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[Combined efforts of various enterprises] Xianhe Environmental Protection was invited to participate in the 2019 China Environmental Listed Companies Summit

Read: 1017 Release time: 2019/12/25
On December 1, 2019, the two-day "China Environmental Listed Companies Summit" successfully concluded in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province. This summit was hosted by the Environmental Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and attracted more than 600 guests from various sectors, scientific research institutes, environmental enterprises, financial and consulting institutions. Xianhe Environmental Protection was invited to participate in the meeting as the vice president unit of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce and representatives of environmental protection companies. President Chen Rongqiang participated in the meeting and attended the summit dialogue activity of "combined efforts of enterprises and the fight against pollution".
The opening ceremony of the meeting was presided over by Zhao Yunjun, Chairman of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Botian Environment. Qiu Xiaoping, member of the party group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Lu Yuyin, deputy secretary and mayor of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, Cheng Yuanguo, supervisor of China Construction Bank, general manager of the company's business department, Jiang Huohua, deputy director of the ecological environment monitoring department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and party group of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province Member, Deputy Director Chen Jinxuan made a speech.
The summit set up a series of three high-level dialogues, which became the highlight. The dialogue invited relevant persons in charge of well-known listed companies from the environmental industry to conduct multi-angle exchanges on the new situation and new opportunities in the industry. The third session of the peak dialogue focused on the theme of "combined efforts of all enterprises and the fight against pollution", chaired by Wang Xiaojun, vice president of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce and general manager of Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Group, and Chen Rongqiang, president of Xianhe Environmental Protection, and global vice president of Ecolab Group and Nalco Bai Jia, general manager of China, Wu Jian, president of Botian Environment, Pan Liuming, vice president of Sander International, and Xu Yuhuan, president of Jibon Consulting, participated in the dialogue.
President Chen Rongqiang pointed out that the "combined effort of enterprises and the fight against pollution" is to take advantage of various market players and companies in various fields to build a dynamic industrial ecological structure and form a joint effort to promote the improvement of the ecological environment. The next step is to usher in the transition period of the environmental governance system-with the goal of environmental governance guarantees and modernization of governance capabilities. At present, various localities are gradually establishing and perfecting guarantees for leadership responsibility systems, corporate responsibility systems, national action systems, and legal policy systems to implement various types of subject responsibilities; secondly, from a single ecological protection policy to the protection of natural resources, natural ecology, and environmental capacity From the perspective of governance methods, from focusing on specific point source development to focusing on regional system governance and ecological development; focusing on governance, transitioning from end-of-government governance to changes in production methods and lifestyles, and solving them through both standardization and development. Eco-environment issues to ensure sustainable development of the ecological environment.
Xianhe Environmental Protection is committed to being an embracer of the market. Through the transformation strategy of the company, from the equipment manufacturer to the operator, to the mining and application of ecological environment big data, and the comprehensive service provider of the entire industry chain, it will help refinement control and emission reduction planning everywhere. At the same time, it was the first in the industry to be approved as an advanced environmental protection industry innovation center, actively integrate the innovation resources of the environmental protection industry, serve the improvement of regional environmental quality through the development and application of technologies in the field of ecological environmental protection, and accelerate the development of regional economic innovation, green development, and high-quality development. Contribute to the construction of ecological civilization.
President Chen Rongqiang stated that Codylon, a subsidiary of Xianhe Group, has won the Zhaoqing environmental third-party service project this year, and through joint efforts with the Zhaoqing Ecological Environment Bureau, Zhaoqing ’s air quality improvement has been significant. As of November 28, 2019, the comprehensive air quality index of Zhaoqing City was 3.79, a decrease of 4.05% compared to the same period; the number of excellent days was 280 days; the cumulative data of PM2.5 for the year was 30.47 micrograms per cubic meter, a year-on-year decrease of 14.29% and PM10 45.95 microgram / M3, a year-on-year decrease of 8%, and achieved good results.

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