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Shatox Portable Octane Tester

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  • Shatox Portable Octane Tester

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Product introduction

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Shatox portable octane number tester can measure the octane number of motor-powered gasoline, which is closely related to the research method (RON) and motor method (MON); it can also be used to measure cetane number in diesel

Detailed introduction

Shatox Portable Octane Tester

● General characteristics:
1) Portable, can measure the octane number and cetane number of gasoline and diesel;
2) It can measure the octane number of motor-powered gasoline, which is closely related to the research method (RON) and the motor method (MON); it can also be used to measure the cetane number in diesel;
3) In addition, the instrument can automatically measure the temperature of the liquid and the freezing point of the diesel oil, and the LCD displays the relevant measurement results.
4) Test principle: analyze the relevant indicators by analyzing the characteristics of electromagnetic induction and electroosmosis;
5) The instrument can be calibrated by a laptop computer, and must run Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 or Pocket PC 2002 (supporting RS-232 interface) software from Microsoft;
6) Portable case, convenient for online and on-site detection of fuel oil in laboratory and field conditions;
7) The instrument is powered by a DC power supply (or 6V AA battery);
8) A complete set includes: electronics and computer, detection device, booster, luggage, operating manual, power supply 1 set, calibration software, which must be run on Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 or Pocket PC 2002. Optional: available on Handheld computers such as Compaq iPAQ H3800-3900, weighing 0.9Kg;

Shatox Portable Octane Tester

● Technical parameters:
1) Octane measurement range: 60 ~ 105 ON;
2) Octane measurement accuracy: ± 1.0 ON;
3) Octane uniformity: ± 0.2 ON;
4) Cetane number measurement range: 40 ~ 60 CN;
5) Cetane number measurement accuracy: ± 1.0 CN;
6) Cetane number uniformity: ± 0.5 CN;
7) Measurement time: 1 to 5 seconds;
8) Insufficient voltage display DC / external power: 5.2 / 5.8 V;
9) Dimensions, host / detection parts: 100x210x40 / Ø60x100 mm;
10) Normal working time: 1000 hours.

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