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IP170 Abel Automatic Flash Point Tester

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  • IP170 Abel Automatic Flash Point Tester

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Product introduction

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IP170 Abel automatic flash point tester ceramic-coated stainless steel surface; polycarbonate oil-proof keyboard, 8-byte LED display test status; heating bath made of brass, in line with IP method requirements;

Detailed introduction

Technical Features of IP170 Abel Automatic Flash Point Tester :
1) Comply with IP33, IP 170;
2) Desktop, including a water bath, operating machinery and microcomputer controller. The test is automated, the flame is passed in within a specified time interval, and the sample is heated at a certain rate; when the flash point is detected, the result is automatically displayed and judged by the operator;
3) Ceramic-plated stainless steel surface;
4) Polycarbonate oil-resistant keyboard, 8 byte LED display test status;
5) The heating bath made of brass meets the requirements of the IP method;
6) Oil cup and cover made of brass, the handle is insulated;
7) An electric heater is installed at the bottom of the water bath;
8) The gas igniter has a needle valve to adjust the flame, and a leading flame is placed on the cover;
9) Flame beads representing the size of the flame are placed on the lid;
10) The electronically driven machinery can accurately inhale the flame and its duration within the appropriate time interval;
11) Electronic stirrer, 30 rpm;
12) Microcomputer controller, digital display temperature (continuous display during testing) and test parameters, accuracy 0.1 ° C, Pt100 RTD temperature probe, working temperature from -18 ° C ~ 71 ° C;
13) Digitally set your estimated flash point temperature value;
14) Detection of flash point by ionization sensor: If the flash point is generated for the first time, the instrument will issue an alarm to warn that the result is unreliable. The flash point value will remain displayed until the operator presses the reset key;
15) When the sample temperature exceeds the preset value of 30 ° C and no flash point is detected, the safety measures stop the operation of the instrument. Pass "search" test to exclude security measures;
16) The IP170 Abel automatic flash point tester will automatically cool down after the test, but the instrument must be connected to a water source or a circulating water bath;
17) RS-232 interface, which can output test results;
18) English operation manual; CE safety certification; Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz, 700W;
19) Size LWH: 360 x 460 x 680 mm, weight about 35Kg

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