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D1263 grease leakage tester

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  • D1263 grease leakage tester

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Product introduction

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D1263 Grease Loss Tester This instrument is a desktop, including all electronic and supporting equipment, with a center wheel and a temperature-controlled air bath on the front.

Detailed introduction

Technical characteristics of D1263 grease leakage tester :
1) Meets ASTM D1263 standard;
2) The instrument is a desktop, including all electronic and supporting equipment, with a center runner and a temperature-controlled air bath on the front. The motor is placed at the back and the wheel is driven by a V-belt to rotate at 660 rpm;
3) Ceramic plated stainless steel structure, removable lid and thermal insulation. When the cover is opened, the safety knob will turn off the motor and heater;
4) The stainless steel runner is fixed on the main machine, with an insulation layer, and the jacket can hold the ASTM 7C runner thermometer,
Stainless steel central shaft, aluminum drive pulley and missing collector;
5) 1 Timken bearing n ° 15118 and n ° 15250 cup lid;
6) 1 Timken brand n ° 9074 bearing and n ° 9196 cup lid;
7) 1/3 HP electric drive motor with metal shaft extension, drive pulley and fan, designed to meet ASTM D1263 standard requirements. The support of the motor can be adjusted to tightly fix the block;
8) stainless steel heater;
9) Micro-processing thermostat and PID control, digital display temperature, accuracy 0.1 ° C, Pt100 RTD temperature probe;
10) Working temperature range: room temperature ~ 165 ° C, adjustment accuracy ± 1 ° C;
11) Overheating safety protection;
12) Digital timer of D1263 grease leakage measuring instrument : when the preset time is up, the pulley can be closed automatically;
13) 1 ASTM 7C thermometer;
14) English operation manual, CE safety mark;
15) 220 V / 50 Hz, power 1700 W;
16) Size LWH550 x 450 x 380mm and weight 70 kg;

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Suppliers come from advanced developed countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and some other countries.

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