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Pan Tao Chairman Pan Tao attended the 2019 National Catering Industry Pollution Prevention Technology Development Seminar

Read: 1466 Release time: 2019/12/18
On December 14, the "2019 National Symposium on the Development of Catering Industry Pollution Prevention Technology " sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association and sponsored by the Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association, and co-organized by companies such as Beijing Xingtao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., opened in Yangcheng. The purpose of the conference is to better publicize the spirit of policies related to the prevention and control of pollution in the catering industry, to strengthen industry exchanges in the field of pollution prevention and control in the catering industry, and to improve the level of technological development in the industry. Industry experts, management departments, and enterprise representatives from the nationwide catering pollution prevention and control field gathered to discuss new entry points, new ideas, and other ideas on the entry points of the catering industry for waste gas, waste water, food processing, online fume monitoring, and environmental protection butler. Promote high-quality development of the catering pollution prevention industry.
Researcher Pan Tao, Chairman of Tao Tao Environment, was invited to attend this conference and published a special report entitled "Comparison and Selection of NMHC (Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbons) Treatment Technology for Catering Industry Waste Gas". Several aspects such as emission standards, NMHC end-of-line treatment technology, and monitoring recommendations were analyzed in depth.
"Food and beverage sources are very harmful, which is a weak link and technical difficulty in air pollution control in urban areas, especially NHMC." Researcher Pan Tao pointed out. At present, China's catering industry is facing many difficulties in exhaust gas treatment, including small air volume and low NMHC concentration; high soot content, which affects subsequent NMHC purification; the emission rate is non-steady and intermittent; the composition of VOCs is more complex Contains high boiling point materials; the exhaust gas has a large humidity and significant temperature fluctuations; the installation space of purification equipment is generally cramped and so on.
In view of the different characteristics of the existing NMHC end-treatment technologies, the relevant combined technologies are highly expected. Researcher Pan Tao introduced that adsorption concentration purification technology is currently a more classic and commonly used gas purification technology, and it is also one of the mainstream technologies for the treatment of industrial VOCs. It is suitable for the concentration of low-concentration gaseous pollutants and the recovery of high-concentration gaseous pollutants. For cost considerations, most companies basically use activated carbon adsorption to treat catering HMNC. However, researcher Pan Tao believes that compared with activated carbon, molecular sieve as a new material is more widely used in the treatment of VOCs in catering waste gas, and it will have a broader prospect in the future.
The convening of the national catering industry pollution prevention industry event has become an important platform to publicize the new concept of the catering pollution prevention industry, show new products, new technologies, and open up new markets. The environment of Tao Tao will also continue to carry out technological innovation to better serve the blue sky. defense.

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