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Biomass power generation subsidies will cancel the transition period

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Guide: At the end of September 2019, "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Non-aqueous Renewable Energy Power Generation (Consultation Draft)" mentioned that biomass power generation was excluded from the scope of national financial subsidies, which caused widespread concern in the industry . In this regard, many people in the industry do not agree to cancel subsidies for biomass power generation. This is because biomass power generation involves not only the issue of energy structure, but also a major livelihood issue.
At the end of September 2019, the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission, and the National Energy Administration issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Non-aqueous Renewable Energy Power Generation (Consultation Draft)", which stated that for new biomass power generation projects, it is intended that It is then included in the scope of central financial subsidies .
For a time, it caused a big sensation in the industry.
In response, the four major ministries of the China Investment Association, the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, the China Environmental Protection Federation, and the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce issued a draft of their opinions, suggesting that biomass power generation should still be included in central financial support, and it should not be decentralized. .
As early as March 2019, Li Xiaopeng, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of China Everbright Group, said in an interview that the biomass power generation industry is currently in a critical period of technological upgrading and industrial cultivation. Policy support. It is recommended to maintain the stability and continuity of related policies for a period of time and continue to support the high-quality development of the industry.
There are two reasons why the industry does not advocate the cancellation of subsidies: First, in terms of the current situation, it is difficult for enterprises related to biomass power generation to make a profit; second, there is a fundamental difference between biomass power generation and photovoltaic wind power.
Zhang Dayong, executive deputy secretary-general of the China Biomass Energy Industry Alliance, said that about 50% of China's biomass energy enterprises' income comes from the state's renewable energy subsidies. Some professional organizations have estimated that an agricultural and forestry biomass power plant with an annual processing capacity of 300,000 tons will lose 35 million yuan per year in the absence of national electricity price subsidy income.
On the other hand, compared to photovoltaic and wind power, the generation of agricultural and forestry waste is a matter of real concern to people ’s livelihood. An important starting point for strategy.
Data show that biomass power generation projects are more stable than wind power and photovoltaics in terms of power supply, heating, and energy supply. With the same installed capacity, biomass power generation can generate 8 to 10 times the amount of photovoltaic power. Therefore, in the case of vigorously promoting clean energy, biomass power generation cannot be absent.
In 2018, the total installed capacity of biomass power generation in China has reached 17.84 million kilowatts. Nevertheless, the installed capacity of biomass power generation only accounts for 0.5% of the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation, which is far below the world average of 25%. China's biomass power generation still has a long way to go.
In the past two years, subsidies for biomass power generation have been gradually reduced. In 2019, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Notice on Renewable Energy Electricity Price Supplementary Fund Budget", which shows that the subsidy for biomass power generation projects is 100 million yuan; The Notice shows that in 2020, the subsidy funds for biomass power generation will reach 73.39 million yuan.
As everyone knows, the cancellation of subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, wind power and renewable energy is an inevitable trend, but when it will be cancelled, further confirmation is still in progress.
In order to avoid the transitional phase of the cancellation of biomass power generation subsidies, some professionals have suggested that special funds for promoting the advancement of renewable energy technology and industry upgrades be carried out, and major scientific and technological research and policy system research on comprehensive utilization of biomass energy be conducted; Increase "financial innovation" and explore the operating pressure of village collectives, rural economic organizations, and other related companies that use land to acquire shares.

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