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Beijing Enterprises Water Co., Ltd. wins bid for Shandong linyi sewage plant expansion PPP project

Release time: 2020-01-10 Source: Environmental Editor Online: Popularity: 7976

On January 10, 2020, it was learned from the Chinese Government Procurement Network that the bidding announcement for the expansion of the Liuqinghe Second Sewage Treatment Plant in Linyi City, Shandong Province, and its supporting pipe network project PPP project was announced.
It is reported that the project uses a single source procurement method, with Beijing Enterprises Water (China) Investment Co., Ltd. as the lead party, in conjunction with Linyi Municipal Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Enterprises Water Qingdao Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. to win the project.
The winning prices are as follows:
Construction and ancillary pipe network engineering costs: 27,746,97,000 yuan;
Comprehensive unit price of sewage treatment service fee: 1.6799 yuan / m3;
The internal rate of return of part of the capital of the supporting pipe network before income tax is 6.999%;
Operation and maintenance performance service fee for supporting pipe network: 0.0000 yuan / year;
Annualized financing rate: 5.3900%;
Internal rate of return of some sewage treatment plants before income tax: 6.9927%;
Annual availability service fee for supporting pipe network: RMB 13.386233 billion per year.
Project basic situation
The project's sewage plant expansion project is located on the north side of the current Liuqinghe Second Sewage Treatment Plant, on the west side of Luohe Road, and on the east side of Liuqinghe.
The scale of the newly-built sewage plant in the project is 80,000 m3 / d, and the newly-built sewage main pipe DN1000 sewage pipe is 6.7km.
The expansion project of Liuqinghe Second Sewage Treatment Plant includes: coarse grid and inlet pump house, fine grid and aerated sand tank, AA0 biological reaction tank, water distribution well and sludge return pump room, biological filter deodorization, etc. Block project. Supporting pressure station projects: including Tianjin Road sewage lifting pump station: 2 new integrated sewage pump stations on the northwest side of the intersection of Tianjin Road and Luohe Road, with a single seat design scale of 40,000 m3 / d. Supporting pipe network project: including 6.7km of DN1000 sewage pipe. The specific construction content of the project is subject to the final requirements of the implementing agency.
Operation mode: It is planned to adopt the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode, and follow the BOT (construction-operation-transfer) operation mode.
Cooperation period: 26 years, including 1 year of construction period and 25 years of operation period.
Original title: Single source, Beijing Enterprises Water won joint bid for Shandong Linyi Sewage Plant Expansion PPP project
(Source: China Water Network Author: Wang Xin finishing)

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