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Xuantao Environment was selected as the list of objects to be supported by the patent funds of Fengtai District in 2019

Read: 295 Release time: 1/9/2020
Owning patent rights is one of the important signs to enhance the value of an enterprise and its comprehensive competitiveness. In recent years, as China's voice and influence in the international affairs of intellectual property rights have greatly increased, intellectual property rights work has received more and more attention from relevant departments at all levels.
Recently, according to the "Administrative Measures for Patent Promotion and Protection of Fengtai District (Trial) (Fengzhengfa [2016] No. 19"), the Beijing Fengtai District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has completed the 2019 Fengtai District Patent Funding Project and announced the 2019 Fengtai District The list of objects to be supported by the district's patent funds is listed on the Beijing Taotao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
The scope of this authorization award is foreign invention patents, domestic invention patents and domestic utility model patents between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.
The reward standards are:
① The invention patents granted abroad in the previous year each support 10,000 yuan. If the same patent has been authorized in multiple countries (regions), it can support patent authorization in up to 5 countries (regions).
② The patents granted domestically in the previous year, each of which supports 5,000 yuan for invention patents and 1,000 yuan for utility model patents.
③ A one-time reward of 50,000 yuan will be given to companies whose effective patents exceeded 100 patents for the first time in this year.
④ The total amount of patent authorization support funds obtained by the same legal entity in the same year shall not exceed 500,000 yuan. The total amount of individual patent grant support funds does not exceed RMB 100,000 per year.
As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on technological innovation in environmental pollution control, Kuntao Environment takes technology research and development as its core competitiveness, with R & D and technical personnel accounting for more than 70%. It has been working closely with many well-known domestic universities and research institutions, and is increasing. Investment in scientific research has so far mastered a number of core patented technologies, laying a solid foundation for long-term development.
Funding patents is a function of the government of Fengtai District, Beijing. Through policy guidance, financial support, strengthening environmental support, and exploring new patent promotion and protection management mechanisms. This move is of great significance for stimulating innovation and strengthening the creation, use and protection of intellectual property rights, and is conducive to further promoting the transformation of patented technologies and industrialization processes, and injecting new impetus into scientific and technological progress.
The inclusion in the list of intended recipients of patent funds is an affirmation of the independent technological innovation activities of Xuan Tao Environment. In the future development, Taotao Environment will make full use of national policies and make persistent efforts to continuously improve the number and quality of patent applications, enhance the company's scientific and technological strength and influence, and help high-quality economic development.

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