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End of 2019 China Industrial Water Treatment Summit Forum!

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Introduction: On December 5, 2019, the "2019 China Industrial Water Treatment Summit Forum" was successfully held in Beijing. Eleven heavyweight guests from government agencies, design institutes, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, coal chemical industry benchmarking terminals and well-known enterprises came to the scene to bring a forward-looking perspective and full keynote speeches to the participants.
On December 5, 2019, the "2019 China Industrial Water Treatment Summit Forum" was successfully held in Beijing. Eleven heavyweight guests from government agencies, design institutes, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, coal chemical industry benchmarking terminals and well-known enterprises came to the scene to bring a forward-looking perspective and full keynote speeches to the participants. A total of 100 people gathered from the design institute and various terminals and solution providers with water treatment requirements gathered to discuss the current status, difficulties and future trends of China's industrial water treatment.
Wonderful review of "2019 China Industrial Water Treatment Summit Forum"
The "19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" clarified the goal of "ecological civilization" and called for the promotion of green development and efforts to solve outstanding environmental problems. The State Council's "Ten Articles of Water" clearly pointed out the top ten industries that needed to be remedied, requiring the inspection of industrial enterprises with low equipment and poor environmental protection facilities. In recent years, the government has strengthened environmental protection inspections, environmental authorities have strictly controlled pollution indicators, and various industrial industries have continuously maintained high standards of self-discipline.
To this end, the forum invited environmental planning institutes from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute National Industrial Water Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center, Huadian Water, National Energy Group Beijing Low Carbon Clean Energy Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center, Guests from China North Engineering Design and Research Institute of China Municipal Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology, etc. made in-depth and detailed exchanges with participants on the policies, new technologies, and difficulties of industrial water treatment.
Keynote Speech
Interpretation of new industrial wastewater treatment policies and discharge standards
Dong Zhanfeng, Director, Environmental Policy Department, Environmental Planning Institute, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Director Dong is mainly engaged in the research of environmental strategy and policy, environmental planning, environmental economy and other aspects. Won several national environmental protection science and technology awards and China Soft Science Award for environmental policy research awards.
Director Dong believes that China's Water Environmental Protection Department is in a critical period of history. China has basically established a water environment governance policy system, but there are still many gaps with water environment quality improvement needs. Policy reform and innovation require systematic consideration of water resources-water ecology Water Environment-Water Safety (Four Waters Coordination), highlighting major water environment governance policy innovations and reforms, with the revised water environmental protection law, water action plan, and planning as the main line, strengthening the consolidation of responsibility implementation, and giving full play to the role of market economy means as an incentive Promote the modernization of water environment governance system and governance capacity.
Intensive control technology for the whole life cycle of water used in the steel industry
Li Suqin, Director, Department of Ecology, School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Professor Li has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in metallurgical resource recycling and industrial ecology, including intensive control of the entire life cycle of water used in the iron and steel industry, extraction of valuable materials and high-value resource utilization of solid metallurgical waste.
In view of the complex water quality and complicated water system of the iron and steel industry, Professor Li proposed the concept of "full life cycle intensive control" of water for the iron and steel industry, integrating and optimizing water treatment systems and technologies throughout the entire life cycle at the source, process and end. How companies use water has important guiding significance.
Application of ultrafiltration flat membrane in sewage treatment field
Zhang Yan, Chief Engineer, Design & Research Institute, Shanghai Worldput Group
Mr. Zhang worked in the Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute and participated in the design of a series of Beijing sewage treatment plants and recycled water plants, including the Qinghe Sewage Treatment Plant, Xiaohongmen Sewage Treatment Plant, Dingfuzhuang Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant, and Changping Reclaimed Water Plant.
In the field of water treatment, WPT represents advanced, reliable and energy-saving environmental protection technology. It has more than 40 years of history in Germany and currently has more than 5,000 sewage treatment applications worldwide.
Sewage treatment reaches surface level four standard process routes and technologies
Chengjiang Li, Chief Engineer, North China Design and Research Institute of Municipal Engineering, North China
Mr. Li is a professor-level engineer who has been engaged in the design, scientific research, and technical consulting of urban water supply and drainage projects for more than 30 years. He has been responsible for presiding and reviewing a number of national, provincial and ministerial projects, and participating in a number of national industry development policies and plans. In recent years, efforts have been made to explore aspects such as the implementation of upgrading and upgrading of sewage plants, sludge treatment and disposal technologies, prevention and control of initial rainwater pollution, and waterlogging prevention.
Mr. Li gave an in-depth explanation from the five major requirements of construction demand, high-emission standard sewage treatment technology, current sewage treatment plant treatment capacity, cases and suggested process combinations.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Based on Characteristic Pollutant Identification: Taking Fermentation Pharmaceutical Wastewater as an Example
Zhang Yu, Researcher, Center for Eco-Environmental Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Zhang is currently the Deputy Director of the National Laboratory of Environmental Water Quality and a post professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has long been engaged in research and teaching of biological transformation and regulation of water quality, and carried out research on the identification, transformation and regulation of characteristic pollutants such as antibiotics / resistance genes for wastewater in typical industries such as pharmaceuticals. The results have been applied to pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and urban wastewater recycling. Industry technology demonstration projects, guidelines and standards.
Dr. Zhang's main challenges in the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, conventional pollution of fermented antibiotic wastewater and coordinated control of antibiotics, conventional pollution of fermented antibiotic wastewater and coordinated control of antibiotics, anaerobic and advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater with high sulfur content Looking forward.
Industrial water saving and wastewater treatment technology progress
Lishan Zhou, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., National Industrial Water Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center, Deputy Director
Director Zhou is a professor-level senior engineer and a tutor of the postdoctoral mobile station enterprise. He conducts research and development of environmentally-friendly water treatment chemicals and equipment. More than 20 scientific research projects have won the second prize of National Science and Technology Achievement Nomination, the third prize of CNOOC Development Achievement Transformation Award.
Director Zhou separately on China's severe water resources challenges and the development trend of industrial water treatment technology
The environmental protection technology encouraged by the state and advanced technology of oilfield water treatment by CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute were introduced in detail.
Application of ceramic membrane in water treatment
Hong Yubin, Chief Engineer, Sanda Membrane Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Honggong made in-depth and detailed introductions to the technical background, technical characteristics, product specifications, and application areas of Sanda Film.
Water saving and zero discharge of waste water from thermal power generation
Han Mailiang, Technical Director, Huadian Water Technology Co., Ltd.
Director Han has more than 30 years of experience in the field of water treatment and environmental engineering. He has been engaged in power engineering design, technical research, environmental engineering and related enterprise technology management.
Director Han made a speech from the general situation of electric water resources, electric water treatment, zero emissions of power plants and new technology applications, cooperation and development.
High-salt reverse osmosis technology and zero discharge of industrial wastewater
He Can, Director of Membrane and Separation System Research Department, National Energy Group, Beijing Low Carbon Clean Energy Research Institute
Director He is currently mainly engaged in the research and development of zero discharge technology for industrial wastewater. He has developed a number of water treatment technologies such as low temperature crystallization-nanofiltration, parallel flow reverse osmosis, high salt reverse osmosis technology, and reuse of waste reverse osmosis membranes.
Director He believes that due to the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations and other factors, zero wastewater discharge is receiving more and more attention. Membrane concentration is the key to determining the overall economics of the zero-emission process. The existing mainstream secondary membrane concentration technology has challenges such as low concentration, high operating pressure, and high investment and operating costs. The HSRO® high-salt reverse osmosis technology independently developed by the Low Carbon Institute has the advantages of low operating pressure, high concentration, safe and reliable system, and low investment and operating costs. It has a wide range of applications in zero emission treatment.
Air flotation (DAF) application and technical equipment selection
Han Yili, General Manager, Shanghai Zhongshen Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mr. Han founded Zhongshen Environmental Protection in 2004, with a core focus on innovative R & D and manufacturing services for air flotation and Lamira precipitation for 15 years. 30% of the company's products are exported to nearly 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Australia and other developed countries.
President Han made detailed and in-depth introductions from the three aspects of air flotation principle, air flotation application and air flotation system.
Membrane treatment technology and its application in industrial wastewater treatment
Xu Wang, Engineer, Tianjin Motian Technology Co., Ltd.
Wang Gong shared the continuous membrane filtration (CMF) technology, submerged membrane filtration (SMF) technology, membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and its application in industrial wastewater treatment to the participating delegates.
The conference scene was crowded, and there were no packed seats. Delegates scrambled to take pictures.
The "2019 China Industrial Water Treatment Summit Forum" has been successfully concluded, and the participants have been full of praise and rave reviews. Let us look forward to the next session.
Preview | World Environment Day 2020 · Environment Day | The Third International Industrial Water Forum (IWLF2020)
Shanghai, June 3, 2020 | InterContinental Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center | 150 people
Forum topics: water saving, energy saving, efficiency improvement
Organizer: Horie Convention, RAI, GWI International Environmental Protection Platform
Co-sponsored: AWS International Water Management Alliance
Founding Sponsor: Ecolab Group
IWLF2019 speaker review:
Zhang Tao, Associate Researcher, Institute of Environmental Planning, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
GWI International Environmental Platform, Christopher Gasson
Juha Niemelä, Director, Department of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
Ecolab Group, Global Executive Vice President and President of Greater China, Zhang Qingfeng
Zhiyu Gao, Manager of Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Project, Enterprise of TSMC (China) Co., Ltd.
Bai Yan, Associate Researcher, Water Conservation Room, Zihuan Branch, China National Institute of Standardization
Swire Cola, Sustainability Manager, Tsoi Sze Wan Scholastica
Mengniu, Environmental Supervisor, Yan Fuwei
Sinopec Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, Sinopec Environmental Protection Professor-level Senior Engineer, Luan Jinyi
Wang Zhengjiang, General Manager, Water Company of Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute
China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Liquid Crystal Branch, Hu Chunming
Lianhua Industrial Gas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Factory Director, Li Huigang
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