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IG China (International Gas Exhibition) Enters the Middle East “Promoting Brands”

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Introduction: The opening ceremony of the 22nd China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition (IG China 2020-International Gas Exhibition), held in Hangzhou on September 22-23, 2020. So far, the IG China 2020 (International Gas Show) annual event has been officially supported by important global regions and national gas associations.
The 2nd (December 10-11) 7th Middle East and North Africa Gas Conference organized by Gasworld ended successfully at the Hilton Hotel in Dubai. A total of 250 participants from the Middle East and North Africa and Asia (China and India) participated in the conference. Nearly 45 companies including 4 Chinese companies exhibited at the booth.

Mr. Xu Xin, the chairman of Beijing Yaite Exhibition Co., Ltd. made a special trip on behalf of the China Gas Exhibitors Alliance. During the meeting, he met with the heads of the European Industrial Gas Association and the Middle East Industrial Gas Association (MEGA) and met with the Secretary-General of the Middle East Association Roger The meeting reached an intent on the establishment of long-term mutually beneficial and technical trade cooperation between China and the Middle East Gas Association. Mr. Roger expressed the association's willingness to strengthen close cooperation with the China Gas Exhibitors Union, and expressed support and personal attendance at the 22nd China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition in Hangzhou, September 22-23, 2020 IG China 2020-International Gas Show) opening ceremony .

Note: Mr. Xu Xin (left) and Mr. Roger (right) took a group photo during the meeting
In addition, Mr. Xu Xin also met with Mr. Jan, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Industrial Gas Association at the meeting. He also received verbal confirmation of his active support for IG China 2020 and will recommend IG China to his European members. 2020 (International Gas Show ) .
So far, the IG China 2020 (International Gas Exhibition ) annual event has been formally supported by important global regions and national gas associations: International Gas Manufacturers Association, European Industrial Gas Association, Middle East Industrial Gas Association, All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association, Korean High Pressure Gas Trade Union, Malaysian Gas Association, and Ukrainian Gas Association.
The brand value of IG China (International Gas Exhibition ) has been established over the past 21 years and has confirmed its position in the global industrial gas industry and the recognition of international associations. We are convinced that the joint efforts of technology and equipment manufacturers at home and abroad will further promote the development of China's gas industry to a higher level and a better direction.
Looking forward to the IG China 2020 (International Gas Exhibition ) in Hangzhou!
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