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China Mobile is here again! Successful bid for Shandong Kenli Rural Toilet Intelligent Management Project

Release time: 2020-01-10 Source: Environmental Editor Online: Popularity: 8005

On January 7, 2020, the smart management platform for harmless sanitary toilets in Kenli District issued a successful bid announcement. The successful supplier was: Dongying Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Shandong Co., Ltd.
Announcement on the transaction of intelligent management and protection platform for rural sanitary toilets in Kenli District
I. Purchaser: Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Kenli District, Dongying City
Address: East of Yixing Road, Kenli District (Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, Kenli District, Dongying City)
Contact information: 0546-2895175 (Dongying City Kenli District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau)
Purchasing agency: Shandong Weida Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 6399 Health East Street, Gaoxin County (District), Huaifang City, Shandong Province
Contact: 0546-2883398
2. Procurement project name: Intelligent harmless sanitary toilet platform in Kenli District
Procurement Item Number (Procurement Plan Number): SDGP370521201902000293
3. Date of announcement: December 22, 2019
Fourth, the transaction date: January 7, 2020
V. Procurement method: competitive negotiation
Six, the transaction situation:

Standard package

Cargo Service Name

Supplier name




Intelligent management platform for harmless sanitary toilets in rural areas of Kenli District

China Mobile Communications Shandong Co., Ltd. Dongying Branch

659 Dongcheng Yunhe Road, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province


This time, China Mobile's involvement in the environmental protection industry is not the first time. In September 2019, China Mobile Communications Group Shaanxi Co., Ltd. won the bid to purchase air quality monitoring data and services in Chencang District, Baoji.
Technical service requirements of intelligent management platform for harmless sanitary toilets in rural areas of Kenli District:
1. Villagers can use a variety of methods to quickly report, report, repair, and evaluate. Villagers can scan the exclusive QR code or pay attention to the designated WeChat public account for reporting, repair, feedback and evaluation. For villagers without a smartphone, the village administrator will report for repairs on behalf of the village administrator. The village administrator's smartphone has a village management terminal APP installed.
2. The staff can receive tasks automatically through the corresponding APP, which can work efficiently and prevent cheating. After the villagers report for repairs, the pumping information is automatically transmitted to the APP at the vehicle work end, and the repair information is automatically transmitted to the APP at the maintenance end. The "to-be-completed task" is clear at a glance, and the staff goes to the operation according to the "to-be-completed task". The APP on the maintenance side has the recording function of materials, working hours and expenses.
3. The service is reminded at a limited time, and the management supervision is targeted to ensure the timeliness of management and protection. After the villagers reported the repairs, the staff did not go to service within 48 hours, and the information about the work to be performed will be automatically displayed in red font at each terminal, which reminded the staff and the management department could supervise targeted.
4. Perfect villager evaluation mechanism and feedback system to ensure service quality. After the operation is completed, the villagers can scan the exclusive QR code again for service evaluation or feedback. For villagers without smartphones, the evaluation and feedback are completed by the village administrator through the village home app. Evaluation data and feedback information can be displayed in real time at the management and control end.
5. Hierarchical control, each control terminal displays various data in real time. The management and control terminal is divided into the city-level management and control terminal, the town and street-level management and control company management and control terminal, and each management and control terminal can display the toilet flushing data, satisfaction, Various management data such as vehicle information.
6. Various reports can be generated and exported freely without statistics. All levels of management and control end can automatically generate various reports (town management data, village management data, vehicle operation data, toilet extraction operation data, etc.) without additional statistics.
7. Efficient and convenient toilet data maintenance function. The village management end app has an efficient toilet modification data maintenance function. It can edit and modify various information such as name, phone number, toilet modification type, and toilet modification time, and add missing information to solve the problem of low accuracy of toilet modification files. .
8. System use training. System deployment is completed for one to two system use training.
Original title: China Mobile is here again! Successful bid for Shandong Kenli Rural Toilet Intelligent Management Project
(Source: China Solid Waste Network Author: Wang Yan)

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