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Meet the 14th warm expo in March and 2020 urban and rural human settlements environmental governance technology expo is about to start

来源:第十四届暖博会暨2020城乡人居环境治理技术博览会 阅读量:5409 2020-01-10 11:33:06 Source: The Fourteenth Warmth Expo and the 2020 Urban and Rural Human Settlements Environmental Governance Technology Expo

Guide: The Fourteenth Warmth Expo and the 2020 Urban and Rural Human Settlement Environmental Governance Technology Expo are guided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Agricultural Ecology and Resource Protection General Station and the China Rural Energy Industry Association. It is hosted by China Stove Network. The exhibition area is about 30,000 square meters. A total of more than 300 booths will be set up, from March 21 to 23, 2020. The location will be determined at the Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hebei.
"Too difficult" in 2019 is a mantra that hangs on the lips, but for the stove industry, compared to the previous two years, it is "warm up", "overwhelmed", the inventory is out, and the funds are back, but no matter what 2019 has passed, and 2020 has quietly arrived.
Recalling the past, the past years are thick, and see the current beautiful scenery show. 2020 is the key year for the promotion of rural clean heating. The rural clean heating market with huge potential has become the object of competition among enterprises. How to take the lead in market channels and government project bidding? Many companies have already begun planning and layout, and participating in the 14th Heating Expo and the 2020 Urban and Rural Human Settlement Environmental Governance Technology Expo has become another stop for many companies to land in clean heating in 2020.
Here comes the problem. With so many clean and heated exhibition forums, it can be said that it is dazzling and impossible to start. Why are many companies actively participating in the 2020 warm expo?
1. The organizer is very reliable
Reliable people do reliable things, and reliable organizers do reliable fairs. The warming fair is under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Agricultural Ecology and Resource Protection General Station, China Rural Energy Industry Association, and is sponsored by China Stove Network. The warm fair is more to show the industry's development results and promote the healthy development of the industry. Moreover, the 13 years of development has made the warm fair thicker and more stable. It has become one of the more professional and reliable exhibitions for clean heating in rural areas in the north.

2. Many professional audiences
The show is good, the number of people is very important, and the rare exhibition companies will be hurt, and the crowded exhibition companies are very satisfied. In terms of exhibitors, the Expo has paid special attention to participating in representative exhibitions across the country to issue invitations and invite audiences on the spot; visit key heating regions across the country to invite dealers; online by phone, text message, WeChat, email, etc. Invite audiences; make targeted invitations to local government departments during various large meetings and forums ... According to statistics, on the day of the opening ceremony of the 13th warm expo, more than 10,000 professional visitors signed up. It was very crowded. In 2020, I am confident to create an exhibition with large audiences, high popularity and good results for exhibiting companies. You are done and the rest is left to us.

3. Not just exhibitions
The warm fair is an exhibition, but it is not just an exhibition. Unlike some purely commercial exhibitions, you pay for it, and I will finish the booth for you. In addition to warming up the booth for you, the Expo will also do a good job of the whole process: booth construction, canvas design, exhibition coordination, promotion, audience invitation , Event planning, etc., the Expo will be responsible for the end; unlike some exhibition companies hold multiple exhibitions throughout the country each year, the Expo is held only once a year, the entire team devoted all their energy to the preparation of the Expo. This visible and devoted effort is only to create a quality event; the warm expo also has rich on-site interactions, integrating product exhibitions, results display, solutions, government bidding, project selection, industry forums, industry recognition , New product releases, business invitations and negotiations.

4. "Forum + Exhibition" has obvious advantages in government resources
In addition to the strong invitation to professional audiences and dealers, the unique government resources attracted many enterprises to participate in the Expo. “Taking exhibitions with conferences and promoting exhibitions with exhibitions” has been a feature of the Expo for many years. In 2019, the clean and heating county forum for 500 people was shocking and influential, and provided suggestions for promoting the implementation of clean heating policies. The local government departments participating in the forum watched the products and technologies of the Expo on the spot, conducted consultations and product selection, which directly contributed to the participation of exhibitors in government resources. This may be a luxury in other exhibitions, but the Expo did. .

During the 14th Expo, the 2020 China Rural Clean Heating Summit Forum and the 2nd Clean Heating Regional Industrial Development County Magistrates Forum will also be held. This forum received strong support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Agricultural Ecology and Resource Protection General Station. The scale, invited guests and influence will further increase. At the same time, sub-forums such as the 2020 China Biomass Clean Heating and Industrial Development Summit, the 2020 Rural Clean Coal Heating Technology Innovation and Industrial Development Summit, and the Rural Clean Heating and Environmental Governance Solution Release Conference will be held. We will invite more government officials to inspect There will be unique products and technologies at the Expo. Are you ready?
5. "Online + Offline" exhibits good results
In order to participate in the exhibition, companies need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources, but the on-site display only takes two or three days. In order to ensure that the company exhibits well, the Expo has customized the combination of “online + offline” promotion for the exhibitors. the way. Through pre-show propaganda before the show, live interviews during the show, follow-up reports after the show, and promotion on more than 20 media in the industry. This full-cycle, high-density publicity enables exhibitors to combine offline exhibitions with online promotion and achieve better brand promotion results.
In addition, the organizing committee and HC · Baidu Ai Purchasing Platform jointly established the “Online Exhibition Hall” of the Expo. The online exhibition hall is funded by the organizing committee, and provides online "booths" for exhibitors free of charge, with online services to assist the on-site display, and achieve a more three-dimensional and durable centralized display effect. The aim is to increase the visibility of exhibitors through value-added services such as online referrals, and to find more matching customers for the company. It is expected that more than 300 exhibiting companies will settle in the online exhibition hall of the Expo. They can enjoy free exhibition services for nearly one year. At present, some units and dealer netizens have found product supply information and business opportunities through this online mall, and plan to contact the enterprise in advance and reserve products.
6. "Rural clean heating + environmental governance" products across the industry chain
It will closely focus on serving the strategic needs of rural revitalization, with the goal of building an integrated system of rural clean heating and living environment improvement of " building energy saving + clean heating + environmental governance", focusing on the demonstration of sustainable fuel adaptation stoves in the post-subsidy era. Innovative technologies and models,
Coal-to-electricity, coal-to-gas, solar energy + heating, and other clean energy innovations and technological achievements and application cases. At the same time, technologies and products such as rural waste treatment , ecological agricultural toilets, sewage treatment , and building energy conservation were showcased.
This year, the 17th (2020) China International Solar Energy Products Brand Expo will be held at the same time as the warm expo, with an exhibition area of about 30,000 square meters and a total of more than 300 booths, which will effectively promote the industry's technological progress and industrial integration and development, and promote Industry exchanges and cooperation, product technology innovation, and accelerated application and promotion of product technologies. The Expo will bring together many industry experts, government authorities, project implementation units, professional buyers and channel vendors to discuss the practices and successful experiences of clean heating and residential environment management, and contribute industry wisdom to the implementation of rural revitalization strategies.
If your product belongs to the clean and heating industry, if you are struggling to find exhibition promotion products, if you do not know how to choose in a variety of exhibitions, it is better to give yourself a chance to learn about the Expo. Here is a collection of better cleaning and heating industries from all over the country. There are dealers and professional visitors from all over the world. There are good products that buyers want, and good customers that sellers want. More importantly, the Expo will also invite government agencies from various places to visit and inspect. Maybe your product, your technology, your model and the clean and heating solutions that local government departments are looking for are just right. For you who want to take government projects, Should not be missed.
Are you too difficult for 2019? Are you warming up in 2019? Come to the warm expo, 2020 days will be better. At present, 80% of the warm expo booths have been set. The remaining booths are in hot booking. The annual clean and heating industry event, the wonderful hot 2020 clean and warm, is related to you. come on. March 21-23, 2020, Hebei Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center , they are all here, and they will be sent to you.
This article is a contribution to the Fourteenth Warmth Expo and the 2020 Urban and Rural Human Settlement Environmental Governance Technology Expo, and does not represent the views and positions of this site. The content of the article is for reference only. If it involves infringement, please contact this site in time to deal with it. The picture is authorized for publication and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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