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Strengthening sewage treatment and supporting pipeline network Guizhou 530 million water feast

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Guide: According to the project "Feasibility Study Report", the total investment of the urban and rural sewage treatment (Phase 1) construction project in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province is estimated to be 53.03773 million yuan. The construction content mainly includes 13 newly built sewage treatment plants with a total construction scale of 32950m3 / d; supporting sewage pipe network projects.
Procurement budget of 54.91848 million yuan, PPP mode! A few days ago, China Government Procurement Network announced the pre-qualification announcement of Zhijin County's urban and rural sewage treatment (Phase I) construction project (GDMZHGY-201911) in Guizhou Province.
The construction content includes two parts of the sewage treatment plant and the supporting pipe network, of which 13 are new sewage treatment plants. This project Qimo (County Phase 3) sewage treatment plant and Sanjia street sewage treatment plant adopts A / A / O + improved oxidation ditch + filter cloth filter treatment process. The remaining township sewage treatment plants use A / A / O + MBR combined sewage treatment technology with mature technology, stable operation, reliable effluent, and excellent nitrogen and phosphorus removal performance. The total length of the supporting sewage pipe network is 379.923 kilometers.
It is planned to adopt the BOT operation mode, that is, the construction-operation-transfer method, and the government will hand over all project construction, financing, operation, and maintenance to social capital. The implementing agency selects and determines the public investor and the government authorized funding representative to jointly establish a project (SPV) company in Zhijin County through public bidding. During the cooperation period, the project company invests, constructs, and operates the project. At the end of the term, the Jinxian County People's Government or other organization authorized by it will be transferred. The methods for social capital to obtain investment return include user payment, feasibility gap subsidy, and government payment.
As the collection of sewage treatment fees belongs to the revenue of a special fiscal fund, the source of investment return funds for this project is reflected by government payments, and investment returns are calculated by means of availability payments and operation and maintenance performance service fees. The cooperation period is 22 years (including the two-year construction period), which is divided into the construction period and the operation period. The construction period: 2 years; the operation period: 20 years. At the expiration of the operating period, the facilities and equipment that meet the normal operations are intact, free of charge, non-debt, and transferred to the project implementing agency or other agencies designated by the Zhijin County People's Government in a lump sum.
It is estimated that the total investment of the project is 53.03773 million yuan, including 22.825772 million yuan in the sewage treatment plant; 292.397 million yuan in the sewage network; and 591,500 yuan in working capital. The project intends to choose and determine social capital through open competition. The successful bidder and the Zhijin County People ’s Government authorized the investor representative to jointly set up a project company in Zhijin County. The project company will raise funds for the design, construction, operation, Maintenance and updating, providing sewage treatment services to government parties (implementation agencies).
Pre-qualification registration time: 08:30 on January 9, 2020 to 17:30 on February 3, 2020.

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