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Nanjing Linuo Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing Linuo Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.


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Nanjing Linuo Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern environmental protection company integrating water treatment equipment manufacturing, sales, after-sales and technology research and development. Linuo has been actively working to promote environmental protection and make contributions to environmental governance!
At present, the company's products include: submersible mixers, low-speed thrusters, hyperboloid mixers, frame / paddle mixers, centrifugal / jet submersible aerators, submersible sewage pumps, sludge return pumps, rotary / rakes Type grid decontamination machine, screw conveyor, sand-water separator, transmission mud scraper, transmission suction machine, settling tank sand removal machine, underground integrated sewage treatment equipment and so on. At present, the company's equipment is widely used in major sewage treatment plants, waterworks, chemical plants, paper mills, leather mills, pharmaceutical plants, slaughter plants, textile mills, printing and dyeing plants, sugar mills, wineries, petroleum companies and municipal engineering Project, etc.
Linuo Environmental Protection is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu (Jiangbei New District), the hometown of Yuhua Stone, the source of "Jasmine".
Linuo people are willing to take environmental protection as their responsibility, open up the market as a guide, take customer satisfaction as their purpose, continuously strengthen the level of corporate management, improve product quality, and constantly improve various service work, and contribute to the development of environmental protection industry and environmental protection work !!

Nanjing Linuo Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.'s main products: stainless steel submersible mixer, qjb submersible mixer, hyperboloid mixer Address: Nan / Beijing / City / Liu / He / District / Xiong / Prefecture / Industrial Park 15996322686 Mobile: 13401999128 After sales phone: 15996322686 Fax: 025-57569880
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