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Main Products: Combined packing, mechanical grille, grille cleaning machine, elastic packing, microporous aeration head, aeration plate, inclined pipe packing, multi-sided hollow ball, aeration pipe, dissolved gas releaser.
Guangzhou Greenland Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive environmental service company in China, located in Guangzhou, a beautiful and prosperous international metropolis. The company's investment in scientific research in the field of water treatment and exhaust gas treatment is particularly prominent, and it has reached exchanges and cooperation with many domestic universities and enterprises. The business is involved in environmental protection equipment complete set supply, wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, noise treatment, soil treatment and restoration, reclaimed water reuse, environmental protection equipment, energy saving equipment, comprehensive energy utilization and other environmental protection fields. The company has its own brand: Green . The company has professional technical research and development, consulting and design services, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, product sales and after-sales service teams. The company's products are widely used in sewage treatment plants, coatings, chemicals, slaughtering, aquaculture, rubber, medicine, cosmetics, leather, wood, plating, textiles, ceramics, electronics, steel, automotive, aerospace, metal processing, casting, food, Textile, powder and granular industries. It has a complete industrial layout in the environmental protection industry and is committed to providing customers with "*" integrated environmental protection services through independence, innovation, independent intellectual property rights and professional knowledge. Green Man will ... More >>

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Lvyuan Environmental Protection is praised as "Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-Responsible Enterprise"

406 10/9/2019 406
Lvyuan Environmental Protection is praised as "Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-Responsible Enterprise"

Guangzhou Lucheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is praised as "Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise" and deserves its name.

Anti-pollution has become the embarrassment of current sewage treatment plants. It should have been a sewage treatment plant that concentratedly treated sewage and turned it into qualified water. Why has it become a source of pollution? At the April regular conference held by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Ecology and Water Environment
According to the "Ten Articles of Water", by 2020, the black odorous water bodies in urban built-up areas at the prefecture level and above will be controlled within 10%; by 2030, the black odorous water bodies in urban built-up areas will be eliminated as a whole. Based on the "Water Ten Articles" to be completed in 2017
Since the reform and development, China's economy has developed rapidly, but it has been accompanied by a severe situation of environmental pollution. Due to China's relatively backward environmental awareness and environmental treatment technology, coupled with the bottom-line and non-disposal direct discharge of organic wastewater from key polluting heavy industrial enterprises, and the lag of municipal sewage pipeline network construction

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