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Jinggu County Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade and Transformation EPC General Contract Project

Date of announcement
January 07, 2020
End Time
January 17, 2020

Announcement of Jinggu County Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Rebuilding EPC General Contract Project


Tender conditions

已经 景谷傣族彝族自治县发展和改革局 景发改复〔 2019〕40 号 The Jinggu County Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade project has been issued by Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County Development and Reform Bureau with Jingfa Kaifu [ 2019] No. 40

景谷水务产业投资有限公司 中国机械设备工程股份有限公司 受招标人委托,对 “景谷县污水处理厂提标改造EPC总承包项目”进行国内公开招标,建设资金来自 专项债券资金及地方自筹 ,已到位。 Approved for construction, the bidder was Jinggu Water Industry Investment Co. , Ltd. , and China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. was commissioned by the bidder to conduct a domestic public bidding for the “Jinggu County Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading and Transformation EPC General Contracting Project”, and the construction funds came from special bond funds. And local self-funding has been put in place. The project has already been qualified for bidding, and now willing bidders with qualified qualifications are welcome to participate in the project bidding.

2. Bidding Project Overview and Bidding Scope

2.1 Project Name: Jinggu County Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading and Transformation EPC General Contract Project.

2.2 Construction site: In Jinggu County urban area.

专项债券资金及地方自筹 ,资金已落实。 2.3 Fund sources and implementation: Special bond funds and local self-raised funds have been implemented.

m³/d ,远期为 2万 m³/d ,污水厂采用 CASS工艺,排放水体为威远江。 2.4 Construction Scale: Jinggu County Sewage Treatment Plant is located in the south of Jinggu Line City, about 2.5km from the county east of Minle Road and west of Weiyuan River. The design scale is 10,000m³ / d in the near future and 20,000m³ / d in the long term. The wastewater treatment plant adopts the CASS process and the discharged water body is Weiyuan River. m³/d,出水标准执行《城污水处理厂污物排放标准》一级B标准,本工程对现状1 m³/d 进行一级A 提标改造 The current scale of the first phase of the sewage treatment plant is 10,000 m³ / d, and the effluent standard implements the first-class B standard of the "Sewage Discharge Standard of Urban Sewage Treatment Plants". . The plan is to completely transform the current CASS biochemical pool to form the MBR process. The current CASS pool is divided into anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic and MBR membrane pools in order. At the same time, a new membrane pool auxiliary equipment room is newly built in the current reserved site, thereby forming a complete MBR process.

2.5 Total investment: The total investment is estimated at 26.5 million yuan, and the project cost is 22,333,300 yuan.

景谷县污水处理厂提标改造 EPC总承包项目,工作内容包含但不限于: 设计阶段: 本项目的初步设计及施工图设计,提供相应设计技术交底,并解决施工中的设计技术问题,施工现场的配合服务及后期服务等 施工及采购阶段: 项目的施工设计图和设计变更范围内全部工程的施工和设备及材料的采购及安装;施工现场有关问题的协调配合及竣工图编制、竣工资料编制、竣工验收等相关工作。 2.6 Tendering scope: Jinggu County Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade and transformation EPC general contracting project, the work content includes but is not limited to: Design stage: preliminary design and construction drawing design of this project, provide the corresponding design technology and solve the design technology in construction Problems, construction site coordination services and post-services, etc .; construction and procurement stage: construction design drawings and design changes for all projects within the scope of the project's construction and procurement and installation of equipment and materials; coordination and coordination of construction site related issues and completion Relevant work such as drawing preparation, completion data preparation, completion acceptance.

合同签订后 9个月内完成提标改造。 2.7 Planned construction period: The bid upgrade will be completed within 9 months after the contract is signed .

质量 要求: 计质量 标准须 符合国家、行业及地方现行的相关标准及规范, 确保本项目初步设计通过相关行业部门审批,施工图设计通过审图机构审批; 施工质量 标准须 满足《建筑工程施工质量统一验收标准》 GB50300-20 13)及现行有关质量验收及评定标准,一次性验收合格。 2.8 Quality requirements: The design quality standards must comply with the relevant national and industry and local standards and specifications to ensure that the preliminary design of the project is approved by the relevant industry departments and the construction drawing design is approved by the plan review agency; the construction quality standards must meet the requirements of the Unified Construction Quality Acceptance Standards " ( GB50300-20 13) and the current relevant quality acceptance and evaluation standards, which passed the one-time acceptance.

2.9 The bidding project does not divide the bidding section.

3. Bidder qualification requirements

并在人员、设备、资金等方面具有相应的设计、施工能力, 且同时满足以下 ①~②项资质要求: 3.1 This bidding requires that bidders have the qualifications of an independent legal person, and have corresponding design and construction capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, and funds, and also meet the following qualification requirements of ① ~ ②:

① Engineering design municipal industry (drainage engineering) professional level B or above (including level B) qualification or engineering design comprehensive level A qualification;

② Level 3 and above (including level 3) qualifications for general contracting of municipal public works construction, with valid production safety permits.

.2投标人企业业绩需同时满足以下①~②项资格要求: 3.2 The bidder's performance must meet the following eligibility requirements at the same time:

2014年 1月至今承担过1项项目总投资金额在2000万元及以上的市政工程设计类似业绩; Since January 2014, it has undertaken a similar performance of municipal engineering design with a total investment of 20 million yuan and above in one project;

2014年 1月至今承担过1项项目总投资金额在2000万元及以上的市政工程施工类似业绩。 Since January 2014, it has undertaken similar performance of municipal projects with a total investment of 20 million yuan and above.

拟派 项目负责人同时满足以下 ①~③项资格要求: 3.3 The person in charge of the proposed project meets the following eligibility requirements at the same time :

工程师 (给排水)执 业资格且注册在本单位,同时具有 中级及以上 技术职称 ① The person in charge of the design has the qualification of nationally registered public equipment engineer (water supply and drainage) and is registered in the unit, and has a technical title of intermediate level or above ;

② The person in charge of construction (project manager) is qualified as a Grade II or above registered builder (municipal public engineering major) and is registered in this unit, holds a certificate of safety production assessment (B certificate), and has a technical title of intermediate level or above (bid The enterprise must provide the original project manager's certificate of non-construction undertaking) ;

中级及以上 技术职称 ③ The person in charge of construction technology has a technical title of intermediate level or above .

3.4 Enterprises outside the province shall complete the basic information registration of the construction industry and survey and design enterprises outside the province in accordance with the relevant provisions of Yunnan Province. www.ynjst-jgc.gov.cn )、设计企业须在云南省勘察设计咨询业管理信息网( http://www.ynjst.gov.cn:84/nkcsj )上报企业持有建筑业企业资质的相关信息,并携企业相关证件到省住房城乡建设厅作基本信息登记。 For design and construction enterprises outside the province to carry out construction activities in Yunnan, the construction enterprise must be on the Yunnan Construction Market Supervision Information Network ( www.ynjst-jgc.gov.cn ), and the design enterprise must be on the Yunnan Provincial Survey and Design Consulting Industry Management Information Network ( http://www.ynjst.gov.cn:84/nkcsj ) Report the relevant information of the enterprise holding the qualification of the construction enterprise, and bring the relevant documents of the enterprise to the Provincial Department of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction for basic information registration. For the materials and procedures required for registration of basic information, please refer to the Yunnan Construction Market Supervision Information Network and the Yunnan Survey, Design and Consulting Industry Management Information Network;

3.5 The company's own funds are good and it can issue bank deposit certificates (if it is a consortium, the consortium leader will provide it);

3.6 Provide audited financial statements and audit reports of the company for the past three years (2016, 2017, 2018) (if it is a consortium, the consortium leader will provide it);

http://www.creditchina.gov.cn/ ”、“信用中国(云南)( http://www.yncredit.gov.cn/ ”有失信行为的; 3.7 The bidder has a good reputation and is currently not prohibited by the construction administrative department for bidding due to bad behavior records or in "Credit China ( http://www.creditchina.gov.cn/ ) ", "Credit China (Yunnan) ( http: / /www.yncredit.gov.cn/ ) "having dishonesty;

3.8 The project accepts the bidding of the consortium, and requires construction units with qualifications of Grade 3 or higher for general contracting of municipal public works construction as the leaders of the consortium, and the number of members of the consortium shall not exceed 2 .

资格后审。 4. Qualification review: post-qualification review.

文件的获取 : 5. Obtaining bidding documents :

5.1   register online:

普洱市公共资源交易电子服务系统 (网址: http ://www.pesggzyjyxxw.com/ ),凭企业数字证书( CA)在网上获取招标文件及其它招标资料(如有)。 Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding (subject to the online announcement time) shall log into the Puer City Public Resource Trading Electronic Service System (website: http://www.pesggzyjyxxw.com/ ) and obtain the bidding documents online with the enterprise digital certificate ( CA) And other tender information (if any). 普洱市公共资源交易电子服务系统 完成注册通过后,进行现场确认报名 Enterprises that have not applied for a digital certificate for enterprises (CA) need to apply for a digital certificate for enterprises (CA) in accordance with the requirements for electronic certification of public resource transactions in Yunnan Province .

5.2 On-site registration:

20 20 1 7 日至 20 20 1 13 日,每日上午 09:00 时至 11: 00 时,下午 14:30 时至 17:00 时,持单位介绍信 (或委托书)到 景谷傣族彝族自治县公共资源交易中心 现场确认报名,通过后便可获取招标文件。 After successful online registration, please refer to the holding unit from January 7 , 20 to January 20, 20 , daily from 09:00 to 11:00 , and from 14:30 to 17:00 . Letter (or power of attorney) to the Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous County Public Resources Trading Center to confirm the registration at the scene, after the bidding documents can be obtained.

Note: Failure to register and obtain the qualified bidding documents according to the above steps will be deemed unsuccessful and the bidding documents submitted will not be accepted.

壹仟元整(¥ 1000.00) ,逾期不售, 售后不退。 The price of each set of bidding documents is one thousand yuan (¥ 1000.00) .

投标文件的递交时间及地点 6. Time and place for submission of bid documents

电子投标文件的递交 6.1 Submission of electronic bidding documents

20 2 6 9:00时。 6.1.1 The deadline for submitting bidding documents (the deadline for bidding, the same below) is 9:00 on February 6 , 20 .

6.1.2 Online Submission: The online submission site is the Puer City Public Resource Transaction Electronic Service System (website: http://www.pesggzyjyxxw.com). Bidders must complete the upload of all bidding documents before the deadline for submission of bids, and confirm electronically online Sign and print “Receipt of Uploading Bidding Documents”. If the bidding documents are not transmitted before the deadline for submission of bids, the bidding documents will be deemed to be withdrawn; if the electronic bidding documents cannot be unlocked normally when the bid is opened, except for software reasons, the electronic bidding will not be submitted normally file.

网上递交投标文件后,还须到开标现场递交刻录投标文件的光盘(文件格式为 .BTBJ ),逾期送达的或者未送达指定地点的投标文件,视为撤回投标文件,招标人不予受理 6.1.3 After submitting the bidding documents online, you must also submit a CD-ROM (the file format is .BTBJ ) to the bid opening site. The bidding documents that are delivered after the due date or are not delivered to the designated location are deemed to be withdrawn. The bidder Not accepted .

7. Media for announcements

时在云南省公共资源交易信息网( www.ynggzyxx.gov.cn)及 云南省建筑市场监管与诚信信息网(、普洱市公共资源交易电子服务系统(www.pesggzyjyxxw.com/) 上发布。 This tender announcement is also published on the Yunnan Public Resources Trading Information Network ( www.ynggzyxx.gov.cn), the Yunnan Construction Market Supervision and Integrity Information Network (, and the Puer City Public Resources Trading Electronic Service system (www.pesggzyjyxxw.com/) .  

8. contact details

景谷水务产业投资有限公司 Tenderer: Jinggu Water Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Address : Dongba Industrial Park, Jinggu County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province

Contact : Yang Weiyi

Electricity      Word: 13508792960

Bidding Agency: China Machinery Engineering Corporation

Address : 12th Floor, Zhongshe Building, No. 178 Guang'anmenwai Street , Xicheng District, Beijing

张宇 朱云超 赵琳 Contact : Zhang Yu, Zhu Yunchao, Zhao Lin

Electricity      Phone : 0871-64115608 (mobile phone: 13549585534) 010-63273735

Serial number file name
1 Tender Notice.doc

contact details
Bidding unit China National Machinery Engineering Corporation
Contact person Zhang Yu, Zhu Yunchao, Zhao Lin
contact number 0871-64115608, 13354585534
Contact Fax
contact address Room B5-1305, Rongcheng You County, Xiyuan South Road, Xishan District, Kunming (Yunnan Branch)
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