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People's Daily praised "Dear Inn", what is the variety of environmental protection elements?

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Guide: The deep integration of public welfare and programs can not only expand the social influence of the program, but also do public welfare through the program. The popularity of the program can fully expand the influence of public welfare activities and attract more people's attention
Recently, the People's Daily published an article entitled "The TV show" Dear Inn "public welfare and environmental protection has become the core of value" and praised the variety show "Dear Inn". What the hell is going on, let's do it together.
"Dear Inn" has been broadcast for three seasons. The first season advocates "slow down and live". The second season helps the tourism development of Bailang Town, Aershan, Inner Mongolia, and improve the local economic backwardness. Now the third season focuses on the contemporary workplace, but Keep the theme of public welfare and environmental protection throughout.
In the third season, the program group was selected at the Yellow River Suji in Zhongwei, Ningxia. The inn focused on green development and environmental protection during the operation of the inn, and after the show ended, donated all of its income to the Yellow River Basin for sand control and forestation.
The inn's innovative service plan includes not only customized tourism with environmental protection and cultural themes, but also creative planning to promote local specialty agricultural products in Ningxia, helping to improve the living environment of local residents and the development of local characteristic industries, and making public welfare and environmental protection the core of the program's value. , Expand the variety show format.
In fact, one of the most searched by People ’s Daily was another entertainment program, Zhejiang TV ’s “Run.” At that time, an article in the People's Daily New Media entitled "Can burst into laughter and introspection," Run it "premiered the garbage classification and sent it to the hot search" praised the program for accepting the spirit of innovation and the courage to take on social responsibility. Caused the majority of mainstream media to praise.
In fact, the environmental topics were embedded in variety shows, "Dear Inn" and "Run" are not the earliest. In 2016, the "Great Challenge" aired the guests in closed rooms simulating the Arctic and the Maldives, watched the video of the program, and found out that the guests were not environmentally friendly, such as not turning off the lights and wasting food.
The “Great Challenge” program group also invited environmental experts to explain to guests and viewers which activities in daily life are not environmentally friendly and which are low-carbon.
The "Extreme Challenge" in 2018 takes "the longing for life" as the theme, and in the birthplace of "Two Mountains" theory-Anji County, Zhejiang Province, environmental protection is integrated into the design of game links and the use of props. Concept. After the program aired, even audiences who had never liked preaching in entertainment programs praised it, saying that the use of educational methods made people alert and thought-provoking to environmentally unfriendly lifestyles.
It is not difficult to find that, based on the characteristics of entertainment in China, China's local variety shows pay more and more attention to digging for innovation and social value, and environmental protection is unconsciously a good point. Adding environmental protection elements to the program not only shows the social responsibility undertaken by the program group and the production platform, but also increases the publicity and dissemination of public welfare through the broadcast of the program and the participation of stars.
Huang Dianlin, an associate professor at the Communication Research Institute of the Communication University of China, emphasized: "The deep integration of public welfare and programs can not only expand the social influence of the program, but also do public welfare through the program. The popularity of the program can fully expand the influence of public welfare activities and gain More attention. "

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