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Overhead of TA in scale of Asian sewage treatment plant, sludge treatment ushering in a big leap

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Guide: There are many acceptance indicators, strict standards and high requirements. The sludge separate incineration project of Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant, which was undertaken by the Shanghai Municipal General Administration of Shanghai Construction Engineering, successfully ignited and sludge. As an important part of Shanghai's second-phase sewage treatment project, its sludge treatment adopts the treatment process of dehydration of sludge to 80% moisture content, and further drying to 30-40% moisture content by external heating source, and incineration.
The Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant in Pudong New District has recently welcomed a major advantage: the sludge separate drying and incineration project has successfully completed the sludge system test. This project is a key environmental protection project during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period in Shanghai. The second phase of the Bailonggang sludge treatment and disposal EPC project has thus completed the entire process of dehydration, drying, incineration, and flue gas treatment lines.
The "Shanghai Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan Implementation Plan" clearly states that "By 2020, the city's sludge treatment and disposal will form a pattern of comprehensive utilization after incineration, supplemented by sanitary landfill after deep dehydration, and effective treatment of sewage sludge The rate reached 90%. " After the "Water Ten" was promulgated, Shanghai made it clear that the drainage standard should be raised to Class A standard. The first phase of the previously completed project focused on the use of biogas produced by sludge anaerobic digestion as a heat source for sludge mid-temperature digestion and sludge drying treatment. Part of the sludge was dried after digestion.
Public information shows that the total investment of the second phase of the sludge treatment and disposal project of Bailonggang City Sewage Treatment Plant is about 3.46 billion yuan, and the estimated construction period is 652 days. The second phase of the project achieved major node goals during the year of load commissioning, breaking the construction cycle record for projects of similar scale worldwide, and laying a solid foundation for the subsequent commissioning of the two units. All sewage treatment equipment is buried deep underground, and on the ground are green courts and parks for citizens to relax and change. The stereotype of the sewage treatment plant has been changed.
The project construction scale is 486 tons of dry sludge per day (the sludge volume equivalent to 80% moisture content is 2430 tons per day). It is divided into 3 units and a total of 6 sludge incineration treatment lines. According to reports, the sludge treatment system processes include gravity concentration, mechanical concentration, anaerobic digestion, centrifugal dehydration, sludge drying and deep dehydration systems, which are a good combination of sludge digestion and sludge drying processes. The overall process plan for sludge treatment and disposal adopts the “facility old use + dehydration storage and transportation + dry incineration” process plan.
The treatment objects of this project include 280104m³ / d sewage sludge generated after Bailong Port was upgraded to Grade A and sludge generated from 20 × 104m³ / d sewage treatment after Hongqiao Sewage Treatment Plant was completed and put into operation. The remaining sludge from the current sludge storage tank is transported to the new sludge storage tank of the project, and after the new dehydration unit is processed, the water content is reduced to 80%. The dewatered sludge is treated by a new drying incineration unit. In the digestion tank, the sludge is agitated by a diversion tube, and the propeller is mechanically agitated; the physical spray is used to defoam in the fermentation.
The generated high-temperature flue gas is discharged and enters the waste heat boiler , and the thermal energy is transferred to the steam, which is used for drying the sludge. The air preheated by the preheater is sent to the incinerator by a primary fan. The sludge drying treatment system uses the sludge gas produced by digestion treatment as the energy source and natural gas as the backup energy source. The sludge drying capacity is determined according to the amount of gas available under the conditions of digestion treatment. The biogas generated from sludge digestion treatment is used for sludge drying treatment, and the heat recovery from sludge drying treatment is used for sludge heating treatment. The recovery of drying waste heat can reduce the energy consumption of drying treatment and reduce operating costs.
In order to achieve the solid content target, the primary sedimentation sludge and chemical sludge are concentrated by gravity, and the remaining sludge is concentrated by gravity and then mechanically concentrated. It consists of coagulation reaction zone and inclined pipe sedimentation zone. After the sludge liquid and coagulant are mixed, it enters the coagulation reaction zone for coagulation reaction, and enters the inclined pipe sedimentation zone for mud-water separation. Drain the drain. After the adjustment, the sludge liquid is lifted from the pump in the lift pump room to the high-efficiency sedimentation tank for treatment. The lift pump room and the sludge liquid adjustment tank are jointly built, and three submersible sewage pumps are set up in it. The moisture content of the sludge after the drying treatment is reduced to less than 10%, and the sludge with a solid content of more than 70% after the post-mixing treatment is transported to Shanghai Laogang Landfill Plant for landfill.
At present, of the 2.8 million tons of water discharged from Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant daily after treatment, 2 million tons have reached the secondary emission standard, and 800,000 tons have reached the primary B standard. This all-underground sewage treatment plant is divided into two floors, the lower floor is 5.4 meters high, mainly for sewage; the upper floor is 6.9 meters high, where equipment is placed. After the upgrading and upgrading project is completed, the effluent quality of the plant will also fully meet the first-level A discharge standard, becoming a truly high-standard large-scale plant. In terms of scale, depth, and difficulty, the "building blocks" technology used in the underground space of Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant ranks among the best in the country.
Through careful design of the organic connection of sewage and sludge treatment systems, the "slurry-water synchronization" can be realized, and the existing facilities can be fully utilized, and the construction of non-stop water and power can be realized to achieve "zero impact" on the current operation. With the increasing capacity of the Shanghai Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant, in the near future, the Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant will be expanded by 700,000 tons / day, and the overall treatment scale is expected to reach 3.5 million tons / day.

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