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Upcoming! The 8th IBS Biomass Energy Summit Forum invites guests to be revealed

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Introduction: On April 9, 2020, the eighth IBS2020 China International Biomass Energy Summit will be launched in Beijing. It will gather 800+ experts from the biomass industry at home and abroad to come together to launch the Biomass Biogas Forum. The three special sessions of material power generation, biomass solid molding fuel and heat supply will conduct more in-depth exchanges and discussions on current hot topics.
At present, the rapid growth of energy demand and the huge amount of energy consumption have severely restricted the sustainable development of China's economy and society, and the situation of China's transition to energy development is urgent. In order to adapt to the general trend of China's energy transition, on April 9 , 2020, the eighth China International Biomass Energy Summit Forum IBS2020 will be opened in Beijing. !
As the more influential biomass energy forum in the industry, the annual IBS conference has received support and participation from government departments. Government leaders and domestic and foreign experts with significant influence in the biomass field are invited to make conference reports, share and discuss The new trends and market opportunities for the development of the biomass energy industry, with a professional perspective, deeply analyze the status and future of biomass energy.
What new changes have been made to the guest lineup at this year's IBS2020 forum? Next, let's take a look at the surprises that IBS2020 will bring us!
Invited guests to reveal the secrets (partial) Note: No particular order
Deputy Director of Dongming National Renewable Energy Center
Former Director, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture
Xu Wenlong President of China Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
Ni Weidou Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Li Jingming Chief Expert, Resource Protection General Station, Ministry of Agriculture
Zhang Ziqiang Chairman of China Energy Conservation Green Carbon Environmental Protection Company
Li Caibin Chairman of Beijing Zhongchi Green Energy Environment
Cao Man Chairman of Qingdao Tianren Environment Co., Ltd.
Shou Yifeng, Chairman, Hangzhou Energy and Environmental Engineering Company
Liu Jianguo Professor, School of Environment, Tsinghua University
Michael Nelle Director, German Biomass Research Center
Dong Taili Chief Engineer of Shandong Minhe Biotechnology Company
Zhang Zhongtao Director, Forest Products Design Institute, State Forestry Administration
Tian Yishui Ministry of Agriculture
Hong Hao, Chairman of Jilin Hongri New Energy Co., Ltd.
Chen Yongsheng Director, Center of Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute
Xu Haiyun Chief Engineer, China Academy of Urban Construction
Head of Zhuanghui Yongguoneng Bioenergy Company
Wu Youqing, Professor of East China University of Science and Technology
Agenda spoilers ahead of schedule
Regarding the conference agenda, the IBS presentation is as follows: IBS2020 will gather 800+ experts from the biomass industry at home and abroad to gather together to launch the three special sessions of the Biomass Forum, Biomass Power Generation, Biomass Solid Fuels and Heating , For more in-depth exchanges and discussions around the hot topics of the moment.
Main forum
Starting from "Development Situation and Prospects of Biomass Energy at 3d之家 and Abroad", "Development and Opportunities Facing China's Biomass Energy Industry and the Enlightenment of Foreign Energy Transformation on China's Energy Development", then "China's Biomass Energy Policies, Industries, and Market "Analysis", and finally a roundtable dialogue on how to achieve the transformation and upgrade of biomass energy in the context of energy transformation. It can be said that it basically covers all the mainstream areas of biomass energy at present, and also reflects the future development trend. It is an industry A feast for exchange of ideas.
From the sub-forum, you can see that from "large-scale biogas projects and large-scale biogas projects, storage and pretreatment systems based on different raw materials" to "biomass power generation policies and markets, key technologies and equipment for agricultural and forestry waste power generation, "Key technologies and equipment for municipal waste power generation" to "Biomass solid formed fuel heating policy and market, Biomass solid formed fuel heating technology, How to select and layout biomass biomass enterprises" and so on. Set issues carefully and build bridges for academic enterprises to communicate and cooperate together.
The last thing I want to say is that after seeing so many main topics and sub-forums, this year's IBS 8th Biomass Energy Summit Forum deserves strong attention. So many industry leaders will definitely have a lot of valuable Dry goods sharing, collision sparks more, IBS2020 is worth looking forward to!
How to participate in IBS2020?
The heavy guests are continuously updated, and the speakers are subject to the on-site confirmation ~ Welcome colleagues in the industry to come to the site to discuss and exchange from April 9-10, 2020! For more information, please log in to the 8th China International Biomass Energy Summit Forum or Follow WeChat Public Account: IBS Biomass Energy Vision
This article is a contribution to the 8th China International Biomass Energy Summit Forum IBS2020, and does not represent the views and positions of this site. The content of the article is for reference only. If it involves infringement, please contact this site in time to deal with it.

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