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Water treatment

Sewage treatment equipment
Sewage lifter sewage treatment equipment integrated sewage treatment equipment MBR membrane integrated equipment buried sewage treatment equipment slaughterhouse sewage treatment equipment landscape water treatment equipment swimming pool water treatment equipment water reuse equipment grid decontamination machine sand water separator Oil-water separator oil scraper slag scraper aeration equipment decanter scraper suction suction machine air floater hair fishing machine micro filter screw conveyor screw press submersible mixer sludge pump gate hoist septic tank industrial wastewater treatment equipment other
Sludge treatment equipment
Sludge thickener, sludge mixer, sludge dewaterer, belt filter press, decanter centrifuge, plate and frame filter press, sludge concentration and dewatering integrated machine, sludge dryer, sludge conveying equipment, sludge drying equipment, sludge incineration equipment, sewage Sludge composting equipmentSludge brick making equipmentOther
Water treatment filter
Multi-media filter element filter basket filter bag filter quartz sand filter activated carbon filter fiber filter membrane filter / ultrafiltration / microfiltration iron and manganese filter precision filter micropore filter automatic filtration Filter self-cleaning filter other
Softened water equipment / desalination equipment
Water softening equipment reverse osmosis equipment ion exchanger electrodialyzer EDI system electronic water processor deaerator seawater desalination equipment distilled water machine other evaporator crystallizer
Purified water equipment
Water Purifier / Water Purifier Household Water Purifier Industrial Water Purifier Ultra Pure Water Purifier Mineral Water Production Line Pure Water Production Line Water Purifier Parts Water Purifier Parts Others
Disinfection equipment
Oxygen generator / Oxygen generator Ozone generator Chlorine dioxide generator Sodium hypochlorite generator Chlorinator UV sterilizer Water tank self-cleaning sterilizer Copper and silver ion sterilizer Ozone sterilizer High pressure steam sterilizer Pulse vacuum sterilizer Microwave Processing equipment Photocatalyst equipment Other disinfection equipment
Water supply / storage / collection / dosing / auxiliary
Dosing device, water supply equipment, water tank, storage tank, pump, valve , pipe fittings, mixing equipment , diverter filling equipment, condensate recovery equipment, and other auxiliary equipment
Membrane and membrane module
Microporous membrane ultrafiltration membrane nanofiltration membrane reverse osmosis membrane membrane module membrane shell other
Water treatment filter
Ceramsite filter zeolite filter husk filter activated carbon filter quartz sand filter maifan stone filter fiber ball / beam filter manganese sand diatomite anthracite other filter material
Water treatment agent
Catalyst flocculant, coagulant, bactericide, scale remover, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, dehydrating agent, defoamer, cleaning agent, dust remover , dispersant, bleach, ion exchange resin, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, other agents, recapture agent
Water treatment filler
Honeycomb / inclined tube packing combined suspension suspension packing soft / semi-flexible packing Bauer ring / stepped ring packing rosette / Haier ring packing biological filler cooling tower filler liquid level covering ball hollow ball filler volcanic rock filler other fillers

Exhaust gas treatment / air purification

Exhaust gas treatment equipment
Absorption tower washing tower purification tower acid mist purification tower soot purifier oil mist purifier soot purifier automobile exhaust gas purifier spray paint exhaust gas treatment equipment biological deodorization equipment plasma exhaust gas purifier photooxy catalytic equipment malodorous gas collection device other exhaust gas treatment equipment industrial waste Treatment equipment coating exhaust gas treatment equipment chemical exhaust gas treatment equipment RTO exhaust gas treatment
Exhaust gas treatment equipment components
Extraction hood / exhaust hood air pipe suction arm fan dosing device circulation pump pickling tank storage tank electrical device intelligent monitoring system catalytic combustion equipment waste gas incinerator primary filter flame arrester heat recovery device cooler heat exchanger chimney other Component
Dust removal equipment
Vacuum Dust CollectorPulse Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collector Wet Type Dust Collector Bag Dust Collector Cartridge Dust Collector Plastic Burning Board Dust Collector Electrostatic Dust Collector Sonic Dust Collector Magnetic Dust Collector Other dust collector dust collector accessories
Dust collector accessories
Cyclone type dehydrator dust bag bag dust collector skeleton discharger pulse control instrument nozzle anode plate / cathode line high voltage power venturi humidification ash discharge machine ash conveying equipment vibration screen feeder suction arm dust filter bag filter dust humidifier mixer Differential pressure machine valve pipe fitting temperature control device other accessories
Desulfurization and denitration equipment
Limestone-gypsum wet activated carbon adsorption method ammonia method / plasma / electron beam method double alkali method semi-dry method (NID) desulfurization seawater method flue gas desulfurization circulating fluidized bed flue gas desulfurization furnace spray calcium desulfurization spray drying method desulphurization magnesium Method scr denitrification sncr denitrification other desulfurization and denitrification technology desulfurization tower desulfurization tower components desulfurization dust collector absorbent preparation equipment desulfurization and denitrification auxiliary equipment circulating fluidized bed boiler dust collector other
Air purification equipment
Air Filter Household Air Purifier Car Air Purifier Medical Air Purifier Workshop Air Purifier Central Air Conditioner Air Purifier Range Hood Fresh Air System Spray Equipment Humidifier / Humidifier Dehumidifier / Dehumidifier Purifier Accessories Other Purification Equipment
Clean room equipment
Aseptic room / purification engineering ultra clean bench air filter transfer window FFU air shower room air shower room controller laminar flow hood high-efficiency air outlet antistatic equipment ion air gun sampling car / sampling car laminar flow car color steel plate clean shed fresh air cabinet / Pressurized cabinet hand sterilizer safety cabinet / biological safety cabinet other cleaning equipment
Element filter membrane filter plate filter cloth filter paper filter cartridge filter bag filter cotton photocatalyst material other consumables
Desulfurizer, denitrifier, catalyst, adsorbent, deodorant, formaldehyde, deodorant , activated carbon, diatom mud, other agents

Solid waste treatment

Recycling of solid waste
Recycling of construction waste, recycling of used batteries, recycling of waste tires, processing and recycling of electronic waste, refining of gold, recycling of electronic waste, recycling of cans, recycling of waste plastic, recycling of domestic waste, recycling of waste glass, recycling of scrap metal, recycling of waste paper, recycling of other
Complete equipment for solid waste treatment
Industrial waste treatment equipment, construction waste treatment equipment, kitchen waste treatment equipment, domestic waste treatment equipment, medical waste treatment equipment, electronic waste treatment equipment, urban waste treatment equipment, waste plastic refining equipment, waste rubber refining equipment, waste rubber refining equipment, hazardous waste treatment equipment, landfill facilities, and harmless treatment Equipment Other solid waste processing equipment
Solid waste collection and transfer
Garbage collection container Garbage transfer station equipment Garbage baler Garbage bag shredder Garbage compressor Garbage truck Other equipment
Pretreatment equipment
Metering equipment Feeding equipment Compaction equipment Crushing equipment Sorting equipment Dewatering equipment Drying equipment
Incineration and pyrolysis equipment
Incinerator pyrolysis reactor roaster waste heat utilization equipment air treatment equipment flue gas purification equipment wastewater treatment equipment ventilation equipment water supply equipment slag equipment instrumentation and control system other equipment
Biological treatment equipment
Feeding equipment, mixing equipment, fermentation equipment, stacking equipment, separation equipment, drying equipment, deodorization equipment, storage equipment, crushing equipment, granulation equipment, anaerobic digester, biogas collection equipment
Cure treatment equipment
Fly ash curing treatment equipment Sludge curing treatment equipment Cement curing equipment Lime curing equipment Asphalt curing equipment Plastic material curing Glass curing equipment Self cementing curing equipment Other curing equipment
Auxiliary equipment
Ventilation equipment Water supply equipment Packaging equipment Exhaust gas purification equipment Wastewater treatment equipment Other
Recycling resources recycling
Scrap metal waste plastic waste rubber waste textile waste paper waste electronics and electrical waste equipment other waste recycling services

Environmental monitoring

Water quality analysis instrument
Water Sampler Dissolved Oxygen Tester / Dissolved Oxygen Tester COD Tester Oil Tester BOD Tester TOC Analyzer COD Digestion Tester Online Conductivity Meter Online PH Meter Suspended Matter Tester Permanganate Index Tester Volatile Phenol Tester Ammonia Nitrogen Tester Total Phosphorus Analyzer Total Nitrogen Analyzer Algae Analyzer Algae Counter Ion Analyzer Water Quality Heavy Metal Detector Cyanide Detector Sulfide Detector Halogen Analyzer Residual Chlorine, Total Chlorine Detector Sludge Detector / Interface Meter Water Toxicity Analyzer Phosphosilicate monitor, flow rate monitor, E. coli analyzer, multi-parameter water quality detector, water quality online monitoring system, turbidity meter, water level recorder, infrared oil meter, infrared moisture meter, volumetric moisture meter, coulomb moisture meter, high performance liquid chromatography, ultraviolet fluorescence Oil Detector Electronic Analysis Balance Gas Chromatograph Constant Temperature Incubator Data Acquisition Transmission Instrument Consumable Accessories Other Water Quality Testing Instruments
Gas detection instrument
Gas Sampler Particle Sampler Microbial Sampler Dust Sampler Air Detector Gas Analyzer Dust Detector / PM2.5 Detector Particle Counter VOC Detector / TVOC Detector Odor Detector Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer Ozone Analyzer Ammonia Gas Analysis Formaldehyde detector carbon monoxide analyzer / carbon dioxide analyzer thermal conductivity gas analyzer solar photometer automobile exhaust gas analyzer multi-gas detector gas dilution meter zero gas generator gas alarm smoke analyzer haze monitoring system smoke online monitoring system CEMS Air Quality Automatic Monitoring System Alcohol Detector High-purity Gas Analysis System Smoke Detector Moisture Analyzer Soap Film Flowmeter Other Gas Detector
Radiation measuring instrument
Radon detector / radiation detector, radiation detector, field strength meter, liquid scintillator, colony counter, other radiation measuring instruments
Environmental emergency monitoring equipment
Vehicle-mounted GC-MS instrument Fourier infrared multi-gas analysis portable spectrophotometer toxic and harmful gas rapid detection rapid detection tube / reagent portable multi-parameter analyzer breathing / protection / decontamination / alarm device communication / lighting / command system electronic map / navigation emergency Database Emergency Monitoring Vehicle Portable Gas Chromatograph Vehicle-mounted X-ray-Fluorescence Spectrometer Other
Other environmental monitoring instruments
Soil Sampler, Soil Tester, Soil Monitor, Noise Meter / Sound Level Meter, Noise Sensor, Noise Corrector, Noise Monitor, Vibration Instrument, Illuminance Meter, Flow Monitor Car, Data Collector, HPLC, Gas Chromatograph, Thermostat Incubator
Control instrument
Flowmeter, level gauge, pressure gauge, water level controller, conductivity meter, salinity meter, PH meter, turbidity meter, thermometer, level meter, operation display, automatic control system
Environmental services
Environmental testing services
Consumable accessories
Supplies accessories


Physical property testing instrument
Test box testing machine Rheometer / Viscometer Thickness meter Thermal analysis instrument Combustion analyzer Particle size / Particle / Powder analysis instrument Nondestructive testing / Flaw detection instrument Surface / Interface performance tester Other physical property testing instruments
Analytical instrument
Chromatograph, Spectrum Analyzer, Mass Spectrometer, Spectrum Analyzer, X-Ray Instrument, Electrochemical Analysis Instrument, Element Analyzer, Moisture Analyzer, Gas Detector, Laboratory Equipment, Other Analysis Instruments, LIMS Software
Optical instruments
Electron microscope optical microscope optical measuring instrument optical experiment equipment optical imaging equipment
Measuring instruments
Weighing instrument temperature measuring instrument length measuring instrument surface measuring instrument other measuring instrument
Life Science Instruments
Molecular biology instruments, cell biology instruments, microbial detection instruments, plant physiology, ecological instruments, animal experimental instruments, laboratory inspection instruments, biological engineering equipment, chip systems, gas imaging systems
Online and process control instruments
Online Conductivity MeterOnline Oxygen AnalysisOnline Nuclear Magnetic FlowmeterFlowmeter / Leak DetectorIndustrial ViscometerOnline Reaction Analysis SystemIndustrial ParticlemeterOnline Mass Spectrometer / Process Mass Spectrometer
Industry-specific instruments
Drug detection equipment Special equipment for petrochemical industry Special equipment for agriculture and food Special equipment for textile and clothing Special equipment for coal industry Special equipment for packaging industry Special equipment for paper printing Special equipment for plastic industry Special equipment for electronics industry Special equipment for construction industry
Common meters
Flow meter , level meter, digital display meter, recording meter, temperature and humidity meter, pressure meter calibration meter, industry-specific meter meter accessories
Laboratory equipment
Cleaning / disinfection equipment sample preparation / digestion equipment separation / extraction equipment purification equipment mixing / dispersion equipment constant temperature / heating / drying equipment pulverization equipment synthesis / reaction equipment refrigeration equipment liquid processing equipment gas generation / treatment other
Weighing Apparatus
Electronic balance, electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale, electronic crane scale, electronic table scale, household scale, forklift scale, automobile weighing scale, accessories, special scale
Other instruments
Water quality analyzer, gas detector, radiation measuring instrument, environmental monitoring instrument, analysis instrument, physical property testing instrument, optical instrument, life science instrument, online and process control laboratory instrument, equipment measurement / metering instrument, flow instrument, temperature instrument, electrical instrument, instrument level / level instrument, pressure instrument display Instrument calibration instrument industry-specific instrument other
Consumable accessories
Glassware Laboratory Consumables Chromatographic Columns Chromatographic Accessories Spectral Accessories Electrochemical Accessories Electron Microscope Consumable Materials Spectral Accessories X-Ray Instrument Accessories Nuclear Magnetic Accessories Other Accessories

Noise control

Damping equipment
Shock absorber, shock absorber, shock pad, rubber pad, rubber shock pad, spring shock absorber, air cushion shock absorber, shock absorber, air shock absorber, car shock absorber, electric vehicle shock absorber, motorcycle shock absorber, fan shock Bicycle shock absorber water pump shock absorber pipe shock absorber air conditioner shock absorber other shock absorber
Sound insulation device / material
Sound insulation room, sound insulation window, sound insulation door, sound insulation box, sound insulation board, sound insulation board, cotton insulation curtain, sound insulation felt, sound insulation film, automobile sound insulation material, sound insulation floor, sound insulation wall panel, other sound insulation material
Sound-absorbing material
Sound-absorbing board polyester fiber sound-absorbing board cloth sound-absorbing board wooden sound-absorbing board mineral wool sound-absorbing board perforated sound-absorbing board fire-absorbing sound-absorbing board ceramic aluminum sound-absorbing board elevator well sound-absorbing board sound-absorbing cotton speaker sound-absorbing cotton car sound-absorbing cotton sound-absorbing soft bag sound-absorbing coating sound-absorbing cloth sound-absorbing wallpaper sound-absorbing board Other sound-absorbing materials
Fan muffler exhaust muffler motor muffler pipe muffler muffler static pressure box steam muffler duct muffler muffler shutter muffler check valve other muffler
Low noise equipment
Low Noise Fan Low Noise Cooling Tower Low Noise Motor Low Noise Air Generator Other
Noise detector
Noise meter volume meter noise analyzer decibel tester vibration measuring instrument noise sensor noise corrector other

Sanitation cleaning

Sanitation vehicles
Sanitation garbage truck sanitation cleaning truck sprinkler truck / suction truck cleaning truck snow removal truck ice breaker truck spreading truck electric sanitation vehicle vehicle accessories
Sanitation trash can
Classification trash can stainless steel trash can plastic trash can glass steel trash can wooden trash can metal trash can underground trash can pedal peel container steel wood trash can other trash can
Cleaning equipment
High pressure cleaner, steam cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, high pressure water gun, electronic foam box, vacuum cleaner, central dust collection system, scrubber, sweeper, scrubber, blow dryer, polisher, waxer, intelligent cleaning robot, laser cleaning equipment, dry ice cleaning equipment, water mist dust reduction equipment Special cleaning equipment construction site car washing machine construction site washing platform pipe dredging machine cleaning machine accessories
Garbage station equipment
Garbage Disposer Standard Garbage Bin Garbage Collection Box Garbage Crusher Garbage Compressor Environmental Protection Garbage Station Buried Garbage Station Walking Garbage Station Compressed Garbage Transfer Station Hanging Garbage Transfer Station Garbage Bin Lifting Equipment Garbage Sorting Equipment Garbage Incinerator Waste Odor Equipment Other Waste Station Equipment
Sanitation toilet
Mobile toilet water-saving toilet ecological toilet car toilet simple toilet solar toilet water free flush toilet toilet rental
Cleaning tools
Squeezing car garbage picker applicator dust push mop telescopic rod floor mat mop clip push water scraper tool garbage shovel safety rope sprayer tiger clip toilet brush dust push cloth broom brush toilet pump glass rubber sign board hand clip watering can suction cup steel chop paper Shelf To Soap Machine / Soap Dispenser Sprayer Dryer Trash Can Cleaning Bucket Other Cleaning Appliance Raincoat Rubber Shoes Rubber Gloves Water Pipe Other
Cleaning supplies
Detergent all-purpose high-foam floor wax holding dust liquid disinfectant liquid toilet cleaner crystal surface agent hundred clean pad wire rope large roll paper towel paper garbage bag filter paper bag towel clearance product insecticide garbage deodorant other consumable

recycled resources

Waste processing equipment
Waste plastic processing equipment, waste rubber processing equipment, waste metal processing equipment, waste paper processing equipment, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste textile processing equipment, other waste processing equipment
Scrap metal
Scrap Iron and Steel Nonferrous Metals Precious Metals Rare Metals Recycled Metals Metal Compounds Other Scrap Metals
waste plastic
PP waste, PE waste, PS waste, PVC waste, ABS waste, EVA waste, recycled particles, engineering waste plastic, special waste plastic, plastic additives, paper and plastic composites, aluminum and plastic composites, metal composites, and other composites
Waste rubber
Natural rubber latex synthetic rubber recycled rubber waste tire
Waste 3d之家 Textiles
Old clothes old home textile waste fabric non-woven waste gloves / waste cloth waste leather waste cotton waste chemical fiber material other waste fabric
Waste paper
Waste books magazine waste 3d之家paper white paper white cardboard corrugated kraft coated paper 3d之家print garbled paper coated paper trademark paper aseptic package / aseptic paper gray cardboard living waste paper other waste paper
Waste electronic appliances
Old TV, old washing machine, old mobile phone, old computer, old audio, old power supply, old air conditioner, waste battery, old printer, old fax machine, old telephone, transformer, power supply, power meter, circuit board, memory stick, CPU monitor, other old appliances
Waste equipment
Waste Industrial Equipment Waste Equipment Accessories Waste Aircraft Waste Train Waste Vehicle Waste Vehicle Accessories Other
Other waste
Waste glass waste wood chemical waste automobile waste other waste

new energy

Photovoltaic materials
Silicon wafers, silicon raw materials, solar cells, solar glass, solar backsheets, photovoltaic welding tapes, photovoltaic pastes, photovoltaic packaging films, photovoltaic module frames, screen printing materials, silane photovoltaic cable cutting fluid, saw band saw wires, silicon rods / silicon ingots, other photovoltaic materials
Photovoltaic power generation system
Solar panel photovoltaic bracket photovoltaic inverter solar controller photovoltaic junction box photovoltaic junction box photovoltaic fuse photovoltaic breaker photovoltaic simulator solar converter solar battery solar tracker solar monitoring system
Photovoltaic production equipment
Complete production line Ingot furnace growth furnace High temperature sintering furnace Laminating equipment Screen printing equipment PECVD equipment Gluing and packaging equipment Cutting and grinding equipment Group frame angle machine Battery sorting machine String welding equipment Cleaning equipment Testing equipment Other equipment
Photovoltaic application products
3d之家 solar power system solar fountain solar water tank solar lamp solar heating system solar hot water project solar dryer solar furnace solar desalination solar charger solar water heater solar air conditioner solar home appliance other application products
Wind energy equipment
Wind Turbine Wind Pumping / Wind-Solar Complementary System Wind Power Blades and Materials Wind Power Transmission Equipment Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Wind Power Towers and Profiles Wind and Lightning Protection Equipment Wind Power Control System Wind Power Cable Wind Power Construction Equipment and Supplies Wind Power Shells and Bridge Wind Power Generation System Wind Auxiliary equipment Wind power equipment accessories Other wind energy equipment
Biomass granulation equipment Biomass fuel briquetting equipment Biomass drying equipment Biomass packing equipment Biomass detection equipment Biomass burner Biomass gasification furnace Biomass steam furnace Biomass gasification station Biomass gasification station Gas supply system Biomass oil-guiding furnace Biomass power generation equipment Biomass gasification power generation equipment Biomass power generation raw material collection equipment Waste power generation equipment Biomass power generation purification treatment equipment Biomass power generation combustion equipment Biodiesel production equipment Biopower equipment accessories Peripheral supporting equipment Other biomass power generation equipment
Biogas equipment
Biogas storage equipment, biogas power generation equipment, biogas residue treatment equipment, biogas desulfurization equipment, biogas cooking equipment, biogas purification equipment, biogas lighting equipment, biogas breeding equipment, biogas transportation equipment, biogas breeding equipment, biogas heating equipment, biogas insect control equipment, biogas preservation equipment, biogas equipment, biogas equipment Other biogas equipment
Other clean energy equipment
Hydrogen energy equipment Nuclear energy equipment Ocean energy equipment Geothermal energy equipment Shale gas equipment Combustible ice equipment Highway pressure power generation equipment Energy storage equipment


Tillage machinery
Rotary cultivator, micro-cultivator, field cultivator, soil cultivator, digger, digger, tractor, plough , earth drill , stubble stubble ditcher, ditch ridger, combine grading machine, disc harrow, other
Planting and seeding
Seeder machine Seedling transplanter / Transplanter Film mulching machine Seed machine Stump machine Other
Pruning machinery
Lawn Mowers / Weeders / Brushers / Mowers Lawn Trolleys / Pruners Mowers Lawn Rollers Greens Machines High Twig Saw High Twig Shear Saw Twig Shredder Sharpener
Plant protection machinery
Sprayer / Powder sprayer / Spray sprayer sprayer sprayer snow blower leaf blower blower wind extinguisher fertilizer sprayer / fertilizer spray irrigation equipment spray irrigation accessories
Landscape and garden sketches
Garden Tables And Chairs Sun Umbrella Swing Flower Pot Trash Can Garden Sculpture Rockery Garden Stone Indication Sign Artificial Fog Water Scenery / Artificial Waterfall / Water Curtain Fountain Other
Landscape speaker lighting
Landscape Light Sculpture Light Garden Light Buried Light Lawn Light Flood Light Discoloration Light Floor Tile Light Laser Light Neon Underwater Light Road Light High Mast Light Searchlight Projection Light Solar Light Computer Light Fiber Light Other
Garden appliances
锄 / rake / shovel / shovel garden scissors handsaw sickle grass blade other

Pumps / Valves / Pipe Fittings / Water Tanks

Pipeline pump, fire pump, pressure test pump, air conditioning pump, diaphragm pump, feed pump, plunger pump, vortex pump, sewage pump, high pressure pump, sewage pump, gear pump, shield pump, mud pump, self-priming pump, axial pump, booster pump, circulating pump, metering pump, process pump, centrifugal pump, corrosion-resistant pump Oil pump piston pump slurry pump, impurity pump submersible pump vortex pump mixed flow pump rotor pump screw pump vacuum pump reciprocating pump magnetic pump submersible pump chemical pump barrel pump pump station other pump pump accessories
Valve body flow control valve Exhaust valve Needle valve Foot valve Gas valve Angle valve One-way valve Expansion valve Manual valve Discharge valve Gate valve Stop valve Throttle valve Instrument valve Plunger valve Diaphragm valve Plug valve Ball valve Butterfly valve Check valve minus Pressure valve trap valve bottom valve regulating valve blowdown valve electric valve solenoid valve reversing valve valve accessory actuator vacuum valve safety valve hydraulic valve relief valve knife valve ceramic valve other valves
Pipe Fittings
Pipe elbow flange live joint pipe clamp ferrule three-way four-way gasket flange blind plate head pipe plug snap ring drag ring bracket pipe clip other pipe fittings
Water tank / storage tank
FRP water tank stainless steel water tank enamel water tank plastic water tank thermal insulation water tank constant temperature water tank combined water tank storage tank glass steel tank ceramic storage tank rubber storage tank rotomolding storage tank stainless steel storage tank plastic storage tank steel lined storage tank chemical storage tank polypropylene storage tank Tank lng storage tank / low temperature storage tank pe storage tank / polyethylene storage tank liquefied gas storage tank hydrochloric acid storage tank liquid ammonia storage tank liquid oxygen storage tank hydrofluoric acid storage tank horizontal storage tank liquid alkali storage tank sulfuric acid storage tank used stainless steel storage Tank storage tank bucket other

Filter / fan / centrifuge / boiler / heat exchanger

Centrifugal fan, axial flow fan, mixed flow fan, cross flow fan, roots fan, roof fan, induced draft fan, dust removal fan, smoke exhaust fan, boiler fan, anti-corrosion fan, explosion-proof fan, mine fan, booster fan, fire fan, high temperature fan, air conditioner fan, tunnel fan, high pressure blower , medium pressure blower, and turbine Blower Vortex Air Pump Air Curtain Machine Induction Fan Fan Accessories Other Fans
Filter equipment
Air filter, liquid filter, oil filter, filter, frame filter, box filter, diaphragm filter, belt filter, vertical filter, filter accessories, filter accessories, filter media, filter media
Top-hanging centrifuge, filtering centrifuge, flat-plate centrifuge, three-foot centrifuge, large-capacity centrifuge, multi-purpose centrifuge, pushing centrifuge, hanging bag centrifuge, discharging centrifuge, sedimentation centrifuge, micro-centrifuge, dewatering centrifuge, special centrifuge Low speed centrifuge High speed centrifuge Electric centrifuge Refrigerated centrifuge Blood centrifuge Other centrifuge
Gas Boiler Steam Boiler Electric Boiler Thermal Oil Boiler Hot Water Boiler Biomass Boiler Waste Heat Boiler Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Environmental Protection Boiler Industrial Boiler Heating Boiler NC Boiler Power Station Boiler Biogas Boiler Fittings Boiler Auxiliary Machine Boiler Raw Materials
Heat exchange equipment / hot blast stove
Hot blast stove refrigerator heater cooler evaporator condenser hot blast stove accessories refrigerator accessories heat exchanger accessories heat exchange peripheral equipment

Drying equipment / mixing / granulation

Drying machine
Flash Dryer Vacuum Dryer Air Dryer Spray Dryer Tunnel Dryer Belt Dryer Freeze Dryer Boiling Dryer Drum Dryer Fluidized Bed Drying Machine Granular Dryer Disk Dryer Adsorption Dryer Chamber Dryer Microwave dryer vibration dryer pulp leaf dryer rake dryer combined dryer special dryer dryer accessories
Oven / other drying
Hot air circulation oven High temperature oven Industrial oven Vacuum oven Electric blast drying oven Tunnel oven constant temperature oven Paint oven Hot air oven Explosion-proof oven Experimental oven Microwave oven Far infrared oven Hot air oven Other ovens / drying oven
Mixer / Granulator
Granulator Mixer V-type Mixer Coulter Mixer Ribbon Mixer Gravity-free Mixer Double Spiral Conical Mixer Horizontal Mixer Trough Mixer Two-dimensional Mixer Three-dimensional Mixer

Crushing / crushing / sorting / feeding / conveying

Crusher Hammer Crusher Cone Crusher Jaw Crusher Roller Crusher Impact Crusher Impact Crusher Ring Hammer Crusher Mobile Crusher Swing Crusher Compound Crusher
Ultrafine Pulverizer, Ultrafine Pulverizer, Universal Pulverizer, Low Temperature Pulverizer, Ball Mill, Grinder, Other
Separator / Classifier
Screening machine, wind separator, jig, shaker, magnetic separator, flotation machine, color separator, classifier, other sorting equipment
Vibration feeder Electromagnetic vibration feeder Motor vibration feeder Impeller feeder Screw feeder Dosing feeder Disk feeder Plate feeder Other feeders
Belt conveyor Screw conveyor Bucket elevator Roller conveyor Metering conveyor Plate chain conveyor Mesh belt conveyor Chain conveyor Other conveyors

Automation / Electronics / LED

Automatic control
Smart card / chip remote control system automation software monitoring system power distribution system motor drive electronic components industrial safety embedded system machine vision industrial control man-machine interface field bus data acquisition / wireless communication servo system PLC cylinder inverter sensor pressure transmitter industrial power supply Industrial appliances
Electronic equipment
Touch computer all-in-one
LED epitaxial and chip LED epitaxial chip material LED epitaxial chip equipment LED packaging devices LED packaging materials and accessories LED packaging equipment and instruments LED driving power LED road lighting LED interior lighting LED landscape lighting LED special lighting LED lighting accessories LED display and accessories LED automotive Lighting LED backlight LED traffic signal LED advertising and sign OLED.EL

Electrical equipment / Industrial appliances

Wires and cables
Cable wire control cable communication cable signal cable power cable mining cable data cable coaxial cable special cable cable accessories
Linear power module power LED power EPS power UPS power communication power medical power power power high voltage power regulated power supply variable frequency power switching power supply power adapter inverter other power
Battery / Battery
Ni-MH battery lead-acid battery polymer battery fuel battery lithium battery power battery battery repair / test other batteries
DC motor, AC motor, servo motor, stepper motor, reduction motor, speed measurement motor, micro motor, dedicated motor, motor parts, vibration motor
Synchronous generator asynchronous generator variable frequency generator micro generator generator set generator accessories
Insulation material
Insulation tube insulator insulator plate insulation gasket other insulation products
Welding materials
Welding wire, welding powder, flux, solder, solder, thermal spray material, tungsten electrode, other welding materials
Low-voltage electrical appliances
Circuit breaker relay switch electrical power supply electrical appliance frequency converter contactor fuse resistor brake compensator capacitor electrical accessories other
Medium and high voltage electrical appliances
Vacuum Appliance High Voltage Circuit Breaker Arrester Isolation Switch Relay Protection Grounding Switch Lightning Arrester Other
Explosion-proof electrical appliances
Explosion-proof lamp Explosion-proof junction box Explosion-proof switch Mine Explosion - proof Explosion - proof motor Explosion-proof tool Explosion-proof pipe Explosion-proof control box Other explosion-proof electrical appliances
Power transmission and distribution equipment
DC Power Cabinet Substation Voltage Regulator Transformer Capacitor Transformer Distribution Box / Distribution Cabinet Ring Network Cabinet Current Voltage Transformer Rectifier Reactor Reactive Compensation and Filtering Device Automation Control Bridge Busbar Switch Cabinet Power Cabinet Power Distribution Panel Other
Reciprocating switch Load switch Foot switch Switch Power disconnect switch Wall switch Stroke switch Pressure switch Transfer switch Other switches
Electronic components
Two, triode integrated electrical circuit board resistance capacitor potentiometer sensor piezoelectric crystal frequency control element module patch capacitor passive crystal oscillator other

Energy chains / hardware materials / tools / warehousing

Steel towline
Hardware materials / tools
Hardware tools metal mesh sheet metal powder precision steel pipe connection sleeve other
Steel aluminum copper
Warehousing equipment
Shelf pallet container forklift cold chain equipment handling equipment handling vehicle

Environmental protection / heat preservation / sealing / waterproof and fireproof material

Waterproof material
Waterproof Coil Waterproof Coating Building Sealing Material Rigid Waterproof Material Other
Packaging materials
Edible packaging material, degradable plastic, environmentally friendly packaging box, environmentally friendly packaging bag, environmentally friendly packaging film, environmentally friendly packaging paper, environmentally friendly packaging box, and other
Building decoration materials
Color steel room / tile environmental protection floor material environmental protection wall material environmental protection wall decoration environmental protection pipe environmental protection paint other
Flame retardant materials
Flame retardant fabric, flame retardant chemical fiber, flame retardant plastic, flame retardant rubber, fire retardant paint, flame retardant wood material, flame retardant paper, inorganic non-combustible filling material
Insulation material
Insulation board Insulation pipe Insulation slurry Insulation Tile shell Air conditioner Wood care Glass wool Rock wool board Slag cotton Polyurethane rubber plastic aluminum silicate Phenolic insulation thermal insulation equipment Other
Sealing material
Mechanical seals, rubber seals, plastic seals, graphite seals, composite seals, sealants, other seal materials
Epoxy floor
Epoxy floor epoxy self-leveling floor epoxy epoxy floor antistatic floor epoxy mortar floor epoxy anticorrosive floor epoxy colored sand floor epoxy non-slip floor epoxy other epoxy floor
Anticorrosive coating
Glass flake coating epoxy anticorrosive coating polyurethane anticorrosive coating water-based anticorrosive coating high temperature resistant anticorrosive coating epoxy coal tar anticorrosive paint other anticorrosive coating
Other environmental protection materials

Machine tools / anti-corrosion / refrigeration / air separation / ultrasonic

Ultrasonic equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic mold, ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic sensor, ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic heat meter, ultrasonic humidifier, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic atomizer, ultrasonic detection tube, ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic washing Machine ultrasonic energy meter ultrasonic cutting machine ultrasonic polishing machine ultrasonic drilling machine ultrasonic hot drilling machine ultrasonic pulverizer ultrasonic composite machine ultrasonic engraving machine ultrasonic tape cutting machine ultrasonic extractor other ultrasonic equipment
Machining Center Lathe Milling Machine Grinder Drilling Machine Boring Machine Sawing Machine Slotting Machine \ Broaching Machine \ Planer Cutting Machine Shearing Machine Bending Machine Rolling Machine Punching Machine Tapping Machine Press Hydraulic Press Forming Machine Forging Machine Chamfering Machine Modeling Machine Engraving Machine Cleaning Machine Special Machine Other Machine tool accessories
Coating equipment
Coating production line hot melt adhesive machine spray booth spray booth baking booth polishing machine conveyor spray booth dust removal machine baking box spray gun shower curtain machine other equipment
Anticorrosive equipment
Cooling tower, storage tank, transportation tank, pipeline , electrolytic tank, metering tank, metering tank, mixing tank, agitator reactor, absorption tower , glass fiber reinforced plastic anticorrosive equipment, steel lined plastic anticorrosive equipment, fluorine plastic anticorrosive equipment, polypropylene anticorrosive equipment, pickling equipment, anticorrosive coating, anticorrosive Agent other
Refrigeration equipment
Ice maker refrigerator air cooler cold storage water cooling system central air-conditioning refrigerated cabinet refrigerated truck refrigerated ship refrigerated container fresh-keeping equipment refrigeration accessories
Air separation equipment
Oxygen making mechanism Nitrogen compressor Air compressor Expander Distillation column Condenser Reboiler Vaporizer Large and medium-sized air separation equipment Gas purifier Air separation membrane module Air filter Air cooler Instrumentation control system Electronic control system Cryogenic pump Low temperature liquid storage tank Valve Spare Parts
Food processing equipment
Beverage production line Fruit and vegetable processing equipment Meat processing equipment Pasta machinery Pastry equipment Baking equipment Soy products equipment Dairy equipment Refrigeration equipment Frying equipment Puffing equipment Slaughter equipment Candy machinery Brewery equipment Condiment equipment Food and beverage processing equipment Tobacco equipment Food machinery parts Other food processing device

Energy-saving equipment

Water-saving equipment
Water saving irrigation, water saving, car washing, water saving, sanitary kitchen, water saving equipment, industrial water saving equipment, rainwater collection system, water controller and accessories, water saving controller, circulating water utilization equipment , water reuse equipment, other water saving equipment
Power saving equipment
Energy- saving appliances, energy-saving motors, energy-saving fans, energy-saving pumps, waste heat, energy- saving transformers, energy-saving inverters, energy-saving thermostats, energy-saving switch cabinets, reactive power compensation devices, other energy-saving devices
Fuel-saving equipment
Fuel Additive Fuel Saver Other Fuel Saving Equipment
Coal saving equipment
Coal economizer, heat exchanger, gas generator, coal-saving boiler, other
Energy-saving heating
Geothermal Power Generation Geothermal Heating System Geothermal Air Conditioning Geothermal Heat Pump / Ground Source Heat Pump Radiator Electromagnetic Heat Pump Waste Heat Recovery Other Equipment
Building energy saving
Energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving coating, energy-saving glass, energy-saving floor, energy-saving stone, energy-saving pipes, energy-saving wall materials, energy-saving roofing materials, heating, heating equipment and ventilation systems
Household energy saving
Energy-saving stove Energy-saving water heater Energy-saving air -conditioning Energy- saving refrigerator Energy-saving water dispenser Energy-saving TV Energy-saving washing machine Energy-saving heater Other
Green lighting
Energy-saving lamp LED induction lamp OLED energy-saving lamp energy-saving lamp cup energy-saving lamp lighting energy saving lighting controller high-power light source energy-saving ballast other

Biological reagent

Biological reagent
elisa kit plant kit diagnostic kit molecular biological reagent biochemical reagent antibody cell strain serum / medium antibody antibody animal serum laboratory consumable staining solution standard / control experiment microbial preparation

Environmental Services

Soil remediation
Soil remediation technology
Environmental services
Environmental engineering design, construction and operation, environmental assessment / planning, management consulting, environmental technology research and development, environmental monitoring and testing, carbon emissions, energy saving, emission reduction, and other trading pipeline testing and repair. Financial services education and training. Other environmental services.

Sewage treatment equipment

Sleeve type decanter Self-floating decanter Mechanical decanter Siphon decanter Rotary decanter Tube decanter Telescopic decanter Other decanters
Sewage treatment equipment
Integrated membrane bioreactor integrated sewage riser buried sewage treatment equipment domestic sewage treatment equipment sewage treatment integrated machine wastewater biological treatment machine sewage disinfection equipment integrated water processor electronic water treatment instrument quartz sand pipeline wastewater treatment equipment integrated water Grille decontamination machine, cast iron round door water purification device, decontamination machine, deaerator, suction machine, mixer, hoist, conveyor, separator, water purifier, sewage treatment engineering equipment, sewage elevator, other sewage treatment equipment
Biological treatment equipment
USB anaerobic equipment SBR equipment other biological treatment equipment
Pollution monitoring instrument
Conductivity test pen instrument salinity meter polarograph other pollution monitoring instruments
Diving mixer
Liquid agitator diving agitator diving thruster other diving agitator
Sludge treatment equipment
Dredging equipment, scraper, sludge, suction, other sludge treatment equipment
Top-hanging centrifuge, filter centrifuge, flat-plate centrifuge, three-foot centrifuge, large-capacity centrifuge, multi-purpose centrifuge, pusher centrifuge, hanging bag centrifuge, unloading centrifuge, special dehydrator, sedimentation centrifuge, micro-centrifuge, dehydration centrifuge Low speed centrifuge High speed centrifuge Electric centrifuge Refrigerated centrifuge Blood centrifuge Other centrifuge
Oil-water separation
Coolant Oil Water Separator Ship Oil Water Separator Car Wash Sewage Degreasing Equipment Concentrated Oil Water Separator Catering Oil Water Separator Land Oil Separator Swirl Oil Water Separator Chemical Oil Separator Oil Water Separator Floating Oil Absorber Oil Scraper Oil Separator Separator oil separator sand water separator solid-liquid separator other oil-water separation
Aeration equipment
Aeration and stirring dual-use machine jet flow aerator submerged aerator diffuser aerator rotary mixing aerator dynamic aerator spiral aerator tube aerator double suction aerator jet flow exposure Alumina corundum aerator rubber aerator vortex concave aerator ceramic aerator impeller aerator rotary disc aerator vertical surface aerator microporous aerator diaphragm aerator submersible aerator aeration tube aeration Air hose aeration rotary brush aeration tower aeration head other aeration equipment
Floating equipment
Shallow pond zero-speed high-efficiency air floatation tank Super vortex air floatation clarifier anion and cation floating bed jet-inducing air floatation device submerged air floatation system sewage treatment air floatation equipment vertical flow air floatation unit unified air floatation equipment complete set Air Float Dissolved Air Floater Air Float Water Purifier Vortex Concave Air Floater Combination Air Float Float Head Air Float Device Other Air Float Equipment
Dosing reaction equipment
Dosing equipment Dosing pump Mixer Mixer Other dosing reaction equipment
Other sewage treatment equipment
Other sewage treatment equipment

Raw water treatment equipment

Softened water equipment
Industrial demineralized water treatment equipment Boiler demineralized water treatment equipment Flow-type softener Time-type softener Stainless steel softener Split-type water softener Combined water softener Automatic softened water Intelligent water softener Commercial water softener Household water softener Demanganese equipment Iron removal Equipment Deaeration equipment Desalination equipment Softening tank water purifier Other softening equipment
Water sterilization equipment
Sodium hypochlorite generator water tank self-cleaning sterilizer ion stick water processor chlorine dioxide generator ozone disinfection equipment positive pressure sterilizer water purifier ultrafilter UV sterilizer ultra high temperature sterilizer water tank sterilizer sterilizer algae killer ultrapure water system Chlorine Analyzer Liquid Chlorine Evaporator Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer Sterile Water Equipment Quartz Tube / Rod Magnetizer Dosing Equipment Chlorinator Sewage Disinfection Direct Drinking Machine Other Water Sterilization Equipment
Reverse osmosis equipment
Reverse osmosis seawater desalination device Chemical fiber oil pure water equipment Primary reverse osmosis reverse osmosis pure water machine Secondary reverse osmosis reverse osmosis membrane shell high purity water equipment reverse osmosis membrane ultrafiltration equipment electrodialysis equipment
Electrodialysis equipment
Electronic ultrapure water equipment Electrodialysis desalination device Electrodialysis device Other electrodialysis equipment
Pneumatic water supply equipment
Pneumatic fire-fighting water supply device No negative pressure water supply equipment Automatic air supply water supply pressure supply water supply equipment constant pressure water supply equipment constant pressure water supply equipment pressure water purifier
Inverter water supply equipment
Boiler constant pressure water supply inverter cabinet Air conditioner cycle inverter control cabinet inverter water supply equipment other inverter water supply equipment
Circulating water equipment
Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment circulating water side stream water processor circulating cooling water system circulating water complete equipment cooling tower other circulating water equipment
Ion exchange equipment
Ion exchange softening water treatment equipment without top pressure ion exchanger return program ion exchanger floating bed ion exchanger anion and cation exchanger mixed ion exchanger glass steel exchange column sodium ion exchanger sodium ion water softener ion exchanger other ion exchange equipment
Deaeration equipment
Dissolved oxygen controller / transmitter full make-up water deaerator sponge iron deaerator analysis deaerator equipment filter deaerator resin deaerator vacuum deaerator rotary membrane deaerator thermal deaerator ozone generator other Oxygen equipment
Other raw water treatment equipment
Desalination of other raw water treatment equipment

Cleaning equipment

Industrial vacuum equipment
Industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, carpet cleaners, other industrial vacuum equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
CNC ultrasonic cleaner, hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaner, submerged ultrasonic cleaner, automatic ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner, household ultrasonic cleaner, medical ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic filter cleaner, ultrasonic titanium rod cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner
High-pressure water flow cleaning machine
Hot and cold water washing machine, water saving washing machine, high pressure washing machine, dry cleaning machine, other high pressure washing machine
Steam cleaner
Steam sterilization and disinfection cleaners High temperature and high pressure steam cleaners Super hot water cleaners Industrial steam cleaners Steam disinfection cleaners Super steam cleaners Standard cleaners Other steam cleaners
Floor washing machine
Floor scrubber, automatic scrubber, multi-functional scrubber, hand-push scrubber, single scrubber, powerful scrubber, stairs cleaner, automatic scrubber, snow removal equipment, other scrubber
Hand-held sweeper Driving sweeper Automatic sweeper Dust-free sweeper Other sweeper
Shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machineHigh efficiency shot blasting machineHigh speed polishing machineOther shot blasting machine
Other cleaning and cleaning equipment
Other other cleaning / cleaning equipment

General Equipment

Centrifugal pump
Direct-coupled centrifugal pump FRP centrifugal pump Fluoroplastic centrifugal pump Stainless steel centrifugal pump Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump Single-stage centrifugal pump Chemical centrifugal pump Submersible centrifugal pump Multi-stage centrifugal pump Horizontal centrifugal pump Pipeline centrifugal pump Vertical centrifugal pump Other centrifugal pump
Magnetic pump
High temperature resistant magnetic pump stainless steel magnetic pump corrosion resistant magnetic pump self-priming magnetic pump chemical magnetic pump horizontal magnetic pump pipeline magnetic pump fluoroplastic magnetic pump explosion-proof magnetic pump miniature magnetic pump other magnetic pump
Vacuum pump
Jet vacuum pump unit Belt vacuum pump Reciprocating vacuum pump DC electric vacuum pump Acid and alkali resistant vacuum pump Direct-connected vacuum pump Small flow vacuum pump Oil-free vacuum pump
Chemical pump
Fluoroplastic chemical pump direct-coupled chemical pump polypropylene chemical pump stainless steel chemical pump horizontal chemical pump centrifugal chemical pump explosion-proof chemical pump anticorrosive chemical pump submerged chemical pump magnetic chemical pump petrochemical pump self-priming chemical pump pipeline chemical pump other chemical pump
Sewage pump
Stirring sewage pump Stainless steel sewage pump Tearing sewage pump Self-priming sewage pump Non-blocking sewage pump Vertical sewage pump Pipe sewage pump Submersible sewage pump Submersible sewage pump Other sewage pump
Submersible pump
Cutting submersible pump oil-filled submersible pump down suction submersible pump water-filled submersible pump corrosion-resistant submersible pump stainless steel submersible pump horizontal submersible pump seawater submersible fountain fountain submersible pump submersible sewage pump hot water submersible pump automatic submersible pump Mining submersible pumps Other submersible pumps
Sewage pump
Centrifugal sewage pump Portable sewage pump Submersible sewage pump Engineering sewage pump Stainless steel sewage pump Corrosion resistant sewage pump Vertical sewage pump Submerged sewage pump Submersible sewage pump Other sewage pump
Diaphragm pump
Hydraulic diaphragm pump stainless steel diaphragm pump metal diaphragm pump plastic diaphragm pump cast iron diaphragm pump electric diaphragm pump miniature diaphragm pump pneumatic diaphragm pump other diaphragm pump
Self-priming pump
Self-sealing self-priming pump without sealing Type self-priming pump chemical self -priming pump industrial self-priming pump magnetic self-priming pump thick slurry self-priming pump direct-connected self-priming pump other self-priming pump
Screw pump
Single eccentric screw pump backpack screw pump stainless steel screw pump sanitary screw pump vertical screw pump explosion-proof screw pump single screw pump thick slurry pump other screw pump
Plunger pump
Circuit Axial piston pump Swing plunger pump Variable plunger pump High pressure plunger pump Pneumatic plunger pump Other plunger pump
Gear Pump
Internal mesh cycloidal gear pump heat preservation gear pump belt gear pump corrosion resistant gear pump stainless steel gear pump miniature gear pump asphalt gear pump high temperature gear pump magnetic gear pump round gear pump
Fire pump
Submersible fire pump stainless steel fire pump combined fire pump centrifugal fire pump horizontal fire pump pipeline fire pump single stage fire pump vertical fire pump multistage fire pump other fire pump
Corrosion resistant pump
FRP anticorrosive pump stainless steel anticorrosive pump ceramic anticorrosive pump sanitary anticorrosive pump pipeline anticorrosive pump stamping anticorrosive pump
Submersible pump
Concentrated sulfuric acid submersible pump FRP submersible pump Corrosion resistant submersible pump Stainless steel submersible pump Vertical submersible pump Other submersible pump
Axial flow pump / mixed flow pump
Guide vane mixed flow pump volute mixed flow pump horizontal axial flow pump inclined axial flow pump vertical axial flow pump submersible axial flow pump chemical mixed flow pump vertical mixed flow pump submerged mixed flow pump other axial flow pump / mixed flow pump
Reciprocating pump
Stainless steel reciprocating pump steam reciprocating pump high temperature reciprocating pump electric reciprocating pump other reciprocating pump
Vortex pump
Shaft-connected vortex pumpDirect -connected vortex pumpStainless steel vortex pumpWater vortex pumpSingle -stage vortex pumpDouble -stage vortex pumpMagnetic vortex pump
Boost pump
Stainless steel booster pump tap water booster pump hydrant booster pump magnetic booster pump pipeline booster automatic booster pump hot water booster pump household booster pump other booster pump
Canned Pump
Stainless steel canned pump, double canned pump, miniature canned pump, vertical canned pump, horizontal canned pump, chemical canned pump, pipeline canned pump, other canned pump
Water pump
Household water pumps Horizontal water pumps Centrifugal water pumps Industrial self-priming water pumps Other water pumps
Metering pump
Manually controlled metering pumps Automatically controlled metering pumps Diaphragm metering pumps Plunger metering pumps Precision metering pumps Magnetic metering pumps Peristaltic metering pumps Other metering pumps
Rotor pump
Corrosion-resistant Rotor Pump Mobile Rotor Pump Stainless Steel Rotor Pump Cam Rotor Pump Other Rotor Pump
Pipe pump
Disposable pipeline pump FRP pipeline pump Stainless steel pipeline pump Shielded pipeline pump Plastic pipeline pump Horizontal pipeline pump Chemical pipeline pump Threaded pipeline pump Fluorine lined pipeline pump Explosion-proof pipeline pump Hot water pipeline pump Magnetic pipeline pump Vertical pipeline pump
Oil pump
Stainless steel oil pump DC fuel pump metering fuel pump plunger oil pump pneumatic oil pump heat transfer oil pump manual oil pump pipeline oil pump high temperature oil pump self-priming pump electric oil pump centrifugal oil pump gear oil pump oil pump other oil pump
Storage tank
Concentration tank Extraction tank Storage tank Storage tank Tank barrel Other storage tank
Water tank
Stainless steel water tank combined water tank constant temperature water tank plastic water tank water tank other water tank
Other general equipment
Other general equipment


Ceramic valve
Ceramic Slag Discharge Valve Ceramic Discharge Valve Ceramic Knife Gate Valve Ceramic Butterfly Valve Ceramic Ball Valve
Butterfly valve
Flanged butterfly valve Hygienic butterfly valve Stainless steel butterfly valve Threaded butterfly valve American standard butterfly valve Japanese butterfly valve Vacuum butterfly valve Welding butterfly valve Pneumatic butterfly valve Ventilation butterfly valve Electric butterfly valve Sealed butterfly valve High temperature butterfly valve Steel butterfly valve Telescopic butterfly valve Liner butterfly valve Other butterfly valves
Gate valve
Elastic seated gate valve stainless steel gate valve flanged gate valve pneumatic gate valve thermal gate valve silk gate valve flat gate valve jacket gate valve national gate valve hydraulic gate valve power station gate valve slag gate valve American standard gate valve signal gate valve knife gate valve dark rod gate valve forged steel gate valve yellow Copper gate valve, water gate valve, vacuum gate valve, electric gate valve, oil-proof gate valve, steel gate valve, threaded gate valve, fluorine gate valve, knife gate valve, other gate valves
Ball valve
High pressure resistant ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, flanged ball valve, fluorine lined ball valve, cast steel ball valve, forged steel ball valve, high temperature ball valve, double ball valve, unloading ball valve, threaded ball valve, worm gear ball valve, discharge ball valve, insulation ball valve, electric ball valve, pneumatic ball valve Ball valve
globe valve
Stainless steel globe valve plunger globe valve oxygen globe valve brass globe valve rubber globe valve angle globe valve pipeline globe valve fluorine lined globe valve forged steel globe valve forged globe valve cast steel globe valve power station globe valve insulation globe valve sealed globe valve Pneumatic globe valve, electric globe valve, manual globe valve, water seal globe valve, flange globe valve, other globe valves
Regulating valve
Rotary regulating valve Cage regulating valve Angle regulating valve Diaphragm regulating valve Manual regulating valve Temperature regulating valve Sleeve regulating valve Pneumatic regulating valve Electric regulating valve Pressure regulating valve Other regulating valves
Diaphragm valve
Multi-channel diaphragm valve stainless steel diaphragm valve straight-through diaphragm valve hygienic diaphragm valve weir type diaphragm valve rubber diaphragm valve vacuum diaphragm valve manual diaphragm valve pneumatic diaphragm valve three-way diaphragm valve electric diaphragm valve other diaphragm valve
Solenoid valve
Direct-acting solenoid valve stainless steel solenoid valve fire solenoid valve flange solenoid valve water liquid solenoid valve vacuum solenoid valve pulse solenoid valve gas control solenoid valve liquid solenoid valve gas solenoid valve explosion-proof solenoid valve steam solenoid valve high-pressure solenoid valve water solenoid valve Other solenoid valve
Safety valve
Built-in safety valve Stainless steel safety valve Explosion-proof wave safety valve Double lever safety valve Single lever safety valve Spring-type safety valve Pulse-type safety valve Closed -type safety valve Valve regulating safety valve pressure safety valve other safety valve
Reducing valve
Lever type pressure reducing valve proportional pressure reducing valve combined pressure reducing valve flange pressure reducing valve self-operated pressure reducing valve adjustable pressure reducing valve bellows pressure reducing valve pressure reducing valve water conserving pressure reducing valve temperature reducing valve Nitrogen pressure reducing valve branch pipe pressure reducing valve film pressure reducing valve steam pressure reducing valve other pressure reducing valve
Drain valve
Sleeve type sewage valve Pneumatic sewage valve Quick sewage valve High temperature sewage valve Other sewage valve
Control valve
Pneumatic control valve Differential pressure control valve Electric control valve Water pump control valve Automatic control valve Water level control valve Flow control valve Other control valves
Disc trap valve membrane trap trap float trap steam trap steam trap other trap
Exhaust valve
Compound exhaust valve Double exhaust valve Single exhaust valve Automatic exhaust valve Copper exhaust valve Other exhaust valves
Gas valve
Underground gas valve other gas valve
Directional valve
Hydraulic directional valveAutomatic directional valveElectric directional valveManual directional valveSanitary directional valveElectro -hydraulic directional valvePneumatic directional valveElectromagnetic directional valveOther directional valves
Needle valve
Needle valve stainless steel needle valve imported needle valve bellows needle valve high pressure needle valve American standard needle valve female thread needle valve ferrule needle valve butt welded needle valve flange needle valve threaded needle valve Angle needle valve Welded needle valve High temperature needle valve Other needle valve
Discharge valve
Insulation discharge valve Glass lined discharge valve Fluorine lined discharge valve Stainless steel discharge valve Welding discharge valve Manual discharge valve Upper discharge valve Electric discharge valve Pneumatic discharge valve Lower discharge valve Flat bottom discharge valve Other discharge Material valve
Instrument valve
Threaded instrument valveTemperature instrument valveOther instrument valve
Check valve
Micro-resistance slow closing check valve, energy saving shuttle check valve, polypropylene check valve, wafer check valve, lift check valve, rubber flap check valve, swing check valve, stainless steel check valve, sanitary check valve, power station Check valve Hydraulic check valve Oxygen check valve Lining check valve Cast steel check valve American standard check valve Silence check valve Ball check valve Thread check valve Butterfly check valve Fluorine check valve other Check valve
throttle valve
Electric one-way throttle valve, bellows throttle, stacked throttle, slag discharge throttle, needle throttle, angle throttle, other throttles
Check valve
Stacked check valve, right-angle check valve, hydraulic control check valve, other check valve
Relief valve
Superimposed relief valve Pilot operated relief valve Direct-acting relief valve Solenoid relief valve Safety relief valve Other relief valves
plug valve
Cartridge type plug valve oil seal plug valve stainless steel plug valve cast steel plug valve fluorine plug valve flush plug valve flange plug valve American standard plug valve cast iron plug valve rubber plug valve full copper plug valve national plug valve other plug valve
Stop valve
Pneumatic piston shut-off valve, emergency shut-off valve, other shut-off valves
Angle valve
Flange type angle valve straight through angle valve pneumatic angle valve lined angle valve adjustment angle valve copper angle valve other angle valve
Bottom valve
Hydraulic bottom valve stainless steel bottom valve cast iron bottom valve flange bottom valve wire bottom valve plastic bottom valve tank bottom valve copper bottom valve other bottom valve
Other valves
Other valves

Dust removal equipment

Bag-type dust removal equipment
Vibration bag type dust collector, filter cartridge type, bag type dust collector, high efficiency bag type dust collector, pulse bag type dust collector, pulverized coal bag type dust collector, glass fiber bag type dust collector, single bag type dust collector, back bag type dust collector, bag type Other bag dust removal equipment
Dust removal equipment
Bag stand-alone dust collector, pulse spray stand-alone dust collector, other stand-alone dust removal equipment
Cyclone dust removal equipment
Diffusion cyclone dust collector Woodworking cyclone dust collector Horizontal cyclone dust collector Efficient cyclone dust collector Multi-tube cyclone dust collector
Static dust removal equipment
Tube-type electrostatic precipitator Vertical electrostatic precipitator High-voltage electrostatic precipitator High-efficiency electrostatic precipitator Horizontal electrostatic precipitator Other electrostatic precipitator
Other dust removal equipment
Other dust removal equipment

Instrumentation (Old)

Water Quality Analyzer
Residual Chlorine / Total Chlorine Analyzer Water Quality Online Monitor Cyanide Analyzer Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Sludge Analyzer Oxygen Analyzer Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer Ion Detector Water Quality Sampler Total Phosphorus Analyzer Total Nitrogen Analyzer Infrared Oil Meter TOC Determination BOD tester, COD tester, moisture meter, titrator, turbidity meter, sulfur meter, particle size meter, viscometer kit, test box, colorimeter, other water quality analyzer
Gas analyzer
Ammonia tester, gas detector, soot and dust analyzer, soot purifier, laser dust meter, sampler, explosion detector, other gas analyzers
Test equipment
Test box oscillator test machine incubator drying box stirrer other test equipment
Optical instrument
Density Meter Chromatograph Spectrometer Color Difference Meter Other Chromatograph
Electrochemical instrument
Ion tester, PH meter, radon meter, sulfur meter, ORP meter electrode, other electrochemical meter
Conductivity instrument
Portable Conductivity Analyzer Conductivity Analyzer Other Conductivity Instruments
Temperature / heat meter
Thermometer temperature control sensor temperature limiter temperature transmitter heat meter dew point meter other temperature / heat meter
Conductivity controller digital pressure controller liquid pressure controller gas pressure controller irrigation controller pressure controller flow controller temperature controller odor controller level controller pressure controller
Wires and cables
Mine cable computer cable communication cable other
Chemical reagent
General reagentsReagents for biochemistry and molecular biology
Other analytical instruments
Explosion-proof appliances Explosion-proof lamps Other analysis instruments

Flow meter

Magnetic Flowmeter Mass Flowmeter Roots Flowmeter Gas Flowmeter Rotary Flowmeter Ultrasonic Flowmeter Vortex Flowmeter Pressure Flowmeter Submersible Flowmeter Orifice Flowmeter Insertion Flowmeter Capacitive Flowmeter Wedge Flowmeter Steam flow meter Open channel flow meter Gear flow meter Turbine flow meter Other flow meter
Flow meter
Level gauge flow totalizer flow regulator flow splitter average speed tube monitor flow device deaerator other flow meter
Liquid level meter
Level instrument glass plate level gauge ultrasonic level gauge magnetic flap level gauge level controller float level gauge capacitor level gauge radar level gauge level switch other level instruments
Pressure transmitter Dew point transmitter Differential pressure transmitter Flow transmitter Power transmitter Gas transmitter Displacement transmitter Level transmitter Liquid level transmitter Capacitive transmitter Conductivity transmitter Transmitter
Pressure gauge
Pressure reducer pressure calibration instrument pressure gauge differential pressure gauge other pressure instrument
Flow switch
Stainless steel flow switch thermal conductivity flow switch baffle flow switch piston flow switch anticorrosive flow switch vane flow switch thermal flow switch adjustable flow switch water flow switch flow switch pressure switch other flow switch
Other flow meters
Other flow meters

Fan exhaust

Cement vertical kiln blower cooling tower dedicated fan glass fiber reinforced plastic advertising fan dust collector dedicated fan sewage treatment fan rotary blower multi-stage blower turbo-pump blower gas - making furnace blower lime kiln blower efficient mixed-flow fan sintering blower gas blower full wind blower high pressure blower boiler blower Flow fan small flow fan centrifugal blower roots blower power station fan fire fan exhaust fan blower industrial fan other blower
Diagonal flow fan axial flow fan fiberglass fan outer rotor fan low noise fan roof fan centrifugal fan boiler fan air conditioner fan duct fan induced fan marine fan anticorrosive fan mixed flow fan roots fan exhaust fan high pressure fan medium pressure fan plastic Fan Induced Fan Heater Exhaust Fan Other Fan
Industrial fan
Wall-mounted Industrial Fans Axial Flow Exhaust Fans DC Cooling Fans Industrial Ventilation Fans Industrial Heat Fans Industrial Exhaust Fans Industrial Electric Fans Cross Flow Fans Pneumatic Fans Exhaust Fans Spray Fans Other Industrial Fans
Ion fan
In addition to static ion fan hanging ion fan boiler centrifugal induced fan multi-wing centrifugal fan desktop ion fan horizontal ion fan high pressure centrifugal fan ion wind drum ion wind rod ion air nozzle ion air gun ion fan other ion fan
Air curtain machine
Hot and cold air curtain machine, natural wind air curtain machine, cross flow air curtain, electric air curtain air conditioner, air curtain, electromechanical hot air curtain machine, water type air curtain machine, hot air curtain machine, other air curtain machine
Fan coil
Wall-mounted fan coils, column fan coils, cassette fan coils, concealed fan coils, surface mounted fan coils, other fan coils
Reciprocating Compressor Jet Compressor Axial Compressor Rotary Compressor Centrifugal Compressor Dry Dry Compressor Sliding Vane Compressor Screw Compressor Air Compressor Water Cooled Compressor Oil compressor nitrogen compressor scroll compressor other compressor
Other fan / exhaust equipment
Other fan equipment

Filtration equipment

Filling / filtration dual-purpose plate type sealed filter horizontal leaf filter horizontal sealed filter medicine liquid filter vacuum suction filter brush filter bag filter belt filter barrel filter tube filter Filter
Oil filter dehydration device Compressed air filter Oily sewage filter Iron removal Manganese filter Self-priming filter Multi-media filter Quartz sand filter Backwash filter Diatomite filter Activated carbon filter Fiber ball filter Filter cleaning filter basket filter solid-liquid separator differential pressure filter precision filter disc filter full plastic filter pressure filter filter high speed filter mechanical filter valveless filter membrane filter rod filter Other filters
Oil filter
Vacuum oil return filter, pressure oil purifier, multi-functional oil filter, regenerative oil filter, separate oil filter, gasoline oil filter, fuel oil filter, fine oil filter, metering dispenser, special oil filter, vacuum oil filter, oil pressure machine Oil machine
Pressure filter equipment
High pressure press filter press jack filter press mechanical filter press automatic filter press manual filter hydraulic pressure filter plate and frame filter quick open filter sludge filter press pull plate filter Diaphragm filter press box filter press filter press belt filter micro filter other filter equipment
Car filter
Cooling water filter, diesel filter, oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter, other car filters
Filter system
Ultrafiltration filtration system Backwash filter head Drain cap Other filtration system
Filter material
Shale ceramsite foam filter beads filter tuyere filter felt garnet maifanite filter cloth filter cloth filter roll cotton cotton sand coke zeolite filter bag filter cap filter element filter membrane
Rotary mobile screening machine
Other filtering equipment
Other filtering equipment

Air purification equipment

Air purifier
Air circulation purification sterilizer mobile floor type air purifier sterilization and deodorization air purifier air purifier decoration pollution purifier indoor air disinfection cabinet bathroom purifier air filter air humidifier air purifier clean bench automatic fragrance sprayer odor controller roof ventilation Environmental protection air conditioning other air purifiers
Fume Purifier
Oil fume purification and deodorization machine oil fume purifier high pressure power supply oil mist purification system oil fume purification equipment oil fume purifier oil mist collector welding fume purifier smoke exhaust port / valve vacuum filter lower purification box block smoke vertical wall smoke instrument smoke cover Other fume purifiers
Desulfurization and dust removal equipment
Energy-saving dust removal and desulfurization device
Formaldehyde Analyzer
Food Formaldehyde Fast Detector Textile Formaldehyde Detector Wood-based Formaldehyde Detector Adhesive Formaldehyde Detector Furniture Formaldehyde / Benzene Detector Portable Formaldehyde Detector Professional Formaldehyde Detector Pocket Formaldehyde Analyzer Other Formaldehyde Analyzer
Carbon monoxide analyzer
Carbon monoxide analyzer other carbon monoxide analyzer
Carbon dioxide analyzer
Carbon dioxide incubatorOnline total hydrocarbon analyzer
Toxic and harmful gas monitor
Combustible gas detection alarm device Ozone gas detection alarm device Single toxic gas detection device Multiple gas detection alarm device Hydrogen cyanide detection alarm device Monitor oxygen detector benzene detector ammonia detector oxygen detector other toxic and harmful gas monitor
Computer type dehumidifier electronic type dehumidifier household dehumidifier industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier equipment moisture absorber other dehumidifier
Exhaust gas treatment equipment
Ethylene oxide waste gas treatment equipment Organic waste gas treatment equipment Waste gas recovery and purification device Waste gas catalytic burner Waste gas treatment equipment Waste gas treatment project Waste gas deodorization device
Exhaust gas adsorption device
Polypropylene absorption packing tower acid exhaust gas purifier solder fume purification machine chlorine leakage absorption device activated carbon adsorber exhaust gas absorption tower other exhaust gas adsorption device
Exhaust gas treatment device
Waste incineration tail gas control equipment Automobile tail gas catalytic converter Chemical tail gas recovery device Automobile tail gas purifier Automobile tail gas analyzer Flue gas desulfurization device Automobile freshener tail gas purifier catalyst carrier Acid gas purification tower Other tail gas treatment devices
Other air purification devices
Other air purification equipment

Noise reduction equipment

Noise meter
Precision Noise Analyzer Programmable Noise Meter Multifunctional Noise Meter Noise Meter Sound Level Meter Constant High Noise Meter Noise Dosimeter Audio Analyzer Digital Sound Level Meter
Industrial noise control equipment
Small hole injection / injection muffler, fan muffler, steam muffler, exhaust muffler, sound insulation room, vibration damper, sound insulation cover , sound insulation box, other industrial noise control equipment
Ventilation muffler shutter muffler static pressure box muffler muffler other muffler muffler
Sound insulation and sound absorbing materials
Theater / theater sound-absorbing panel sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing noise-absorbing spray elbow sound- absorbing felt sound-absorbing panel sound barrier sound-insulating door sound-absorbing body sound-insulating tank sound- absorbing tank insulation cabinet insulation series
Other noise reduction equipment
Other noise reduction equipment

Public sanitation

Garbage Disposer
Household waste disposer Kitchen garbage disposer Garbage compression station Garbage compressor Garbage room Other garbage disposer
Sanitation trash can
Four-wheeled mobile trash can underground environmentally friendly trash can stainless steel trash can glass steel trash can wood trash can metal trash can ashtray trash can pedal Peel bin outdoor trash fire bin hotel trash can indoor trash can cover trash bin classification trash garden Trash Bins Plastic Trash Bins Other Sanitation Trash Bins
Public toilet facilities
Water recycling toilets in domestic sewage treatment tanks Water- free raw toilets Metal public toilets Fiberglass toilets Microbiology toilets Mobile toilets Biochemical toilets Mobile toilets Ecological toilets Water-saving toilets Manure suction vehicles
Pulse throw grate incinerator waste liquid waste gas comprehensive incinerator mechanical grate incinerator industrial waste incinerator solid-liquid dual-use incinerator medical waste incinerator rotary incinerator fluidized bed incinerator waste incinerator pyrolysis incinerator solid Incinerators CAO incinerators Other incinerators
Spraying vehicle
Highway facilities maintenance sprinkler trucks front and back, eight sprinklers, aerial work sprinklers, multi-purpose sprinklers, on- board cranes, sprinklers, fire sprinklers, semi- hanging sprinklers, sprayers, sprayers, other sprayers
Garbage truck
Pull-arm garbage truck compression garbage truck sealed garbage truck swing-arm garbage truck dining garbage truck three-wheeled garbage truck driver push garbage truck sanitary garbage truck electric garbage truck garbage bucket road sweeper garbage truck sweeper truck suction truck Other garbage trucks
Other public sanitation facilities
Other public sanitation facilities

Waste recycling

Waste paper
Mesh wastebasket waste paper collection bucket other waste paper
Waste electronic appliances
Battery repair instrument Lead-free soldering station Other waste electronic appliances
Chemical waste
Waste liquid regeneration and recovery machine, concentrated dehydration device, distillation recovery machine, solvent recovery machine, crusher, other chemical waste
Scrap metal
EAF steelmaking equipment electroplating rectifier other scrap metal
Other waste recycling
Other waste recycling equipment

Environmental protection supplies

Air treatment chemicals
Nano aldehyde removal enzymes formaldehyde sealant air purification particles furniture maintenance olein stupid ammonia scavenger oil additives floor care wax air conditioning cleaning liquid formaldehyde scavenger deodorant catalyst other air treatment chemicals
Water treatment chemicals
Chlorine dioxide disinfectant slaked lime / hydrated lime ferrous sulfate heptahydrate food grade disinfectant sterilization cleaning agent scale film cleaning agent slime stripper sterilization algaecide polyacrylamide basic aluminum chloride Paint film protective agent calcium aluminate powder defoaming agent dehydrating agent corrosion inhibitor ferric chloride descaling agent rust removing agent coagulant decolorizing agent activated carbon flocculant scale inhibitor resin other water treatment chemicals
Honeycomb Inclined Tube
Full plastic honeycomb inclined tube other honeycomb inclined tube
Insulation material
Air conditioner wood wool rock series polyurethane series phenolic series rubber plastic series glass wool series silicic acid series rubber powder series foam insulation series fireproof material waterproof material ground material sealing material
Multi-faceted hollow ball fillers . Miniature fillers. Double through-hole fillers. Rare earth sand fillers. Bauer ring fillers. Water treatment fillers. Stepped ring fillers. Combined fillers . Wave Filler Water Filler Plastic Filler Wreath Filler Elastic Filler Soft Filler Corrugated Filler Other Filler
Other environmental protection supplies
Other environmental protection supplies

relative devices

Lightweight, noiseless nylon towline, extra long and heavy towline, towline, parallel towline, nylon towline, stainless steel towline, steel towline, steel and aluminum towline
Protective cover
Conduit protective cover spiral steel belt protective cover roller shutter protective cover hydraulic cylinder protective cover zipper separate protective cover shaft protective cover stainless steel plate protective cover flexible organ protective cover CNC machine tool protective cover
Special Machine Cleaner Engraving Machine Modeling Machine Chamfering Machine Casting Machine Press Hydraulic Press Press Tapping Machine Rolling Machine Bending Machine Shearing Machine Cutting Machine Slotting Machine / Broaching Machine / Planer Punching Saw Boring Machine Drilling Machine Grinder Lathe Milling Machine Processing Center