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Separation and filtration companies gather at Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition to empower high-quality chemical development

CTEF 2020 Twelfth Shanghai International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition Opens in Shanghai in August

来源:CTEF 2020第十二届上海国际化工技术装备展览会 阅读量:6622 2020-01-08 16:07:49 Source: CTEF 2020 The 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition Reading: 6622

Introduction: In order to strengthen the exchange of chemical separation and filtration technology, explore new developments in the application of new technologies in key areas of chemical industry, and promote the pace of China's petroleum and chemical industry to improve quality, increase efficiency and green development, Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., in association with China Chemical Equipment Association, China The Chemical Enterprise Management Association, China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association and other organizations jointly organized the 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition of CTEF 2020.
Separation and filtration technology has an irreplaceable important position in chemical production. It has a very wide range of applications in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, atomic energy and other fields. The energy consumption during the separation of materials accounts for a large part of the total energy consumption. .
Strong demand in the chemical industry, rapid iteration of separation technology
Some traditional separation technologies, such as sedimentation separation, can only separate mixtures in liquid-solid separation, and some small solids and liquids can form a suspension with a relatively small concentration and cannot be separated. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's petrochemical, coal chemical, and fine chemical industries, improving quality and efficiency, and green and low-carbon have become the primary tasks of transformation and upgrading. Research on chemical separation and filtration technology has become an important topic in the research of chemical production.

On the one hand, the traditional separation technology has higher requirements on separation efficiency, engineering amplification, processing capacity, and new devices; on the other hand, the continuous development of new products has increased the demand for new separation technologies. Including molecular distillation, membrane separation, cryogenic separation, supercritical extraction, molecular distillation, catalytic distillation, adsorption separation, ionic liquid and other technologies, realizing the application of industrialized devices and the continuous expansion of application fields have become important research directions for new separation technologies. How to apply advanced technology, adopt better production methods, use energy reasonably, improve the efficiency of the separation process, and achieve the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction is an effective method to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
CTEF 2020 zone display, build a cooperation platform
In order to strengthen the exchange of chemical separation and filtration technology, explore new developments in the application of new technologies in key areas of chemical industry, and promote the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the petroleum and chemical industry in China, and the pace of green development, Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., in conjunction with China Chemical Equipment Association and China Chemical Enterprises The Management Association, China Chemical Machinery and Power Technology Association and other organizations jointly organized the 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology Equipment Exhibition of CTEF 2020 .
According to Ms. Sheng Li, the person in charge of the exhibition, “Separation and filtration has always been the core segment of the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition. In order to further highlight the professionalism of the exhibition and improve the exhibiting experience of exhibitors and visitors, this exhibition will be specially set up as a separation and filtration exhibition area.

In addition, the exhibition will also hold corporate new product launch conferences, buyer procurement matchmaking sessions, and separation and filtering technology series of conference forums to build industry product displays, technology exchanges, and project cooperation platforms from multiple perspectives. As one of the important annual exhibitions in China's separation and filtration industry, each session will display advanced separation and filtration technologies and products, attracting tens of thousands of technology management and R & D personnel from enterprises such as oil refining, chemical, coal chemical, and fine chemical industries. It provides a great opportunity for enterprises to explore the chemical market.
Separation and filtering of famous enterprises, enabling high-quality development of chemical industry
Shanghai Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute, Haishen Electromechanical, Jiangsu Huada, Nanjing China Ship Oasis, Zhangjiagang Huaxiang Centrifuge, Yixing Huading Machinery, Suzhou Kangjie, Jiangsu Tongze Filter, Zhejiang Huaheng, Zhejiang Firth , Shanghai Dazhang, Hangzhou Tianshan, Hangzhou Dali, Juneng Machinery, Zhejiang Eastern Europe Filtration, Shandong Tianwei Membrane, Shanghai Jingfa, Shanghai Shuangqi, Jiangsu Blue Sky Environmental Protection, Shanghai Cijie Environmental Protection, Shanghai Vios Filtration, Zhejiang Virtue Filtration, etc. The company has been exhibiting for many years in succession, bringing the latest products and technologies on display, helping to promote the high-quality development of the chemical industry.

Yu Linan, Director of the Marketing Department of Shanghai Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., said, "In the last exhibition, we exhibited decanter centrifuges with international cutting-edge technology. The products were widely recognized by chemical companies. We met many professional customers at the exhibition. , Also expanded a lot of interested customers, the exhibition has greatly promoted the spread of our brand, the effect of the exhibition exceeded expectations! "
It is reported that this exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 26-28, 2020. At the same time, thematic exhibitions such as Shanghai Chemical Environmental Protection Exhibition, Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition, and Shanghai Biological Fermentation Exhibition will be held to share upstream and downstream resources. It is expected that There are more than 800 exhibiting companies with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and more than 40,000 professional visitors.
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