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2020 Shanghai Ecological Environment Research Project Plan

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Guide: A few days ago, Shanghai announced the 2020 Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau Scientific Research Project Plan. Involved in 52 environmental research projects, including air pollution prevention and treatment, VOCs treatment.
Announcement on the announcement of the scientific research project plan of Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau in 2020
Relevant units:
After the project collection, preliminary review selection, and expert demonstration, the 2020 Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau scientific research project plan has been determined, and 52 projects including the "Yangtze River Delta Integrated Demonstration Zone Environmental Protection and Green Development Planning Research" will be funded. Recently, our bureau will start the government procurement process and determine the units responsible for each project through public bidding.
Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
January 7, 2020
2020 Shanghai Eco-Environmental Research Project Plan
Research on Environmental Protection and Green Development Planning of Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone
Research on the Construction Framework of Smart Environmental Protection System in the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Area
Environmental Risk Early Warning and Emergency Response Mechanism and Demonstration Research in the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Demonstration Area
Comparative Study of Eco-environmental Legislation in Yangtze River Delta and Standards Integration
Research on the Cooperative Disposal of Industrial Solid Wastes in the Yangtze River Delta and the Trans-regional Transfer Management Policy
Research on Key Technologies for Total Capacity Control of Hangzhou Bay in the Yangtze Estuary
Research on Shanghai's "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" for Ecological Environmental Protection and the Eighth Round of Three-year Environmental Protection Action Plan
Research on Intelligent Environmental Protection Promotion Path and Key Technologies in Shanghai during the 14th Five-Year Plan
Research on the Integration, Connection and Optimization of Water Function Zones and Water Environment Control Units in Shanghai
Research on the Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations of Shanghai during the 14th Five-Year Plan
Research on Shanghai Targeting the UN Sustainable Development Ecological Environment
Eco-environmental Protection Planning and Environmental Policy Study in Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Research on Shanghai Environmental Information Platform and Data Integration Standards
Deepening of Shanghai's "three-line, one-single" ecological environment system (2020-2021)
Deepening Research on China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Environmental Impact Assessment Approval Reform
Study on Regional Environmental Access Management of 195/198 Plot
Analysis of Major Issues of Eco-environmental Protection Inspectors in Shanghai, Rectification Measures and Effect Evaluation System
Research on Environmental Sound Field Characteristics and Management Control Planning Based on Urban Complex Sound Sources
Research on Prediction and Quick Response Mechanism of Environmental Letters and Calls
Research on Innovation of Motor Vehicle Emissions Regulation in Shanghai
twenty one
Research on the Classification and Supervision System of Sewage Outfalls into Rivers
twenty two
Research on Comprehensive Eco-environmental Enforcement System and Work Promotion Mechanism in Shanghai
twenty three
Research on Classification and Supervision Mechanism of Fixed Pollution Sources
twenty four
Shanghai's Ambient Air Quality Continuous Improvement and Technical Standards
Research on a New Round of Deepening Governance Solutions for Industrial Fixed Source VOCs
Case Study on Source Control Technology of Odor Pollution in Domestic Garbage Disposal in Laogang Area
Research on Coordinated Control of Total Air Pollutants Based on Sewage Permit
Analysis of the Causes of Evaporative Emissions of Light Gasoline Vehicles in Shanghai and the Control Countermeasures
Research on Classification and Evaluation Index System of Water Source Risk Source
Study on Microplastic Pollution Characteristics and Control Measures in Shanghai Coastal Waters
Research on Risk Assessment and Prevention and Control System of Shallow Groundwater Pollution in Polluted Blocks
Research on Risk Management and Control of Contaminated Land
Study on Health Risk Assessment Methods and Technical Specifications of PAHs Contaminated Soil
Study on Evaluation Method of Solidification and Stability of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil and Management System for Safe Utilization
Study on the Risk Control Technology System of Contaminated Agricultural Land Soil Pollution
Study on the Supporting Management System of Soil Pollution Control Legislation in Shanghai
Research on Green Agriculture Non-point Source Pollution Control Technology and Ecological Security Evaluation Technology
Analysis on the Impact of Non-point Source Pollution on Planting Industry on Water Environment and Study on Prevention and Control Countermeasures
Research on Shanghai Biodiversity Monitoring and Evaluation System and Key Technologies
Ambient air gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, NO, O3, CO) sensor method continuous automatic monitoring system monitoring technical requirements and monitoring method technical guide research
Research on the Impact of Marine Pollutant Recirculation on Air Quality Based on Drone Offshore Observations
Research on Real-time Traffic Flow Identification Technology for Heavy Vehicle Dynamic Emission Inventory
Research on sudden pollution early warning technology based on surface water online monitoring time series analysis
Study on Pollution Prevention Standards for Newly-enclosed Source Projects
Investigation on the Characteristics of Radioactive Wastewater Pollution in Medical Institutions and Countermeasures for Discharge Prevention and Control
Study on Reduction and Recycling of Secondary Solid Wastes from Incineration Ash and Slag
Research on Preparation of General Industrial Solid Waste Derived Fuel (RDF) and Industrial Cooperative Treatment
Alternative Technology and Feasibility Study of Cleaning Supplies for Car Wash Industry
Research on Odor Pollution Control Technology in Wet Waste In-Situ Treatment
Demonstration research on odor control of food fumes based on nano-cellular technology
Wet waste in situ reduction technology and application
Research and Application of Site-wide Pollution Distribution and Diffusion Model in Site Environmental Investigation, Evaluation and Remediation

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