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Installation problems of slurry pump mechanical seal

Read: 291 Release time: 1/10, 2020
Before installation, in addition to cleaning the mechanical seal parts, the end face of the seal cavity and the inner hole wall, the shaft and the surface of the shaft sleeve should be scrubbed clean, checked for burrs, damage, etc., and treated in a timely manner. In particular, the end faces of the mechanical seals must be carefully scrubbed with absorbent cotton or high-grade toilet paper to ensure that there are no scratches or abrasions, and a layer of clean motor oil is applied to ensure that the end faces of the seal are installed before Highly clean, otherwise the sealing effect will be affected.
Mechanical seal parts are precision parts. Forcible knocking is strictly prohibited during assembly. In particular, the accuracy of the dynamic and static ring seal end faces is high, and protection should be doubled, and no scratches are allowed.
When the slurry pump works, the pump needs to be placed on the ground, the suction pipe is placed in the water, and the irrigation pump needs to be started. Due to the structural limitations of the mud pump and the submerged slurry pump, the motor needs to be placed on the water surface during operation, and the pump must be fixed in the water. Otherwise, the motor will be scrapped if it falls into the water. And because the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the pump is troublesome, and the application occasions are subject to many restrictions.
The pump is single-stage, single-suction, axial suction, and is divided into the following three structures according to the structure of the pump casing and the direction of the pump shaft:
1 Horizontal double shell pump with inner shell and outer shell-suitable for pumps with various outlet diameters. The inner shell material is divided into three types: metal, rubber and other non-metallic materials. Interchangeable.
2 Vertical or horizontal single shell pump-suitable for low lift pumps with a discharge diameter less than or equal to 200mm
3 The drive end of the pump shaft looks clockwise.
4 For pumps with auxiliary impeller seal type, the efficiency is allowed to be 5% lower.

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