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Main Products: Urban / industrial / domestic sewage treatment equipment, underground integrated sewage treatment equipment, air flotation, flotation equipment, biological treatment equipment, micro-electrolysis equipment, ammonia nitrogen stripping equipment, sludge concentration dehydration equipment, Grating, filtration, reuse purification equipment, transportation equipment, sedimentation, collection equipment ...
Shandong Jinshuanglian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of foreign technology research and development of small underground sewage treatment equipment, unpowered underground sewage treatment equipment, ink wastewater treatment equipment, farm wastewater treatment equipment, ammonia nitrogen stripping tower, product production, design Construction in one high-tech enterprise. The company is located in the beautiful Zhucheng Scenic Area of Shandong Province, with beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and complete infrastructure. It is a member unit of the Shandong Environmental Protection Industry Association and has passed the IS09001 quality management system certification. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of various papermaking equipment and environmental protection water treatment equipment. The products are sold well and exported to South Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Relying on scientific and technological talents, excellent product quality and perfect service system, the company has won the favor of customers and become a healthy living *; its leading products are SLSF series super dissolved air flotation wastewater treatment systems, super efficient shallow air flotation machines, Vortex concave air flotation equipment, underground integrated sewage treatment equipment, unpowered domestic sewage treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, etc ..., mainly engaged in various environmental protection equipment and water treatment equipment ... More> >

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Analyze the prospects of wastewater treatment equipment in the paper industry

2972 4/11/2019 2972
Analyze the prospects of wastewater treatment equipment in the paper industry

The paper industry is one of the top ten pillar industries of developed countries. The paper industry fee development is basically synchronized with economic growth. At present, China's paper industry is also one of the few industry-driven industries with huge market potential. The paper industry provides basic raw materials for packaging, printing and other industries.

In simple terms, when we use domestic sewage treatment equipment, we must determine all their parts and components to ensure that they can operate normally. After use, they need to be cleaned, washed, or some clogging removed. In this way, the abnormal situation of domestic sewage treatment equipment will
Domestic sewage mainly comes from domestic sewage generated from kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, and toilets in residential and commercial areas. Our company submits the following product design solutions for domestic sewage based on the principle of ensuring the treatment effect and taking into account the investment benefits and treatment costs to the greatest extent. Process description: Domestic sewage treatment equipment is mainly used for
The treatment of rural domestic sewage is to remove and degrade the harmful substances and environmentally polluting components in the domestic sewage into harmless treatment. Rural sewage treatment should focus on the selection of mature and reliable technologies suitable for rural characteristics and actual sewage treatment. At present, there are many treatment technologies applied in rural domestic sewage treatment, and the names are also

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