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Company Profile

With a registered capital of 24.263 million yuan, net assets of 1.05 billion yuan, and more than 2,800 employees, it is a state-owned venture capital and national innovation fund invested * high-tech joint-stock company. Adhering to the development concept of "limited resources and unlimited recycling", the company takes "removing pollution and regenerating resources" as its mission, and promotes a recycling industry culture of "recycling and economy, achieving harmonious unity of corporate value, environmental value and social responsibility" Committed to the research and industrialization of the recycling and recycling of "urban mineral" waste resources such as electronic waste and used batteries, actively exploring the mining mode of "urban mineral" waste resources in China, breaking through electronic waste, used batteries, etc. Key technologies for recycling waste resources, established core technologies and systems including more than 160 and more than 60 national and industry standards, created a low-carbon resource recycling model for green recycling of electronic waste, and became China's electronic waste and used batteries The technology pioneers of recycling have been awarded to national circular economy pilot enterprises, national innovative pilot enterprises, national [1] high-tech enterprises, national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, and become China's leading enterprises of circular economy and low-carbon manufacturing. one.

main products

Recycling of used batteries and electronic waste

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Issuing Agency: Environmental Protection Online

Years of service: 4th year

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深圳市格林美高新技术股份有限公司 Company Name: Shenzhen Gelinmei High-tech Co., Ltd.
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详细 Business scope: detailed


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深圳市格林美高新技术股份有限公司 Company Name: Shenzhen Gelinmei High-tech Co., Ltd.
86-0755-33386666 Phone number: 86-755-33386666
86-0755-33895777 Fax: 86-755-33895777
市场部 Contact: Marketing Department
mobile phone number:
0571-87759925 After sales phone: 0571-87759925
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