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Everbright Green wins bid for Jiangsu Wujiang Domestic Waste Landfill Outsourcing Project

Release time: 2020-01-10 Source: Environmental Editor Online: Popularity: 7792

On January 10, 2020, Hong Kong-China Everbright Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. ("China Everbright Green" or "Company") is pleased to announce that the company has recently won the bid for the outsourcing service project of Jiangsu Wujiang Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill ("Wujiang Project") .
The Wujiang project involves a contract amount of approximately RMB 37.69 million. It mainly provides household waste landfill operation and management services to Wujiang District , Suzhou City, and the service period is three years.
Original Title: Everbright Green Wins Bid for Outsourcing Service Project of Jiangsu Wujiang Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Site
(Source: Everbright Green)

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