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Advantech's remote operation and maintenance solution for environmental facilities: refined management, preventive operation and maintenance

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Introduction: Advantech uses the WISE-PaaS cloud platform to interconnect industrial data and informatized data, and to drive the analysis and application of these data in the form of business processes, thereby helping environmental companies to better manage their operations and maintenance.
With the advent of digital transformation, the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet of Things is bringing profound changes to traditional industries. In the environmental field, the central environmental protection inspectors are becoming more and more normal, the demand for pollution control markets has exploded, and the environmental protection industry has made rapid progress. At the same time, the PPP clearance of inventory and deleveraging policies have put the environmental protection industry into a cold winter in 2018, and environmental protection enterprises are facing challenges. In this context, it is particularly urgent to use information technology to transform and upgrade the environmental protection industry and promote its high-quality development.
The industry agrees that the comprehensive deployment of pollution prevention and control at the national level and the increasing supervision have brought opportunities and challenges to the upgrading and optimization of environmental protection industries. "Strong supervision" has been comprehensively strengthened, and market demand is changing rapidly, and industrial differentiation has become inevitable. The concentration of the entire environmental protection industry has continued to increase, and the reshuffle has intensified. In particular, after the state-owned enterprises have entered the market, their advantages have become prominent, and they have gradually moved from the "technology is king" and "capital is king" into the "data is king" or "operation is king" era.
In recent years, the environmental industry has shifted from emphasizing terminal governance to emphasizing results. For pollution control companies, the ability to maintain and operate projects will undoubtedly become an important component of comprehensive competitiveness. The use of smart environmental protection methods to provide comprehensive solutions for environmental protection fields such as environmental quality monitoring informationization, environmental early warning and forecasting systems, and environmental emergency management systems has become the choice of many enterprises.
"Fine management, preventive operation and maintenance", the remote operation and maintenance platform for environmental facilities launched by Advantech has undoubtedly provided new ideas for the intelligentization of China's environmental industry. Advantech uses the WISE-PaaS cloud platform to realize the interconnection and interoperability of industrial data and informatization data, and to drive the analysis and application of these data in the form of business processes, thereby helping environmental protection companies to better manage their operations and maintenance.
Advantech Environmental Facilities Remote Operation and Maintenance Platform System Architecture Schematic
By constructing a platform based on the Internet of Things sensing technology to realize remote monitoring of intelligent environmental facilities where edge algorithms are applied, Advantech integrates "big data + Internet of Things" into the environmental monitoring network, not only providing a good indication of the quality of air and water. Bad data can also be analyzed based on changes in big data, improving the comprehensive early warning capability of the ecological environment and the scientific decision-making level of environmental protection.
Advantech's remote operation and maintenance platform for environmental facilities realizes safe and reliable interconnection and interoperability between industrial automation systems and informatization platforms, achieves integrated management and control of enterprise production and pollution treatment, integrates industrial data collection and business data, and forms a data-driven process business collaboration To achieve a balance between production and pollution treatment, thereby effectively reducing the cost of production and environmental pollution of enterprises.
At the same time, cloud platforms, big data and edge control, and edge computing technologies provide effective remote monitoring, intelligent diagnosis, predictive maintenance and other functions to fully realize loss reduction, leakage prevention, operation and maintenance, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for users. Specifically:
First of all , Advantech's remote operation and maintenance platform for environmental facilities can centrally manage data such as industrial waste gas and sewage treatment to realize data visualization. For example, it is possible to clearly grasp the location and operation indicators of the Group's sewage treatment plant.
Secondly , real-time monitoring of processing facility status data, such as industrial waste gas, wastewater treatment process, wastewater indicators, pump energy efficiency, equipment status, etc. At the same time, the system can also analyze the operating parameters, daily exhaust gas, water treatment capacity and power consumption according to the remote monitoring of the equipment to ensure data visualization of the environmental facility processing process.
Thirdly , in the operation of environmental protection projects, the service life of many equipment will be affected by factors such as pollutants, such as membranes, pumps, fans, and sludge dewatering devices in the sewage treatment process. If the equipment cannot be replaced in time, it will Threats to the stable operation of the project. Advantech's remote monitoring platform for environmental facilities can monitor equipment abnormalities through data monitoring and analysis, provide reference reports for equipment operation and operation and maintenance, and manage the life cycle of equipment, which greatly reduces the instability of project operations. .
Through the above points, users can be combined with the data of the entire production process to intelligently predict the amount of medicament used in the production process. For example, intelligently predict the amount of catalyst added in the process of desulfurization and destocking in flue gas treatment; it can also predict the amount of various chemicals used in wastewater treatment during the treatment of wastewater based on the monitoring data. Reduce processing costs.
Finally , a major highlight of Advantech's remote operation and maintenance platform for environmental facilities is that it can not only achieve global coverage of status, static, business, management, and other data, but also collect collected data through the IoT smart terminal ADAM-3600. After cleaning, and without any system interface, the data between multiple platforms is fused by the industrial gateway ECU, and the useful data is uploaded to the WISE-PaaS cloud platform. At the same time, the Internet of Things technology is widely used, based on edge data and computing, to provide effective loss reduction and leakage control tools, to establish edge pre-processing capabilities, so as to achieve the intelligent combination of edge computing and cloud computing.
Advantech environmental facilities remote operation and maintenance platform DemoBox renderings
With the support of Advantech's remote operation and maintenance platform for environmental facilities, the pollution control work is equivalent to having a "Clairvoyance", a "windward ear", and a "think tank." The battle against pollution is both a systemic project and a protracted battle. With the continuous improvement of the ecological environment, the Internet of Things for Environmental Protection is a knife on the way to proactive environmental governance. In the new normal and new era of the integration of the Industrial Internet of Things and the construction of ecological civilization, Advantech will rely on deep OT and IT technology integration and software and hardware product experience to provide comprehensive Internet of Things products and industry solutions to empower environmental protection businesses. The company provides intelligent technical support for environmental protection production and environmental governance.

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