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Xinao Environmental Protection and Open Source Environmental Protection formally signed the first external supercritical complete equipment supply and operation and maintenance cooperation

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Introduction: On December 31, 2019, Xinao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Shifang Kaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement and supercritical complete technology, equipment supply, and operation and maintenance cooperation. The signing of the project further expanded the strategic layout of supercritical water oxidation technology and increased the influence of Xinao Environmental Protection in the industry.
On December 31, 2019, Xinao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Shifang Kaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement and supercritical technology, equipment supply, and operation and maintenance cooperation. This marks a major breakthrough in the market application of Xinao Environmental Protection's completely independent intellectual property rights of supercritical water oxidation technology.
The 40,000 tons / year supercritical water oxidation complete set of technology and equipment signed this time is the eighth set of industrial equipment of Xinao Environmental Protection in China, and it is also the first technology and equipment of Xinao Environmental Protection to serve external customers. This equipment will serve as the main link of the technology combination, and provide high-quality disposal services for low-calorific-value hazardous waste in industries such as oil and gas production, petrochemicals, chemical industry, and automobile manufacturing in the southwest through incineration.
At the same time, Xinao Environmental Protection will actively deploy in industrially developed areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area through customer alliances, technology and complete equipment sales and authorized agents. Wang Fengsheng, No. 1 of Xinao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the Xinao Group's concept of “originating from customers, achieving each other and creating ecology together”. Systematic elaboration.
Tan Xiaoping, Chairman of Shifang Kaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. said that since the first contact between the two parties in early 2018, Kaiyuan Environmental has invited expert teams and government representatives to conduct field investigations and detailed technical exchanges on various supercritical projects of Xinao Environmental Protection. The advantages of critical water oxidation technology in differentiated markets and ultra-low emissions are highly recognized.
After the signing ceremony, the two sides had an in-depth exchange of opinions on the follow-up project promotion and market development strategy. Wang Fengsheng, the first position, said that Open Source Environment has a good market foundation and corresponding resources in Sichuan Province. Give full play to the advantages of the market and resources, provide high-quality complete sets of equipment and technical services, and support the operation of this project, making the project a demonstration and model project of the "supercritical" technology portfolio route in the southwest, for the development of open source environmental protection Lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation with both parties. The signing of the project further expanded the strategic layout of supercritical water oxidation technology and increased the influence of Xinao Environmental Protection in the industry.
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Shifang Kaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection enterprise specializing in the treatment of various waste oil and oily wastewater. After long-term exploration and practice, the company has rich experience in operating waste engine oil, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Deyang Machinery Company. Long-term local companies provide waste oil and oily wastewater disposal services, and have more than 3,000 customer resources. , Has a good market foundation.

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