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Check-in hydrogen can go far with "zero emission" green trams

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Introduction: On November 29, 2019, the world's first commercially operated hydrogen energy tram was officially launched in the Gaoming District of Foshan. Among them, the use of hydrogen energy and "zero pollution" is a major bright spot. In addition, the use of permanent magnet motors and other technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection are also noteworthy. The launch of the hydrogen energy tram has opened the way for Foshan to create a "China Hydrogen City". On this road of hydrogen energy, Foshan's goal is to create a "China Hydrogen City"?
On November 29, 2019, the Foshan Gaoming Hydrogen Tram, the pioneer of the commercial hydrogen tram in the world, was officially launched.
The data show that this is a self-constructed urban rail transit line in Foshan City, with a planned total length of 17.4 kilometers, a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and a capacity of 285 people.
Compared with traditional trams, one of the highlights of high-brightness hydrogen trams is the use of hydrogen fuel cells as the power source, that is, to generate electricity through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell to drive the trams. , Can achieve "zero emissions" of pollutants.
As a result, many people will ask whether this train can run far since it uses hydrogen energy as its power source. According to reports, the Gaoming hydrogen tram is equipped with a 230kW high-power hydrogen fuel cell stack and a large-capacity lithium titanate battery . At the same time, six 140L hydrogen storage bottles are installed on the top of each train, with a range of up to 100 kilometers.
Its endurance, power performance and low temperature performance are guaranteed. In addition, the Gaoming Hydrogen tram also uses technologies such as articulated bogies and permanent magnet motor direct drive technology. It not only rides smoothly and comfortably, but also has quick start and stop, low noise, convenient maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection.
Of course, the safety of Gaoming hydrogen trams has also been verified. Gu Wenxiang, deputy general manager of the vehicle manufacturer and Foshan CRRC Sifang Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd., said, "The vehicle is also equipped with an intelligent monitoring and safety protection system to monitor the hydrogen tank, pipeline, and hydrogen leakage status in real time. If a leak occurs, , The system can be cut off in time to ensure safety. "At the same time, the wireless transmission system has also realized remote monitoring and maintenance.
Foshan has always been at the forefront of the promotion and exploration of hydrogen energy. The operation of Gaoming's hydrogen tram is not only a major project in the development of Gaoming's transportation, but also a milestone for the local and even Foshan hydrogen industry. According to the "Development Plan for the Hydrogen Energy Industry of Gaoming District of Foshan City", it is known that by 2030, the Gaoming District of Foshan plans to introduce 20 hydrogen energy and fuel cell companies with an output value of 32 billion yuan, accounting for 32% of the total output value of emerging industries 35% .
In addition, at the end of this year, Gaoming District will realize the pure electric vehicle buses in the region; in the first half of 2020, an additional 80 hydrogen-powered bus vehicles will be launched. As of now, Gaoming District has initially formed an annual production capacity of 300 modern trams or 150 subways, accumulatively promoted 690 new energy vehicles, and built 12 hydrogen refueling stations.
In the future, Gaoming District will actively promote the demonstration applications of hydrogen energy transportation such as trams, buses, light trucks, forklifts, and ships, and promote the diversified application of hydrogen energy in the transportation field. In the first half of 2020, Gaoming District will add four new energy public transport backbone lines, which will form an organic combination with the tram demonstration line and the second phase of rail transit line 2.
To build "China Hydrogen City" is a major goal of Gaoming District. With "new airport and new energy" as an important platform, gradually build and perfect a hydrogen energy "manufacture-storage-transport-plus-use" industrial chain, with a focus on promoting coverage The city's hydrogen energy supply system and fuel cell vehicles.
Speaking of the layout of hydrogen energy in the future, Xu Guo, deputy mayor of Foshan City, pointed out that in the next step, Foshan will promote demonstration by application, promote development by application, break through key core technologies, cultivate the market, and strengthen product application and promotion. The pace of the energy industry and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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