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Gas chromatographs and other instruments have strong annual demand and domestic enterprises welcome opportunities

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Guide: With the continuous development of domestic universities, scientific research institutes, medical institutions and other fields, the demand for instruments and equipment continues to expand, making the gas chromatograph and other instrument and equipment markets also have great potential, which has brought good results for domestic equipment manufacturers. Development opportunities.
Since the beginning of 2020, there has been a strong demand for many types of equipment such as gas chromatography. Recently, the Chemical Registration Center of the Ministry of Emergency Management has released a number of tenders for instruments and equipment, involving in-situ infrared spectroscopy, particle shape analyzers, gas chromatographs, and plasma online mass spectrometers . The total budget has reached more than 30 million yuan.
The author understands that in recent years, with the continuous development of domestic universities, scientific research institutes, medical institutions and other fields, the demand for instruments and equipment has continued to expand, making the gas chromatograph and other instrument and equipment markets also have great potential for domestic equipment. Manufacturers have brought good development opportunities.
Take gas chromatograph as an example. This is a multi-component mixture separation and analysis tool. It uses gas as mobile phase and adopts the column chromatography technology of washing method. When multi-component analytical substances enter the chromatographic column, because the components have different partition coefficients between the gas phase and the fixed liquid phase in the column, the operating speed of each component on the column will also be different. After the length of the column, leave the column in sequence and enter the detector. After detection, it is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the data processing station to complete the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the measured substance.
In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the accuracy of gas chromatograph has been improved. It is widely used for the detection of various indicators such as materials, gases, odors, residues, cigarette packs, etc., and has also become a testing institution, research institute, Packaging companies, food and pharmaceutical industries are good choices for gas chromatography analysis and control.
At present, imported manufacturers dominate most markets. The industry pointed out that the gas chromatographs contacted by many units are basically imported products. This is mainly because the performance of domestic equipment in the past was not stable. Units may continue to import equipment from the past. I feel that imported equipment is more stable and easier to use, especially In the field of laboratories and medical research institutes, in order to avoid errors or risks, they generally choose to use more mature imported products.
Compared with imported gas chromatographs, domestic gas chromatographs still need to improve innovation research and development capabilities, improve equipment detection accuracy and performance stability. It is worth noting that as domestic pharmaceutical equipment technology gradually matures, especially after domestic manufacturers introduce foreign technology, the space open to domestic pharmaceutical equipment will continue to expand in the future.
At present, many domestic gas chromatograph manufacturers have learned the introduction of foreign technologies and integrated the advantages of domestic gas chromatographs to develop new gas chromatographs. For example, some manufacturers have introduced that the advantages of their improved products are that they can flexibly select hydrogen flame ionization (FID), thermal conductivity (TCD), flame photometry (FPD), nitrogen phosphorus (NPD), and electron capture (ECD) Detectors such as) can perform constant, trace and even trace analysis of organics, inorganics and gases with boiling points below 399 ° C. At present, this product has become the choice of many domestic users with excellent cost performance and perfect after-sales service.
From June 1, 2019, China will increase the tariff rate on some imported goods originating in the United States. Among them, the 5% tariff list includes scientific instruments and components such as freezers, gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, electrophoresis instruments, and mass spectrometers. This also means that domestically produced gas chromatographs and other equipment have great market opportunities. Domestic gas chromatograph companies need to continuously strengthen their core technologies and improve competitiveness in order to gain a foothold in the market.

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