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pressure controller

Stainless steel seismic pressure gauge

YXC electric contact pressure gauge

Ordinary pressure gauge

YE stainless steel capsule pressure gauge

YN seismic pressure gauge

Stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge

Stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge

Stainless steel pressure gauge

Liquid ammonia pressure gauge


Intelligent Vortex Flowmeter

LUGB steam vortex flowmeter

LUGB gas vortex flowmeter

LUGB liquid vortex flowmeter

LUGB vortex flowmeter

Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

Sewage flowmeter

Glass rotor flowmeter

LC oval gear flowmeter

TBQZ gas turbine flowmeter

Intelligent turbine flowmeter

LWY turbine flowmeter

LWGY turbine flowmeter

Steam flowmeter


WSS universal bimetal thermometer

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Intelligent precession vortex flowmeter

LUXB precession vortex flowmeter

LUX precession vortex flowmeter

LWQ gas turbine flowmeter

LWGQ gas turbine flowmeter

LWGB turbine flowmeter

LWGYD turbine flowmeter

LWGYC turbine flowmeter

LWGYB turbine flowmeter

LWGYA turbine flowmeter

Natural gas flow meter

Metal tube float flowmeter

LZ metal tube float flowmeter

LZD metal tube float flowmeter

LZZ metal tube float flowmeter

LZDH metal tube float flowmeter

LZZH metal tube float flowmeter

LDCK electromagnetic flowmeter

LDB electromagnetic flowmeter

LDY-S electromagnetic flowmeter

LDY-SC electromagnetic flowmeter

LD electromagnetic flowmeter

LDG electromagnetic flowmeter

LDG-S electromagnetic flowmeter

LDE electromagnetic flowmeter

LDBE electromagnetic flowmeter

Integrated temperature transmitter

SBWZ-2480 integrated temperature transmitter

Remote type electric contact bimetal thermometer

WSSP bimetal thermometer with thermal resistance

WSSE Bimetal Thermometer with Thermocouple

WSSX universal electric contact bimetal thermometer

WSSX Radial Type Electrical Contact Bimetal Thermometer

WSSX axial electric contact bimetal thermometer

WSS Radial Bimetal Thermometer

WSS axial type bimetal thermometer

WZPK movable ferrule flange armored thermal resistance

WZPK fixed ferrule flange armored thermal resistance

WZPK movable ferrule threaded armored thermal resistance

WZPK fixed ferrule threaded armored thermal resistance

WZPK thermal resistor without fixture

Movable ferrule flange armored platinum resistor

Fixed ferrule flange armored platinum resistor

Movable ferrule thread armored platinum resistor

Fixed ferrule, threaded armored platinum resistor

Armored platinum resistor without fixture

Anticorrosive thermal resistance

Abrasion resistance

Fabricated thermal resistance

Wear-resistant thermocouple

Corrosion resistant thermocouple

Movable ferrule flange armored thermocouple

Fixed ferrule flange armored thermocouple

Threaded Armored Thermocouple

Fixed ferrule, threaded armored thermocouple

Armored thermocouple without fixture

Fabricated thermocouple

Level gauge

Pressure Transmitters

Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter

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