jiang made a comparison and inspection of our craft

At the end of October, Zhang Gong, an old customer in Shandong, reported that a spiral sand-water separator currently in use in the factory had not been overhauled for more than one year. During the process, the lining strip felt inconvenient to replace, and the axial position of the spiral was not adjustable. Through the recommendation of a friend, Zhang Gong found us in Lanjiang, Nanjing.
Nanjing Lanjiang Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. has been specialized in producing water treatment equipment for more than ten years. After continuous learning and innovation, we must continue to discover good equipment, update the current equipment, and make progress in the times. Progress, machinery advances, and the beautiful environment advances, keeping up with the times
In the second half of 2019, Nanjing Lanjiang found that the high-drainage press has his unique advantages. Nanjing Lanjiang Technology commissioned and installed it at the customer's site and found that a grill machine was operating at the site. I knew at a glance that this grille was a fine grille with an inflow screen, but he was interested

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