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Hyperboloid mixers keep up with the times

1251 2018/4/23 1251

Hyperboloid mixer keeps pace with the times. Assembly and disassembly of the mechanical seal of the hyperboloid mixer: Assembly must be performed in very clean environmental conditions, and the assembly medium is pure lubricant. First all parts of the mechanical seal must be cleaned, and then the static ring devices of the mechanical seal at both ends are pressed evenly and smoothly into the positioning holes.

The diving low-speed thruster promotes technological innovation in the industry. The diving low-speed thruster is mainly composed of submersible motors, reducers, spiral impellers, sealed manual hoisting mechanisms, installation systems and electrical control devices. It has a compact structure, small size and light weight. . Simple operation and maintenance, convenient and fast installation, long service life,
The pontoon mixer is an environmentally friendly rotomolding product. The pontoon mixer pontoon uses imported linear polyethylene raw materials and is formed in one shot using a rotomolding process. It has no welding seams and is durable. Is a very environmentally friendly rotomolding product. Float mixer
Product overview: The LHJ vertical circulation mixer, also known as the float type submersible mixer, is a circular deep tank with deep pool depth, which requires mild and uniform stirring, and does not damage the floc structure and bacterial gel of the activated sludge Or a square tank, a new generation of mixing equipment designed for mixing. Summary of existing domestic and foreign

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