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Application of industrial-grade heating unit in oil fume pipeline cleaning

808 11/11/2019 808

Recently, a colleague of the company's sales department received a phone purchase from President Xi'an Wang, who always does hotel hood cleaning services. Deal with oil pollution all year round. Earlier, Wang's colleagues used caustic soda rags and spatula to deal with the thick oil stains of the range hood. Later, there was a high-pressure water gun, which could be flushed with a high-pressure water gun, but

In the autumn of October, the autumn is bright. Just after the National Day holiday, our high-pressure hot water washer achieved another record. 4 sets of gasoline engine high pressure hot water washer ordered by Liaoning General Manager Liaoning, 5 sets of diesel high pressure hot water washer customized by Wuhan General Manager Zhang, 15 sets of special high pressure hot water washer customized by Hong Kong President Wu
Daqing customer Wang, in August, ordered a batch of steam cleaners in our company, totaling 34 units. This batch of machine kings is planned to be used for cleaning oilfield maintenance tools and equipment. This is the fourth time that President Wang has returned the order, indicating that the quality of our steam cleaner is still acceptable. Colleagues in our production workshop work overtime
On September 12, 2019, Mr. Liao from Sichuan, a pig farm manager. I drove thousands of kilometers to come to our company, Ningbo, Zhejiang. For what, in order to inspect our company's high-pressure hot water washing machine, used for high-pressure cleaning of his pig farm, high-temperature disinfection operation. This high pressure hot water washer

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