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Imported CM140 TIC analyzer

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  • Imported CM140 TIC analyzer

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Product introduction

Custom processing no
Applications of imported CM140 TIC analyzer include: carbonates in the pharmaceutical industry, dissolved CO2 in seawater, carbonates in geological materials, amines and CO2 in hydrazine, carbonates in food, etc.

Detailed introduction

General characteristics of imported CM140 TIC analyzer :

1) TIC (total inorganic carbon) content can be measured at the same time, through acid hydrolysis and potential detection;

2) Applications include: carbonates in the pharmaceutical industry, dissolved CO2 in seawater, carbonates in geological materials, amines and CO2 in hydrazine, carbonates in black liquids, carbonates in food, etc. ;

3) Meet ASTM D 513 standard;

4) The total inorganic carbon TIC content in various samples and solution samples can be directly determined. Includes automatic acid hydrolysis module (can release CO2) and highly sensitive CO2 detector. Without user calibration, CM140 can easily handle solid and liquid samples with inorganic carbon TIC content ranging from ppm to 10,000 ug C (absolute value). Rugged and accurate, suitable for most applications, and suitable for industrial, research, and education laboratories;

Composition of imported CM140 TIC analyzer :

1) CM5014 CO2 analyzer:

No user calibration required, wide linear dynamic range;

Resolution is 0.01 ug carbon;

Users can choose display units;

Floppy drive can be used to save data;

2) CM5130 autolysis sample injection module:

10, 25, 50 or 100 ml reaction tanks; 45 parallel tanks, lower dead volume reaction chambers;

Optional capacity acid dispenser;

Built-in air pump and flow controller;

Pre-acidification scrubber can remove CO2 in carrier gas;

The post-acid hydrolysis cleaner can remove interferences caused by sample acid digestion;

Controlled sample heating;

● Instrument function:

The main advantage of the CM140 is its potential detection method. Using Faraday principle, CM5014 CO2 analysis

The instrument can automatically measure the total CO2 content produced by the oxidation of the sample surface. No user calibration required, linear detection of carbon content from 1 ug to 10,000 ug. With this 100% effective potential treatment, the relative error of the reference material is normally 0.2% or better. For lower concentrations, the absolute error is typically about 1ug C;

In addition, it can analyze solid or liquid samples. Sample vials are available in 10, 25, 50 or 100 ml sizes (depending on the volume and mass of the sample in the carbon capacity measurement and the required level of accuracy). The solid or liquid sample can be weighed and placed directly into the sample bottle, or the liquid sample can be injected into the sample bottle through the diaphragm through a syringe;

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