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Imported D381 Gasoline Actual Gum Detector

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  • Imported D381 Gasoline Actual Gum Detector

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Product introduction

Custom processing no
Imported D381 gasoline actual colloidal analyzer ceramic-coated stainless steel surface, heating block can be placed; five-hole aluminum heating block and steam outlet, stainless steel steam pipe and outlet (removable);

Detailed introduction

Technical characteristics of imported D381 gasoline actual gum analyzer :

1) Comply with ASTM D381, IP131, DIN51784 standards;

2) The instrument is a bench top with an aluminum heating block. Available in 2 styles: 1 for air nozzle testing for gasoline; 1 for air and steam nozzle testing, steam heater and air blower can be provided separately;

3) Ceramic plated stainless steel surface, heating block can be placed;

4) Five holes of aluminum heating block and steam outlet, stainless steel steam pipe and outlet (removable);

5) High-precision flow meters can be used for air jet testing, ranging from 0 to 12 m3 / h;

6) Microcomputer processing and PID control, digital display setting and actual temperature, display accuracy 1 ℃, Pt100 RTD temperature probe;

7) Working temperature range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃, adjustable precision is ± 0.5 ℃;

8) Overheating safety protection;

9) English operation manual; CE safety certification; Power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz, 3500 W;

Ordering information of imported D381 gasoline actual gum analyzer :

1) LT / EB-241000 / M: Gasoline actual gum tester, air-steam injection method;

2) LT / EB-242000 / M :, air jet method;

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