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Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

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  • Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

  • Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

  • Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

  • Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

  • Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

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price $ 70000
order amount 1
  • 1200*600 Model 1200 * 600
  • Brand
  • 生产商 Manufacturer nature
  • 廊坊市 Location Langfang City

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Product introduction

Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine provides equipment supplier of the entire cement mortar rock wool composite board equipment. According to the actual measurement of the products produced by the provided rock wool production line, its 140Kg density, 50mm thick rock wool board has a compressive capacity of 60Kpa and a tear resistance of 30Kpa, which is much better than the compressive capacity of the rock wool board 40Kpa and Tear resistance is 15Kpa.

Detailed introduction

In the actual construction process, the composite rock wool board is connected by special installation links, which is not affected by the construction temperature, so both the construction period and the cost are reduced. 5. There are many choices for exterior decorative surface: Fully automatic rock wool mortar composite board equipment, changed to silicon thermal insulation board production equipment. There can be multiple choices for the outer surface of composite rock wool board, such as: fluorocarbon paint, real stone paint Various coatings, metal plates, imitation stone, ceramic tiles, etc.

Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine

The price of rock wool board is also an important point. It is a very safe exterior wall insulation material, and the price of rock wool board is related to its bulk density and specifications. Most of the time, people think that the function of rock wool board is only for thermal insulation. Small for you to choose! Future rock wool composite type! In order to play a better thermal insulation effect in the outer wall building, the rock wool insulation board of the external wall has so far attached great importance to similar incidents. In case of fire, if the project needs to use the board The quantity is relatively large, and the thermal conductivity is the main criterion for measuring the performance of the sheet. In the installation process of rock wool board, if the construction workers handle it improperly, it may cause discomfort. Consumers must choose different materials to achieve the effect according to different fields of use. The better the thermal insulation performance of the thermal rock wool board, the better Ensure the consistency of rock wool composite board products. About 700 million yuan to 833, sound absorption and noise reduction effect is better. There are some differences due to use cases. And rock wool board manufacturers are no exception. Room door insulation and ground insulation are several aspects. As the saying goes, this is cheap and no good goods.

Mortar composite rock wool equipment products Mortar composite rock wool board is made of polymer bonded mortar and grid cloth. Generally speaking, the product of mortar composite rock wool board equipment is a special type of rock wool board. The rock wool board is cut into strips according to the required specifications, and then the cut surface of the rock wool strip is rotated 90 degrees. The cut surface becomes the plane of the rock wool composite board, which can increase the comprehensive performance of the mortar composite rock wool board, prevent bulging during construction, and increase the drawing strength. After laying the rock wool sliver, lay the grid cloth on the rock wool slab, and then smooth the prepared polymer bonding mortar on it. The product has been cut, wiped, bonded, and trimmed in the process to form features such as fire resistance, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and moisture resistance. The specifications of mortar composite rock wool board are not limited, which can meet customer needs.

Cement mortar composite board assembly line 1 machine production line

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