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Mupai Group Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Mupai Village, Yaozu Township, Shiwanshan

Date of announcement
January 9, 2020
End Time
January 19, 2020

Announcement of Competitive Negotiation of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Project (FCZC2020-C2-30002-ZJGJ) of Mupai Group of Mupai Village, Yaozu Township, Shiwanshan

China National International Tendering Group Co., Ltd. is entrusted by the Shiwanshan Yaozu Township People's Government of Fangchenggang, Fangchenggang City, according to the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and other relevant regulations. Competitive negotiation and procurement were carried out. The construction funds came from financial funds, and the project's capital contribution ratio was 100%. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

I. Project Name and Number:

Project Name: Mupai Group Domestic Sewage Treatment Project in Mupai Village, Yaowan Township, Shiwanshan

Item number: FCZC2020-C2-30002-ZJGJ

Project scale: a comprehensive rural environment construction project. For details, please refer to the bill of quantities.

Planned duration: 90 calendar days

Construction site: Mupai Group, Mupai Village, Yaozu Township, Shiwanshan

Purchase content: construction quantity list and construction projects within the scope of construction drawings.

Budget amount: RMB 1.0224248666 million

2. Government procurement policies to be implemented in this project:

、《政府采购促进中小企业发展暂行办法》(财库〔2011〕181号); 1. "Interim Measures for Government Procurement to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" (Cai Ku [2011] No. 181);

、按照《财政部、司法部关于政府采购支持监狱企业发展有关问题的通知》(财库〔2014〕68号)的规定,监狱企业视同小型、微型企业,享受预留份额、评审中价格扣除等促进中小企业发展的政府采购政策; 2. According to the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice on Issues Relevant to Government Procurement to Support the Development of Prison Enterprises” (Cai Ku [2014] No. 68), prison enterprises are treated as small and micro-sized enterprises, enjoying reserved shares and prices under review Deductions and other government procurement policies that promote the development of SMEs;

、按照《关于促进残疾人就业政府采购政策的通知》(财库〔2017〕141号)的规定,残疾人福利性单位视同小型、微型企业,享受预留份额、评审中价格扣除等促进中小企业发展的政府采购政策。 3. According to the "Notice on Promoting the Government's Procurement Policy for the Employment of Disabled Persons" (Cai Ku [2017] No. 141), welfare units for persons with disabilities are treated as small and micro enterprises and enjoy the promotion of reserved shares and price deductions during review Government procurement policy for SME development.

Third, the supplier qualification for competitive negotiation:

、符合《中华人民共和国政府采购法》第二十二条的规定,具有独立法人资格,具有市政公用工程施工总承包叁级及以上资质的施工企业,并在人员、设备、资金等方面具有相应的施工能力的施工企业。 1. A construction enterprise that complies with the provisions of Article 22 of the "People's Government of the People's Republic of China", has the status of an independent legal person, has a level 3 or higher qualification for general contracting of municipal public works construction, and has personnel, equipment, and funds. Construction enterprises with corresponding construction capabilities.

、拟投入本工程的项目经理必须具有市政公用工程专业贰级以上(含贰级)注册建造师资格及安全生产考核合格证(B证)。 2. The project manager who intends to invest in this project must have the qualification of registered construction engineer above Grade Ⅱ (including Grade Ⅱ) in municipal public works and the certificate of safety production assessment (B certificate).

、本项目不接受联合体投标。 3. This project does not accept consortium bids.

、对在“信用中国”网站( www.creditchina.gov.cn ) 和中国政府采购网(www.ccgp.gov.cn)等渠道列入失信被执行人、重大税收违法案件当事人名单、政府采购严重违法失信行为记录名单及其他不符合《中华人民共和国政府采购法》第二十二条规定条件的供应商,不得参与政府采购活动。 4. Include in the "Credit China" website ( www.creditchina.gov.cn ) and China Government Procurement Network (www.ccgp.gov.cn) and other channels to include the person who performed the breach of trust, the party involved in a major tax violation case, and government procurement The list of records of serious illegal and dishonest acts and other suppliers that do not meet the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the "People's Government of the People's Republic of China" shall not participate in government procurement activities.

、单位负责人为同一人或者存在直接控股、管理关系的不同供应商,不得参加同一合同项下的政府采购活动。 5. The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different suppliers who have direct holding and management relationships, and are not allowed to participate in government procurement activities under the same contract. Except for single-source procurement projects, suppliers that provide overall design, specification, or project management, supervision, and testing services for procurement projects may not participate in other procurement activities of the procurement project.

Access to competitive consultation documents:

Those who are interested in participating in the consultation are welcome to work from January 9, 2020 to January 15, 2020 (normal working hours) (9:00 am to 12:00 am, 13:30 to 16:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday No business during the holiday) Visit Fangchenggang Public Resource Trading Center (Room 707, 7th Floor, East Tower, Mangrove Mansion, Yingbin Road, Fangchenggang), purchase consultation documents, priced at 250 yuan / copy, after sale. At the time of application, the legal representative (original ID card) or authorized agent (original ID card) should submit the application materials according to the following requirements: the original legal person certificate or the original power of attorney (if it is an authorization), a copy of the business license of the enterprise 2. A copy of the qualification certificate, a copy of the safety production license, etc. (All copies must be stamped with the official seal)

V. Deadline and place for submission of consultation documents: Consultation documents must be submitted in a sealed form at the bid-cutting room of Fangchenggang Public Resources Trading Center, East Tower, Mangrove Mansion, Yingbin Road, Fangchenggang, before 10:30 on January 20, 2020. Signed by China International Tendering Group Co., Ltd. Overdue will not be accepted.

VI. Closing time and place: At 10:30 on January 20, 2020, the bid-cutting room will be closed in the bid-cutting room of Fangchenggang Public Resource Transaction Center, East Tower, Mangrove Mansion, Yingbin Road, Fangchenggang City. .

7. Consultation time and place: After the bid is cut off at 10:30 on January 20, 2020, it is the consultation time with the negotiator. The specific time will be notified by the procurement agency separately. Venue: The bid evaluation room of Fangchenggang Public Resource Transaction Center, East Tower, Mangrove Mansion, Yingbin Road, Fangchenggang City. The legal representative or authorized agent participating in the consultation must hold a certificate (the legal representative must have the qualification certificate and ID card or the authorized agent must have The original power of attorney and identity card of the legal person) arrived at the designated place on time and awaited face-to-face consultation.

Competitive negotiation deposit: 10,000 yuan (¥ 10000.00)

The negotiator shall submit the negotiation deposit to the Fangchenggang Public Resource Trading Center's account in the form of wire transfer and transfer of the negotiator's company account before the deadline for negotiation:

Account name: Fangchenggang Public Resources Trading Center

Bank: Fangchenggang Branch of China Postal Savings Bank

Bank account number: 945002010013388892

Nine, contact information and telephone

Procurement Agency: China Economic International Tendering Group Co., Ltd.

南宁市古城路26号安监局9号楼A座0203室 Address: Room 0203, Building A, Building 9, Security Supervision Bureau, No. 26 Gucheng Road, Nanning

张小英 ;联系电话及传真: 18177063261 Contact: Zhang Xiaoying ; Tel and Fax: 18177063261

Buyer: Shiwanshan Yaozu Township People's Government, Fangchenggang City, Fangchenggang City

防城港市防城区十万山瑶族乡波茶社区 Address: Bocha Community, Yaowan Township, Shiwanshan, Fangchenggang, Fangchenggang City

黄建政 ; 联系电话: 0770-3795228 Contact: Huang Jianzheng ; Tel: 0770-3795228

防城港市防城区政府采购管理办公室 Government procurement supervision and management department: Fangchenggang City Government Procurement Management Office

0770-2218602 Phone: 0770-2218602

中国政府采购网(http://www.ccgp.gov.cn)、广西壮族自治区政府采购网(http://zfcg.gxzf.gov.cn)、防城港市公共资源交易中心网( www.fcgggzy.cn 10. Online Inquiry: China Government Procurement Network (http://www.ccgp.gov.cn), Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government Procurement Network (http://zfcg.gxzf.gov.cn), Fangchenggang Public Resources Trading Center Network ( Www.fcgggzy.cn )

contact details
Bidding unit China Economic International Tendering Group Co., Ltd.
Contact person Zhang Xiaoying
contact number 18177063261
Contact Fax
contact address Room 0203, Building A, Building 9, Safety Supervision Bureau, No. 26 Gucheng Road, Nanning
Disclaimer: The information shown above is provided by the company itself, and the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content is the responsibility of the publishing company. Environmental Protection Online (www.gatisrael.com) does not assume any responsibility for this.

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