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Website Introduction

Environmental Protection Online (www.gatisrael.com) (formerly known as China Environmental Protection Equipment Exhibition Network) was established in 2006. It is an "Internet +" service platform for the environmental protection industry. It is used for sewage treatment equipment, raw water treatment equipment, air purification equipment, instruments and meters, and consumer orders. Professional users in the fields of noise reduction equipment, public environmental sanitation facilities, filtration equipment, fans, exhaust equipment, cleaning and cleaning equipment, flow meters, dust removal equipment, valves, general equipment, waste recycling and environmental protection supplies, create industry network marketing service platforms, Committed to building bridges for environmental protection equipment and related enterprise information interaction at home and abroad.
Environmental Protection Online provides a wide range of services to industry users with a unique model to meet users' marketing needs. Convenient and fast online trading platforms, industry exhibitions and other online and offline multi-channel combinations to expand the breadth and depth of services. This site maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign media and has established a huge information service system. Relying on Zhejiang Xingwang Baomingtong Network Co., Ltd.'s rich information service experience and strong strength in the Internet field, it has become an influential portal in the environmental protection industry.
At present, it has nearly 260,000 registered members, with an average daily page views of over 350,000 , a collection of more than 12.8 million products with pictures and texts, more than 400,000 purchase information, convenient and fast online trading platforms, industry exhibitions, and other online and offline channels. , To expand the breadth and depth of services, is one of the influential portals in the environmental protection equipment industry (data source is the system background).

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Big notes on this site

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  • Prosperity Baomingtong was awarded "2017 Outstanding Enterprise" by Hangzhou E-Commerce Association
  • Xingwang Baomingtong won the title of "2016 E-commerce Innovation Enterprise"
  • Xingwang Baomingtong passed the certification of Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech R & D Center
  • Awarded "2016 Environmental Impact Industry Portal Site" by China Electronic Commerce Association
  • Won the title of "Hangzhou E-commerce Demonstration Platform"
  • Prosperous Baomingtong became a director unit of "Hangzhou Network Security Association"
  • Awarded "2015 Environmental Impact Industry Portal Site" by China Electronic Commerce Association
  • Won the title of Hangzhou E-Commerce Outstanding Enterprise
  • Won the title of "Top 10 Third Party E-commerce Platforms in Zhejiang Province"
  • Won the title of "Zhejiang Province E-commerce Demonstration Platform"
  • Selected as Zhejiang Province E-commerce Innovation Enterprise
  • Recognized as a Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang Province
  • Won the top 10 third-party e-commerce platforms in Zhejiang Province
  • Won the honor of "Top 100 E-Commerce Enterprises in Zhejiang Province"
  • Prosperous Baomingtong was elected executive director of Zhejiang Provincial Electronic Commerce Promotion Association
  • Prosperous Baomingtong won the title of "2013 Top Ten Industry Key Enterprises"
  • Key service providers recommended by public service platforms
  • Won the title of "2013 Advanced Unit in Internet Security Management"
  • Cheng Siwei, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress, visited Xingwang Baomingtong for inspection and guidance
  • Environmental Protection Online Buyer Service Center Column Launched
  • In May 2011, Hangzhou Mingtong Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Zhejiang Xingwang Baomingtong Network Co., Ltd.
  • Environmental protection online new membership system grandly launched
  • The fifth version of the website is online
  • Awarded the TOP100 of the 5th China Industry E-Commerce Website
  • "Video Center" section opened http://www.gatisrael.com/video
  • "Brand Center" section opened http://www.gatisrael.com/brands
  • The fourth version of the website is online
  • Rongjin Zhejiang Internet Association Member
  • Become a key e-commerce company in the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Awarded the TOP100 of the 4th Chinese Industry E-Commerce Website
  • Became a student training base recognized by Hangzhou Labor and Social Security Bureau
  • "Talent" Channel Opened http://www.gatisrael.com/job/
  • "Enterprise Samples" section opened http://www.gatisrael.com/Sample
  • Selected as a member of Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Association
  • Awarded TOP100 for the 3rd Chinese Industry E-Commerce Website
  • Became the first designated third-party e-commerce service providers in Hangzhou
  • Established "core partnership" relationship with domestic domain name service agencies
  • "Hot Topics" section launched http://www.gatisrael.com/topics
  • The third version of the website is online
  • Won the honorary title of Top 100 Industry Websites
  • Decanters, centrifugal pumps, air purifiers and other channels go online
  • Carry out 3d之家 interviews: online interviews, exhibition interviews, live interviews, and the "Personal Interviews" section opened
  • Become a full member of the China Electronic Commerce Alliance to jointly promote the development of electronic commerce
  • Subdivide professional environmental protection equipment product categories
  • "Training" section opened http://www.gatisrael.com/Train/
  • The second version of the website is online
  • Business surge, staff expansion, professional editing, customer service, sales, and technical teams
  • Combining customer needs, launching fist products and services-personalized members
  • Environmental Online officially operates for a fee, launching well-known, picture ads, keyword services on the list
  • Carry out publicity and promotion: Participate in more than 30 industry exhibitions and academic conferences throughout the year
  • Carry out media cooperation: maintain good cooperative relations with industry print media, online media, exhibition media, etc.
  • Carry out information collection: rich product, supplier, 3d之家, technology, article, information, etc.
  • Environmental Protection Online http://www.gatisrael.com/ Independent development, construction, and official operation
  • Hangzhou Mingtong Technology Co., Ltd. was established



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