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The water purification plant is like a river in the south of the garden. MBR technology promotes the development of underground sewage treatment plants.

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Guide: The inherent impression left by the sewage treatment plant to the public in the past is that the crossflow of sewage and noise are raging, but the Linping Water Purification Plant, as a fully buried underground sewage treatment plant, uses membrane organisms independently developed by the high-tech environmental protection company Bishuiyuan Reactor (MBR) wastewater treatment process.
Looking at the white wall of Uva from afar and seeing the stream flowing close, everyone who walks into the Hangzhou Shuimei Park will be impressed. In fact, there is a lot of underground space in this park, which contains a whole Hangzhou Linping water purification plant.
The inherent impression left by the sewage treatment plant to the public in the past is that the sewage crossflow and noise are raging. However, as an all-underground underground sewage treatment plant, Linping Water Purification Plant uses a membrane biological reaction independently developed by the high-tech environmental protection company Bishuiyuan. (MBR) wastewater treatment process. The whole process of sewage treatment is integrated in the underground. Only the production auxiliary rooms are built on the ground. At the same time, the ground is planted with shade, and the planning and design are quite bright. The architectural style is like the scenery of Jiangnan.
It is reported that the Linping Water Purification Plant has been completed and put into use. The daily sewage treatment capacity is about 170,000 tons, and the effluent water quality is stable. It is directly discharged into the Qiantang River through a pipeline, and some of it is used for waterscape and green irrigation in the park. The water culture theme park on its ground will also be officially opened next year, welcoming tourists from all over the world, and making every effort to build a water purification theme industrial tourism complex. People's Daily, Hangzhou Daily and many other media have given special reports to this special water purification plant, and the clear water source that provides core equipment and technical support has also attracted much attention.
In order to alleviate the shortage of land resources, underground sewage treatment plants have become an industry trend in recent years. The underground underground sewage treatment plant construction mode has the advantages of small footprint, low noise pollution, high safety, beautiful environment, no need to consider greening and isolation zones, and has become a priority choice for many large and medium-sized cities. MBR technology has also become the whole land The demonstration technology of buried sewage treatment plants accounts for more than 70%.
With its independently developed MBR products, Bishuiyuan provides a solid technical guarantee for the development and construction of underground sewage treatment plants in China. At the same time, according to public information, Bishuiyuan MBR technology saves more than 50% of the floor space compared to traditional processes, which not only effectively alleviates the "avoidance effect", but also saves land, resource costs, and even the cost of a new underground sewage treatment plant. Ping water purification plant like "waste land" into a garden area.
At the same time, the quality of the effluent water of the Bishuiyuan MBR technology is far better than the national level A standard, and can reach the surface water category IV. It can be used as industrial water, irrigation water, landscape, greening or flushing. To a certain extent, the problem of scarce water resources has been resolved, and the concept of sewage resource utilization has been realized, which also conforms to the country's economic development model characterized by resource conservation and recycling and harmonious with the environment.
Since its establishment in 2001, Bishuiyuan has been deeply cultivating in the field of membrane water treatment for nearly 20 years. With its multiple advantages in scientific research and development, core technology, economic cost and project experience, its independently developed MBR technology has been underground in China. The development of the sewage treatment plant has laid a solid scientific and technological foundation and is the benchmark for the construction of domestic underground sewage treatment plants. It has dozens of projects already under construction and under construction in Kunming, Yantai, Shijiazhuang, Zhuhai, Shaanxi and other places.
The technology and scale of Shanxi Jinyang Sewage Treatment Plant, Yunnan Kunming No. 10 Sewage Treatment Plant, and Zhuhai Qianshan Water Purification Plant are among the best in the industry. Typical project of the sewage treatment plant.
With technological innovation as the core and natural ecology as the concept. Bishuiyuan and its MBR membrane products have become the preferred choice of domestic underground sewage treatment plants, and have established the significance of the membrane water treatment industry which is complementary to technological water and green economy.

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