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Beijing Wanbangda Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Wanbangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 300055) is a domestic environmental protection company specializing in providing multi-professional and comprehensive engineering construction services for the petrochemical, coal chemical, and power industries, including technology research and development, feasibility studies, design, and procurement. , Site supervision, construction, commissioning, project management, and commissioned service. The company was established in Beijing in 1998. The company's purpose is to provide customers with expert-level overall water treatment system solutions through independent, innovative and professional knowledge to meet customers' business needs.

We have Z * designers in the industry, as well as a team of experienced, well-trained and highly professional ethics project managers and engineers, dedicated to providing our customers' water treatment systems with high-quality, complete and sustainable solutions and innovative technologies. This solution can protect the company's safe production and environment, optimize operating time, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and improve product quality. After ten years of development, Beijing Wanbangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has become an industrial water treatment system service industry renowned for its excellent design and project management services, and has been hailed as an industrial water system doctor.

Wanbangda firmly believes in the importance of water resources and energy to the survival and development of human beings, and has been committed to the research and development of water resources utilization and water treatment technology for a long time. Wanbangda has cooperated with several well-known domestic and foreign water treatment companies and design institutes. Backed by high-tech products and relying on high-quality talents, Wanbangda successfully developed industrial wastewater reuse, industrial wastewater treatment, and circulating cooling water treatment in China. Hundreds of projects, including condensate water purification, water purification treatment, desalinated water treatment, management operation, and energy regeneration, have made outstanding contributions to the optimization of water treatment systems for energy companies in China.
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Established: April 17, 1998 [Certified]
Registered capital: RMB 86.518 million [certified]
Scope of business: technical research and development, technical consulting, technical services of environmental protection projects; investment and asset management; professional contracting; import and export of goods; technology import and export; agency import and export; sales of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hardware and electricity, chemical products ( Does not contain dangerous chemicals and a class of precursor chemicals), instruments. (Enterprises independently select business projects and carry out business activities in accordance with the law; for projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law, business activities are carried out in accordance with the approved content after approval by relevant departments; they must not engage in business activities that are prohibited or restricted by the city's industrial policies.) Certification]
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company name: Beijing Wanbangda Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
telephone number: ****** 10-58800231
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Beijing Wanbangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Main Products: A2O treatment process water treatment, zero waste discharge technology, aerated biological filter method sewage treatment address: Phone: 86-010-58800231 Phone: Fax: 86-010-58800231
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