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789 million Everbright International wins bid for Xinyang municipal solid waste incineration power generation PPP project

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Guide: According to reports from authoritative media, Everbright International released the results of the successful bid of Xinyang's domestic waste incineration power generation PPP project on December 27, 2019. The total investment of this project is 789.5272 million yuan, and the BOT PPP project operation mode is adopted.
It is reported that China Everbright International announced the public bidding results of the project's social capital on December 27, 2019. The publicity period has now expired, and no objections during the publicity period, China Everbright International has successfully won the bid.
The winning bid documents show that the project budget amount: the project's total investment is 789.5272 million yuan. Of which: RMB 271.5427 million for construction engineering, RMB 31,206,700 for equipment and tools, RMB 56,285,100 for installation, RMB 89,698,900 for other construction costs (including RMB 24.65 million for construction land), and RMB 36,254,800 for reserve. During the construction period, the interest was 23.53517 million yuan (the calculated interest rate was 4.9% of the benchmark interest rate for loans of more than five years issued by the People's Bank of China at the current period), and the working capital was 4.6253 million yuan. (The total investment of the project is subject to the amount approved in the audit report of the project final accounts);
Unit price of garbage disposal service fee: 53.00 yuan / ton;
Project cooperation period: The project cooperation period is set to 30 years, of which the construction period does not exceed 2 years (including 6 months of trial operation period), and the operation period is fixed at 28 years;
Operation mode: This project adopts BOT's PPP project operation mode. That is the "build-operate-transfer" model;
The project is located at North Wuyi Farm, Lilou Village, Wuli Town, Pingqiao District, Xinyang City. The waste treatment service area is Xinyang downtown and surrounding townships and villages. It mainly includes the construction of a new domestic waste with a total processing capacity of 2250 tons per day. The incineration of power plants will be implemented in two phases. This project is a first-phase project, which is planned to be implemented in the PPP mode. The processing scale is 1,500 tons / day, and two sets of 750-ton / day incineration lines are used (the second phase adds an additional 750-ton / day incineration line). Set of 35MW steam turbine generators (in the second phase, an additional 18MW steam turbine generator set ); supporting construction of a leachate treatment station with a processing capacity of 500 tons / day, and the main workshop is completed at one time.

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