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Company profile

,专 业从事研发和生产振动传感器、位移传感器、转速传感器以及工业监控保护仪器,具有自营进出口贸易权。 Chengdu Huaicheng Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of vibration sensors, displacement sensors, speed sensors, and industrial monitoring and protection instruments. It has the right to import and export trade on its own.

The company's main products are KR-939SB3 three-parameter combined probes and KR-939SB4 four-parameter combined probes. 精密转速监测仪,DF9032双通道热膨胀监测仪, 电涡流位移传感器,振动传感器,转速传感器及其配套仪器仪表四大类,包括四十多个不同型号, DF9011 precision rotational speed monitor, DF9032 dual-channel thermal expansion monitor, eddy current displacement sensor, vibration sensor, rotational speed sensor and its supporting instruments in four categories, including more than forty different models,

以来,经过产品的不断创新与研制,市场的不断扩展与完善,现已成为国内外知名的传感器制造商,产品远销20多个国家和地区,有着庞大的客户群体和广泛的市场覆盖范围。 Since the establishment of the company , after continuous product innovation and development, the market has continued to expand and improve, and has now become a well-known sensor manufacturer at home and abroad. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and have a large customer base and a wide market. Coverage.

The company's products have strong anti-interference ability. High measurement accuracy, low temperature coefficient, good interchangeability, can work stably in harsh environments for a long time. It is widely used in the monitoring and protection of large rotating machinery and equipment in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, steel, building materials and other fields, as well as fault diagnosis.
The company integrates the mode from mechanical production to sensor development, design and production. This saves a lot of time and cost. The company is committed to creating high quality for customers on the basis of people. The management is constantly updated and strict quality inspection is the guarantee of success.
The company is willing to work with users and friends to create a better future. Looking forward to your arrival.
Customer satisfaction and service first are our requirements for after-sales service. Long-term negotiations, frequent questions, problem solving, and lessons learned are the policies we take to customers. Products are the company's life, customers are the blood of products, and we are the guardians of blood. In order to develop better, we will constantly ask ourselves. Your visit opens the door to our learning. You use our products to open the pages of the book for our study. Your suggestion explains the confusion in the pages and chapters. Your satisfaction is the bridge for us to learn further.

Focus on testing in the field of mechanical protection, we have been working hard!

After-sale commitment: For any series of products purchased in our company, any conditions that affect the use of the warranty will be replaced free of charge and unconditional service for life.


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Environmental Online Member Certificate Environmental protection online 2nd year View details

main products

Integrated vibration transmitter, explosion-proof integrated vibration transmitter, coal feeder encoder, chassis vibration transmitter, SZMB-1 magnetoelectric speed sensor. CS-2 speed sensor. XS12JK-3P / Y speed sensor .HY-3S speed meter HY-3SF intelligent tachometer. MTSZ-30 microcomputer speed meter. SZC-07 intelligent tachometer. Tachometer SQSC-485. Smart speed digital display SZC-04. Smart speed monitor QBJ-3C2 . Smart tachometer DF9011. Smart tachometer SZC-03KY. Smart tachometer SZC-KYPN. SZC smart tachometer. Full smart imported tachometer MCS-II. SZC-04 / SZC-04B series smart tachometer. DZC- 02A type tachometer. DF6202 magnetoresistive speed sensor. DYA-S type intelligent tachometer monitor protector XSM / C .. CRY-03 intelligent tachometer CSY-II microcomputer speed meter. Digital speed display device XJP-48E. .Magnetic speed sensor SZMZ-02

Business Information

Established: November 20, 2019 [Certified]
Registered capital: RMB 1 million [certified]
Scope of business: software development; information technology consulting services; information system integration services; intelligent building engineering design and construction (certifications involving qualifications); corporate image planning; business information consulting services (excluding securities, futures, and finance) And investment consulting); sales: mechanical equipment, electronic products, hardware products, mechanical and electrical equipment, communication equipment (excluding radio and television transmission and satellite ground receiving equipment), wires and cables; import and export of goods and technologies (prohibited by the state or involving administrative approval Except for the import and export of goods and technologies). (Projects that are subject to approval according to law can only be operated after approval by relevant departments) [Certified]
Address: Tianfu Second Street, Tianfu New District, Chengdu
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