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Main Products: Domestic sewage treatment equipment, air flotation machine, decanter centrifuge, belt filter press, vacuum filter, garbage incinerator, grill decontamination machine, mud scraper, stacked screw dehydrator and other environmental protection equipment
Shandong Zhongkebet Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that integrates research and development, design, production and sales of sewage treatment, solid-liquid separation, garbage incineration and other environmental protection equipment established by introducing advanced foreign technology. A well-known domestic supplier of complete environmental protection equipment. Our company is a "Governing Unit of China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association", "Weifang Solid-liquid Separation Engineering Technology Research Center", "Weifang Water Treatment Research Center", "Shandong Provincial High-tech Enterprise", and "Provincial Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise" ", Has the qualification of environmental protection engineering construction, has strong non-standard design, manufacturing and service capabilities and engineering construction capabilities. The company has passed the management system certifications of quality, occupational health and safety, and environment, and obtained the "Science and Technology Innovation Fund" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and presided over the formulation of "national industry standards" for three types of environmental protection equipment. In November 2014, he was employed by Beijing ... more >>

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How many treatment methods are there for domestic sewage treatment equipment?

307 2019/12/24 307
How many treatment methods are there for domestic sewage treatment equipment?

How many treatment methods are there for domestic sewage treatment equipment? The so-called domestic sewage is the sewage produced by people in the daily life process, mainly some kitchen waste water, washing waste water and waste water. Foul odor in domestic sewage is one of the more serious pollution hazards. It not only pollutes the water environment, but also damages residents' lives.

On July 13, 2018, teachers and students from the School of Chemical Engineering of China University of Petroleum (East China) visited our company to study and exchange, and conducted the signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Teaching and Scientific Research Practice Base" with our company. Signing scene (first left is Dr. Zuo Haiqiang, first right
Beit Environmental Beiter Sewage Treatment Equipment Beit Environmental Party Branch Secretary and Chairman Wu Jinbao (first from left) led company members to visit the Liujiazhuang kangri base to listen to the successor of the Hongse story about Liujiazhuang's heroic anti-Japanese war. Kang war

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