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Some friends come from afar 丨 The 2019 CCCC expert delegation's expedition to Shenling was a complete success

Read: 1140Release time: 2019/12/28

Have friends come from afar. Recently, the Data Center Working Group (hereinafter referred to as "CDCC") organized industry experts to visit Guangdong Shenling Environmental System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenling") to participate in the "2019 CDCC Exploration Camp Shenling Activity".

The conference brought together a group of authoritative experts from the data center industry. Luo Zhigang, deputy dean of the China Intelligent Information Technology Research Institute, and Qu Haifeng, a CDCC expert, were invited to chair the start-up conference, bringing together Guangdong Electric Power Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Province. Telecommunication Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Xi'an Engineering University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Design Consulting Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Bank Information Technology Department Computer Room Management Center, Tencent, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Data Center, Jingdong Yun, Shiyuan Guangdong Academy, Zhongcheng Construction (Beijing) Architectural Design Co., Ltd., China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Pangu Operation Services Co., Ltd., Dell Technology Group, Shiyuan Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Dongguan Mingqitong United Finance Data Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuanwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Suzhou Enric Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other major universities, design institutes, professors and experts and user unit technical expert representatives. Gu Lingbin, Deputy General Manager of Shenling Company, and Chen Gang, Director of ICT Division, and other Shen Ling representatives attended the meeting.

The expedition was held in Shenling. In view of this, Shenling is one of the editors of this year's "White Paper on Evaporative Cooling Water System and High-efficiency Air Conditioner End Integration Technology for Data Centers" (hereinafter referred to as "Evaporative Cooling White Paper"). Shen Ling, as an industry-leading enterprise in evaporative cooling technology, has participated in the preparation of the white paper by combining the accumulated technology and practical application experience in the refrigeration field.

The CDCC expert team visited the Shenling plant on the spot and learned that the key Shenling SKY-ECH series products are innovative integration of natural cooling technology, evaporative condensation technology, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling technology, anti-freeze and anti-sand technology, and various technologies. The integrated design greatly reduces the difficulty of implementation and deployment, operation and maintenance, achieves rapid delivery, reduces cooling energy consumption by more than 20%, and reduces water consumption by more than 50%. It provides safe, reliable, efficient, and energy-saving cold source solutions for data centers, which has caused experts Attention and discussion.

In order to better explain the development of evaporative cooling technology in the "Evaporative Cooling White Paper", the expert delegation visited the "Sky series SKY-ECH Tianxuan evaporative cooling chiller" developed by Shen Ling.

SKY-ECH Tianxuan

Evaporative cooling chiller

Shenling SKY-ECH Tianxuan evaporative cooling chiller uses independent technology "snake tube evaporative condenser", using air and water as cold source, refrigerant water as cooling medium, and using outdoor low temperature in transition season and winter Energy-saving products for natural air cooling operation.

1. Evaporative cooling chiller system vs traditional water-cooled chiller system diagram

2. Value characteristics of evaporative cooling chiller system:

(1) Energy saving: reduce the heat exchange link, reduce the invalid heat loss, and save about 12% energy than water cooling;

(2) Water saving: reduce ineffective water consumption, save about 50% water than water cooling;

(3) Land-saving: integrated, simple, no machine room required;

(4) Fast delivery, de-engineering and simplified operation and maintenance;

After visiting the Shenling factory, the expert team listened to the technical report of Shenling's data center products and provided an end-to-end one-stop overall solution for Shenling from design consulting, solution planning, product development, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, and operation and maintenance services. Praise the ability, increase confidence in Shen Ling, and put forward related suggestions, expressing his hope that Shen Ling can lead innovative energy saving and environmental protection technology, and promote high-quality development of data centers.

I do n’t know how much Chunxi returned, the lunar month is still cold. Shen Ling will continue to make unremitting efforts for the corporate mission of " creating a good environment for all walks of life ", lead the promotion and application of energy-saving technologies, create high-quality synonym, and strive to become a world-renowned expert in industrial technology, professional specialties, and high-end public environmental systems.

Shenling to create a good environment for all walks of life

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