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Application of Pollutant Discharge Permit and Technical Specifications for Printing Industry (HJ 1066-2019) Released

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Guidance: In order to improve the technical support system for pollution permits, guide and standardize the application and issuance of pollution permits for pollutant discharge units in the printing industry, develop this standard. Scope of application, normative reference documents, terms and definitions, basic reporting requirements for pollutant discharge units, methods for determining the corresponding emission outlets and permitted emission limits of production and discharge links, feasible technical requirements for pollution prevention, requirements for self-monitoring and management, environmental management accounts and emissions Permit implementation report preparation requirements, actual emissions accounting methods and compliance determination methods.
Sewage Permit Application and Issuance Technical Specifications Printing Industry
Technical specification for application and issuance of pollutant permit Printing industry
(HJ 1066-2019 2019-12-10 implemented)
In order to implement the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", "Law of the People's Republic of China on Air Pollution Control", "Water Pollution Control Law of the People's Republic of China", "Law of the People's Republic of China on Soil Pollution Control Law" and other laws and regulations, Of the Implementation Plan of the National Emission Permit System (State Administration of Development, No. 2016 ﹞ 81), Measures for the Administration of Emission Permits (Trial) (Order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection No. 48), and the Catalogue of Classified Management of Emission Permits for Fixed Pollution Sources The technical support system for permits guides and regulates the application and issuance of pollutant discharge permits by the printing industry's pollutant discharge units, and formulates this standard.
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Related Downloads: HJ 1066-2019.pdf

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