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Main products: air flotation machine for sewage treatment equipment in rural communities Suction machine, aerator
Shandong Guoyi Heavy Industry Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.'s main products-sewage treatment equipment: urban community sewage treatment equipment, hotel and restaurant sewage treatment equipment, aquaculture sewage treatment equipment, three-mesh belt filter press; intelligent drying pre-dehydration equipment: multi-stage Press dehydrator (single-stage large pressure can reach more than 800 kg is the ideal pre-dehydration equipment before drying). The series of sludge dewatering machine 08 produced by our company has reached the international advanced level. The product quality is reliable and stable. As a senior environmental protection equipment manufacturer, it has provided a lot of environmental protection equipment for domestic industrial and mining enterprises and environmental protection companies. Become a well-known enterprise in the domestic environmental protection industry in recent years. We adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and strive to create a liu quality, and strive to create "domestic environmental protection equipment" boutique. More >>

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Food waste water treatment equipment customers witness treatment effect

2316 2018/10/31 2316
Food waste water treatment equipment customers witness treatment effect

A 1000t sewage treatment project for a food factory in Hebei has been completed. After the treatment of the sewage from the testing project, the water quality has reached the first-class standard of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB9887-1996). Shandong Guoyi Heavy Industry Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. professional and technical personnel visited the factory and workshop

How can small chemical wastewater treatment equipment be preserved to have a better use of the equipment? In order to let users know more about this product, the staff of our company Guoyi will introduce the knowledge in this area for everyone, and I hope it will be more helpful to everyone!
The application of small sewage treatment equipment is very effective? So what problems can this product solve for our lives? Next, let the staff of Shandong Guoyi Heavy Industry Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. to comprehensively answer this knowledge for all users, hoping to help you! first
The discharge of tofu waste water produced by soybean product factories will pollute the environment. Environmental protection departments will continue to strictly enforce the new environmental protection law this year, and will punish the illegal acts of privately installed concealed pipes in the soybean product factories to discharge excessive waste water. Recently, the citizen child reported to this reporter that the production process of many tofu workshops

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