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Get rid of carbon source dependence! Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Guide: Researcher Wang Aijie's technical team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Eco-Environment Research Center reached a cooperation with Zhongchi Water Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongchi Bizer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., relying on their own technical backbone and R & D advantages, independently developed a high nitrogen removal load Carbon source-based deep denitrification technology with low running cost characteristics.
On December 22, 2019, the result appraisal meeting of "Active Self-sustaining Deep Nitrogen Removal Technology and Demonstration Project" organized by the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences was held in Ningjin County, Hebei Province. The "Active Self-sustaining Deep Nitrogen Removal Technology and Demonstration Project" was jointly completed by the Eco-Environmental Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongchi Water Affairs Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongchi Bizer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., aiming to solve the current carbon-nitrogen ratio of wastewater treatment plants The problem of low-cost deep nitrogen control under the circumstances.
Active self-sustaining deep nitrogen removal technology
As an important supply water source for urban water bodies in China, sewage plants are in urgent need of in-depth nitrogen control. However, due to the inadequate construction of drainage facilities and pipe networks in China, and the problems of rain and sewage confluence have not been fully resolved, many wastewater treatment plants have too low COD concentration in the influent. Insufficient C / N ratio will not only increase the operation burden of the sewage plant, but also destroy the sludge activity, affect the operation efficiency of the sewage biological treatment system, and lead to poor nitrogen removal effect. For a long time, in order to ensure that the total nitrogen in the effluent reaches the standard, conventional wastewater deep denitrification technology relies heavily on external carbon sources, high operating costs, carbon sources "cannot afford" and the risk of carbon source penetration, affecting water quality standards, and becoming urban sewage in China. The sewage treatment system of the treatment plant and the industrial park further raised the issue of "stuck neck" in reducing total nitrogen emissions.
Based on the above background, the technical team of researcher Wang Aijie from the Eco-Environmental Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reached a cooperation with Zhongchi Water Affairs Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongchi Bizer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., relying on their respective technical backbones and R & D advantages, independently developed a high-resolution Carbon source-independent deep nitrogen removal technology with nitrogen load and low operating cost characteristics.
At the appraisal meeting, Wang Aijie made a detailed report on the results to the expert group. According to reports, the active self-sustaining deep denitrification technology (also known as SADeN® technology, or nitrogen removal® technology) is a wastewater denitrification technology based on a composite functional biological carrier (ThiocreF®) to drive denitrification. It provides electronic activation by itself, and does not need to rely on external carbon source dosing, so it has the characteristics of self-sustaining activity, which avoids the problems of “unaffordable” carbon sources and the risk of penetration of carbon sources in the conventional deep nitrogen removal technology of wastewater.
Through the optimized design of the functional components of the carrier and the optimization of the carrier configuration, the technology has high-load denitrification performance. Nitrogen Removal® technology is a type of biochemical reaction mainly based on autotrophic denitrification, which can achieve very low sludge yield. At the same time, the use of raw materials is relatively cheap, and the overall cost of nitrogen removal is greatly reduced compared to conventional deep nitrogen removal technology.
At present, Nitrogen Removal® technology has formed three types of products: polytype carrier, polytype process and polytype bactericide. In response to the needs of differentiated water quality treatment, we have developed a series of composite functional biological carrier products such as standard (ThiocreF®-G), alkaline enhanced (ThiocreF®-A), and phosphorus removal enhanced (ThiocreF®-P); Municipal / park wastewater, decentralized source wastewater, industrial wastewater, and polluted water bodies and other environmental objects require deep denitrification, developed filter type (SADeN®-FT), packed bed type (SADeN®-PB), and fluidized bed type (SADeN®-FB), artificial wetland (SADeN®-CW), and other types of nitrogen removal ® processes, provide systematic support for technical applications. In 2019, this technology was selected into the "Beijing Water Pollution Prevention Technology Catalog (2019 Edition)" (a total of 21 items).
Demonstration project of sewage treatment plant in Ningjin Economic Development Zone
Nitrogen Removal® technology has completed a large-scale engineering demonstration at the Ningjin Economic Development Zone Sewage Treatment Plant. At the scene of the appraisal meeting, Shao Kai, the general manager of China Holding Co., Ltd., introduced the wastewater treatment plant in the Ningjin Economic Development Zone, a technology-dependent supporting project. The scale control area of the Ningjin Economic Development Zone Sewage Treatment Plant is 12.59 square kilometers, and the built-up area is 5.4 square kilometers. It has 12 administrative villages under construction, with a construction scale of 40,000 tons / day. It is a major national science and technology project for water pollution control-industrial park Wastewater and Environmental Service Model Comprehensive Demonstration Research (2014ZX07211-011) Demonstration base of integrated environmental construction management service model for industrial parks.
In 2019, in order to reduce the dependence of total nitrogen in wastewater treatment plants on external carbon sources and improve the effect of deep nitrogen removal in wastewater, the original heterotrophic denitrification filter was modified with Nitrogen Removal® technology to reduce carbon source penetration. Permeability risk, better adapted to the new emission standard of effluent COD≤30mg / L. Since the operation of the Nitrogen Removal® filter, the total nitrogen concentration in the effluent has been steadily lower than 10 mg / L, and the operating cost has been reduced by more than 40% compared to the heterotrophic denitrification filter.
After the technical and engineering situation report, the experts of the appraisal committee went to the sewage plant to conduct an on-site assessment. The project team member Cheng Haoyi, an associate researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center, reported on the construction and operation of the demonstration project.
After reviewing, inquiring, and discussing the project data, the experts of the appraisal committee agreed that "this achievement provides an economical and efficient technical approach for the deep denitrification of sewage, has broad prospects and application and promotion value, and the results have reached the international leading level as a whole." Xu Guodong, Chairman of China Holding Co., Ltd., said: "We will use the appraisal meeting as a new expectation, continue to pursue technological progress, and advance the in-depth research and development of nitrogen removal technology. At the same time, we will also use the rapid iterative spirit of the Internet era to rapidly promote and move forward. It's constantly improving. "
In order to accelerate the application and promotion of this scientific research result, the appraisal meeting also invited Sun Xuejun, deputy inspector of Hebei Province's Department of Ecology and Environment, Huang Binhui, deputy secretary general of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Li Wei, deputy general manager of Changjiang Ecological Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., and Bei Li Li, Executive President of China Water Control Group Co., Ltd., Zhu Tong, Chairman of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., and leaders from Ningjin County and Renqiu County also came as special guests to listen to the results report and apply it to the field. Perceived by the situation, the guests said that in the future, the project will be supported on a larger scale and applied from different perspectives.

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